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What, it's 2023 already? You're kidding, right?

Alas, 2022 has come and gone, as long as every other non-leap year but seeming shorter than most nonetheless. But as Yoda says "Size matters not", so we asked our writers to send in their lists of favorite films. Nineteen of us heeded the call, and combined we sent in 69 titles (oo-er!).

As always, any ratings and listings like these are dubious at best. It's not a swimming contest and judging art is mostly subjective. I mean, none of us have seen all films this year, and some of us saw several titles in earlier years, while others of us are still waiting to see them arrive in their corner of the world, sometime in 2023. Hell, one title in the "runners-up" list had its world première in 2019 but didn't make it into some reviewers' countries until 2022!

Therefore, don't get upset or annoyed if your favorite film is rated too low, or is even missing... or if the one film you hated most actually made it into the list. No matter: lists are fun, lists are nice, and every title on here had several backers behind it (so they must have had something going for them).

So check out what we thought were the best films of 2022. And if you want to tell us what fools we are, what we missed, or (gasp!) how much you agree with us, please go to our Facebook page and leave a comment!

Kwenton Bellette, Dustin Chang, J Hurtado, Martin Kudlac, Theodoor Steen, James Marsh, Eric Ortiz Garcia, Matt Brown, Peter Martin, Ankit Jhunjhunwala, Shelagh Rowan-Legg, Kurt Halfyard, Brian Clark, Ben Umstead, Jim Tudor, Zach Gayne, Ernesto Zelaya Miñano and Mel Valentin contributed to this story.

Before we move to our actual Top 10, let's do the Runners-Up first! For starters, that allows us to put a first picture in here (and therefore on the main page) which will not reveal anything which is in the REAL Top 10.
People will think: ""Nope?" and we will say "nope."

So here are the numbers 11 - 20:

11: Nope (pictured above)
12: The Banshees of Inisherin
13: The Fabelmans
14: Women Talking
15: Moonage Daydream
16: Triangle of Sadness
17: They Say Nothing Stays the Same
18: The Tsugua Diaries
19: Unrest
20: Top Gun: Maverick

Interestingly, the number 20 was actually in the top 5 during our half-year round-up! Which means either the second half of the year was pretty much top-loaded or our memories are rather short.

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