New York 2020 Review: UNDINE, Folklore Gets Fresh Makeover in Beguiling Christian Petzold Romance

Paula Beer and Franz Rogowski star in director Christian Petzold's reinvention of a mythical water creature story that parallels the history of the city of Berlin.

New York 2020 Review: THE WOMAN WHO RAN, Hong Sang-soo Again Explores Monotony vs. Chaos

Kim Min-hee, Lee Eun-mi, and Kwon Hae-hyo star in director Hong Sang-soo's deceptively simple yet deliciously playful film.

New York 2020 Review: NOTTURNO, Legacy of Colonialism in the Middle East

Directed by Gianfranco Rosi ('Sacro GRA,' 'Fire at Sea'), the documentary is biting and enormously affecting.

New York 2020 Review: BEGINNING, Powerful Indictment of Religious Patriarchy

Directed by Dea Kulumvegashivli, the powerful drama is one of the most self-assured debut films in recent memory.

Now Streaming: VITALINA VARELA, Another Masterpiece By Pedro Costa

Pedro Costa's latest masterwork is stunning to behold and is now streaming on The Criterion Channel, as part of a new collection of five of his films.

New York 2020 Review: Jia Zhangke's SWIMMING OUT TILL THE SEA TURNS BLUE Presents a History of Literature

Director Jia Zhangke's documentary tells the story of changing times, migration and coming home. And his love for literature.

New York 2020 Review: In Tsai Ming-liang's DAYS, A Wordless, Intimate Encounter

Lee Kang-sheng stars in director Tsai Ming-liang's most intimate and touching film in years.

New York 2020 Review: MALMKROG, Prophetic Vision of Europe in Philosophical Terms

Directed by Cristi Puiu, the film deals with dense, heady philosophical musings from another century. But context is everything.

New York 2020 Review: THE HUMAN VOICE, Quintessential Almodovar, Plus Tilda Swinton in Short Form

Hopefully, this isn't the first and last collaboration between Pedro Almodovar and Tilda Swinton, because this short film is an extremely enjoyable experience.

New York 2020 Review: MLK/FBI Reminds That Dr. King's Legacy Resonates Now, More Than Ever

Sam Pollard's documentary is a searing indictment of government surveillance and a smear campaign on one of the most revered figures in American history.

New York 2020: THE CALMING Finds Inner Peace in Wondering

The Calming lends something bigger than man-woman tit-a-tat. It is rather, relieving of various pressures in life through constant movement.

Review: GHOST TROPIC, Solidarity in Humanity

Directed by Bas Devos, the drama is quietly enchanting, and delicate in its beauty.

Review: EPICENTRO, Cuba, From Communism to Tourism

Documentary filmmaker Hubert Sauper, known for his searing films about the African continent, now turns his attention to the island nation of Cuba.

Interview: Hubert Sauper Talks EPICENTRO, Intimate Documentary on Cuba

Filmmaker Hubuert Sauper turns his attention to Cuba in his new documentary.

Japan Cuts 2020 Review: SACRIFICE, Impressive, Brooding Examination of a Generation Under Siege

The Great Eastern Japan Earthquake of 11th of March 2011, which took the lives of 15,000, seared deeply into the collective Japanese psyche. There have been films dealing with the aftermath of the disaster, manifested into popular culture in myriad...

Melbourne 2020: Australia-Wide Digital Showcase Infuses Streaming

The impact of Coronavirus left little doubt the annual slate of festivals that kept every type of cinema across metropolitan Melbourne engaged would be severely impacted this year. Thankfully we adapt, and as streaming, and the proliferation of media available,...

Japan Cuts 2020 Review: LIFE: UNTITLED Explores Humanity in Lower Depths

One can't go without mentioning Mizoguchi's superb melodrama, Street of Shame (1959), when we talk about films about sex workers. Like Street of Shame, where there were five different individuals with their own stories to tell, Yamada Kana's Life: Untitled...

Japan Cuts 2020 Review: Impending Doom Fuels IT FEELS SO GOOD

Emoto Tasuku and Takiuchi Kumi star in director Arai Haruhiko's romantic tale.

Review: In GUEST OF HONOUR, Sins of the Father Aren't What They Seem

David Thewlis stars in a comeback of sorts for writer and director Atom Egoyan.

Review: THE BEACH HOUSE, Effective, Lean, Lovecraftian Horror

Liana Liberato, Noah Le Gros and Jake Weber star in writer/director Jeffrey A. Brown's horror film, streaming soon on Shudder.