THE LAST DRIVE-IN WITH JOE BOB BRIGGS Renewed For Bigger Than Ever Sixth Season

Shudder has announced that they have renewed The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs for a sixth season. The new season will be bigger than ever with over 30 titles planned for the streaming broadcast.    This season will also...

Venice 2023 Review: FOREVER-FOREVER, Post-Soviet Young and Restless

Anna Buryachkova's feature debut offers a female-centric lens on post-communist adolescence in Eastern Europe.

Shudder Announces Titles Playing in Shudder Showcase at IFC Center in October

AMC Networks' Fearfest keeps rolling along and Shudder has announced four preview screenings of four titles appearing on the streaming service next month. Every Tuesday night during the month of October screenings will be held at the IFC Center in...

MAMI WATA Review: A Singularly Enthralling Experience

Directed by CJ "Fiery" Obasi, the Nigerian film stars Rita Edochie, Uzoamaka Aniunoh, Evelyne Ily Juhen, and Emeka Amakeze.

Pigeon Shrine FrightFest Announces Line-up For Halloween 2023

The fun does not end when a festival draws to a close. A lot of festivals work year round to bring the current crops of genre goodness to their audience and our friends at Pigeon Shrine FrightFest are no exception. ...

Fantastic Fest 2023 Review: ONE-PERCENTER Delivers Brutal 'Real Action'

The 85-minute One-Percenter, the new film from Meatball Machine writer/director Yudai Yamaguchi, opens with an extended series of intercut interviews and behind-the-scenes segments that feel like a DVD extra, centering on the intensity and combat abilities of action star Takuma...

Hollywood Suite's SHOCKTOBER Features a Massive Lineup of Halloween Faves

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! Spooky season is coming! Hollywood Suite will sell you the whole seat, but you'll only need the eeeeeeedge!   Hollywood Suite have announced their lineup of spooky season films for the month of October. The specialty channel...

Fantastic Fest 2023 Review: TRIGGERED (Topakk), Brutal Action Highlights Flick From The Philippines

Richard Somes directs the Filipino action movie.

NYX UK Unveils a 'Helloween' Month of Horror Movies For October

Readers in the UK will want to take a gander at what NYX UK has in store for them next month. With spooky season in full swing you will not want to miss contemporary classics like The Evil Dead, Halloween,...

Fantastic Fest 2023 Review: JACKDAW Drives Through in This Fast and Compact Thriller

Oliver Jackson-Cohen stars in a noir action-thriller, directed by Jamie Childs.

Fantastic Fest 2023 Review: RAGE (Rabia), Growing Tension And Fear Gives Way to a Bloody Finale

Alan survives his mother's death, forced to hide by his father in a secluded housing unit. There, he discovers hidden messages that reveal his father is a werewolf. Alan has to do something before the next full moon catches up with them.

Venice 2023 Review: MALQUERIDAS Exposes Motherhood Incarcerated

Director Tana Gilbert juxtaposes personal moments against the stark reality of prison life in her feature-length debut, shot clandestinely in a prison.


Anton Corbijn may be well-known as a director, but he is one of the super-giants in his field when it concerns photography. He has been world famous for decades already for his portrait stills, often shot in grainy black and...

THE TRIAL Blu-ray Review: Criterion Takes on Orson Welles' Masterpiece

Long awaited by cinephiles and Orson Welles fans, it took longer than it should for The Trial to be restored. At last, Welles' favourite of his own films has been given the Criterion treatment. It's often neglected in discussions on...

Venice 2023 Review: FOR NIGHT WILL COME, Gen Z Response to TWILIGHT

Élodie Bouchez and Mathias Legout Hammond star in the latest film by French director Céline Rouzet, a vampiric coming-of-age drama set against the backdrop of a seemingly peaceful French suburb.

Venice 2023 Review: VIVANTS (ON THE PULSE), Nostalgic Behind-the-Scenes Newsroom Drama

Director Alix Delaporte peeks behind the curtains of a bustling Parisian newsroom in a film memoir serving as an homage for the trade.

Arrow in October: Raising Hell, Celebrating Elvira, And Millions of Snakes

One week to go and we're full on into the spookiest month of the year. If you're looking for any last minute additions to your spooky screening schedule then take a gander at Arrow's lineup for the month of October. ...

Gent 2023 Review: 2 X 25

Film Festival Gent is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, and celebrating it in style. One part of the festival is catered to cinematic music and film scores, so to celebrate an often under-appreciated part of the art form, the...

Vlissingen 2023 Review: SIRA Survives

One of the nice surprises at the Film by the Sea Festival in Vlissingen was the unexpected warm weather, a nice little hot after-Summer. A less nice surprise was that some of the venues at the festival did not have...

Toronto 2023 Review: FINGERNAILS, Love (And Cinema) Fails By Playing It Safe

It is a solid time-wasting (and futile) exercise looking at couples and making a judgement call if they are ‘right for one another.’ Or to guess if they will ‘last.’ In my family, it is kind of a sport. Well...