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Notes on Streaming: Mexican YANKEE, The Drug War From the Inside

Pablo Lyle leads a dynamic, enjoyable pulp tale.


Edinburgh International Film Festival is set to begin, kicking off 2019 with Opening Gala title Boyz in the Wood on 19 June (today). The film received its World Premiere at SXSW this year, where our own J Hurtado praised the...

Now on Home Video: Recent Kino Studio Classics

A spate of recent releases from Kino Studio Classics has left me feeling that continuing to collect physical media is still a good decision. The reason? Besides the extras featuring crew, cast and noted scholars and historians these discs have...

TRESPASSERS Trailer Stomps on Escape From Reality

This summer in the Northern Hemisphere, a little time away with your loved ones sounds like a splendid idea. Yet a new trailer for Trespassers stomps on that possible escape from reality. Written by Corey Deshon and directed by Orson...

Criterion in September 2019: LOCAL HERO and POLYESTER Lead the Pack

Reflecting on my own preferences, Bill Forsyth and John Waters lead the newest slim pack of releases that have been announced by the Criterion Collection. Local Hero is a marvelous 'little film' that I recall loving very much on its...

Notes on Streaming: UNIT 42 Solves Cyber Crimes, Wins Tough Hearts

The French-language crime series from Belgium is smart and stylish.

Edinburgh 2019: Timothy Spall Is Artist L.S. Lowry In Clip From Festival Closing Film MRS LOWRY & SON

Timothy Spall has already enjoyed success in the role of a renowned British artist, having stepped into the shoes of revolutionary painter J.M.W. Turner in Mike Leigh's 2014 biopic Mr. Turner. This time the actor is tackling the life of...

Giveaway: Win Soundtrack to Russian New Wave/Rock Musical LETO

It is not often that we get to give away music here at Screen Anarchy. Hardly at all, really. But we have a cool music related giveaway this week.    Screen Anarchy has a vinyl copy of the soundtrack to...

London Indian 2019 Review: ARISHADVARGA Is A Labyrinthine Thriller Full Of Surprises

A movie producer has been murdered in an upscale bungalow in Bengaluru. Who is the culprit? No one knows, but a pair of unlucky would-be actors are the primary suspects, and it's going to be up to them and one...

Notes on Streaming: JINN, Battling Spirits, Courting Controversy in Jordan

What constitutes 'immoral scenes' where you live?

Edinburgh 2019: Once Upon a Time in Spain

Edinburgh International Film Festival 2019 (19 - 30 June) will include a special focus on Spanish cinema, featuring a retrospective celebration of modern Spanish cinema, an in-depth look at the work of acclaimed filmmaker Icíar Bollaín, and topped off with...

Notes on Streaming: THE 3RD EYE 2 Plunges Deeper Into the Indonesian Spirit World

Jessica Mila stars again in Rocky Soraya's horror sequel, 'Mata Batin 2.'

Frontières 2019: Market Projects Announced

As the Fantasia Film Festival draws near we have been waiting to hear from our friends at the Frontieres co-production market. From its humble beginnings sequestered to a tiny classroom above the Hall Auditorium to now filling that very place...

Blu-ray Review: DIAMONDS OF THE NIGHT Radiates Brilliant Delirium

Czechoslovak New Wave firebrand Jan Němec's debut film is an experimental World War II tale of survival.

THE CHOSEN ONE Trailer: Science Vs. Spiritual Belief

Heading to Netflix globally on June 28, The Chosen One (Orig: O Escolhido) is a series from Brazil that tips off a battle between science and spiritual belief. Three young doctors are sent to a remove village to administer vaccinations...

Blu-ray Review: Criterion's LET THE SUNSHINE IN Illuminates

Juliette Binoche lights up Claire Denis' effective drama of The Other Woman.

New York Asian 2019: Behold Full Lineup, Everyone Else, and Be Jealous

New Yorkers, you know how good you have it? I mean, I know it can be very tough to make a living and keep a roof over your head and food in your stomach and all that jazz. But the...

Cannes 2019 Review: ALL ABOUT YVES, New French Burlesque and the Age of AI

What would you get if you crossed the talking toaster from 'Red Dwarf,' 'Twilight Zone' and '8 Mile'?


Fresh out from Scream Factory today in North America, is the collector's edition Blu-ray release of the 1967 film Frankenstein Created Woman. Helmed by Hammer Films' most well-known director, Terence Fisher (The Hound of the Baskervilles, The Curse of Frankenstein, The...

DEADLY TEN: Production Begins Today on Ambitious Indie Horror Project

Back in April we brought news that indie lable Full Moon Pictures was going to embark on an ambitious horror anthology film project called Deadly Ten.    This Summer Charles Band's studio will produce ten indie horror feature length films....