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70s Rewind: THE SUPER COPS, Batman and Robin Fight the System

Ron Leibman and David Selby star in director Gordon Parks' rowdy adaptation of a police story drawn from real life.

Trailer for THE WOMAN IN THE WINDOW: If You're Going to Be Trapped in Your House, Be Careful Who You Befriend

We've been waiting on this film for a couple of years now, the trailer in some version popping up now and again. And certainly there's no better time to release a film about a woman trapped in her house, then...

Review: THE NEVERS, Don't Call It a Comeback, They've Been Here For Years

Joss Whedon’s (Avengers, Firefly, Angel, Buffy, the Vampire Slayer) banishment from public life has been as swift as it has been brutal. By all accounts, Whedon’s fall from professional grace was well-deserved. After the box-office failure and critical drubbing of...

Review: THUNDER FORCE, Superhero Action-Comedy, Short on Action and Comedy

Melissa McCarthy, Octavia Spencer, and Jason Bateman star; Ben Falcone directed. Now streaming on Netflix.

THE MOSQUITO COAST: New Approach, New Trailer

My memories of The Mosquito Coast are potent: a sweltering atmosphere peopled with unlikable characters. I saw it in a NYC theater in late 1986 and it left a strong impression, though, thanks largely to the distinctive presence of Harrison...

THE MITCHELLS VS. THE MACHINES: It's a Dysfunctional Family vs. The Robot Apocalypse in The Official Trailer

I'm jaded. I'm jaded to the point that when someone drops 'from the people who did this or that' comparisons my eyes roll so fast into the back of my head I fall over from the momentum they carry with...

Review: GODZILLA VS. KONG, Monster Match Made in Heaven

Directed by Adam Wingard, the action film stars Alexander Skarsgard, Rebecca Hall, Millie Bobby Brown, Brian Tyree Henry, Julian Dennison and Demian Bicher.

Review: MADE FOR LOVE, Satirical Dark Comedy, Cristin Milioti Showcase

Cristin Milioti, Billy Magnussen and Ray Romano star in the sci-fi series, now streaming on HBO Max.

Review: 2021 OSCAR NOMINATED SHORT FILMS - ANIMATED, Dazzling Array of Ideas, Emotions, Characters

Eight films are featured in the program, including all five nominated for Academy Award, Best Animated Short.

STAR WARS: THE BAD BATCH Trailer, New Series Premieres on Star Wars Day

Well, if ever there was a time to catch up on old episodes of The Clone Wars that time is now. Here is the brand new trailer for the upcoming Clone Wars spinoff series, Star Wars: The Bad Batch. The...

Blu-ray Review: Criterion's THE PARALLAX VIEW Uncovers 1970s Paranoia

Warren Beatty is plenty dirty.  In fact, he’s literally covered with mud.  The venerable leading man finds himself in figurative hot water shortly after nearly being washed away by literal tons of water.  One could conclude that that’s what he gets for snooping...

Now Streaming: INVINCIBLE, Got Blood If You Want It

Steven Yuen, J.K. Simmons and Sandra Oh lead the voice cast in an animated adaptation of the comic-book series, now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

OBI-WAN KENOBI: Production Begins on Disney+ Series in April, More Cast Announced

I don't know about you but I'm passing the time between seasons and series of Star Wars on Disney+ by watching episode reaction videos. Just me? Okay.    The Mandalorian has been such a knockout hit for Disney+ and Lucasfilm we're...

70s Rewind: Remembering George Segal, Genre Guy

The actor struck complex chords as a leading man in the 1970s.

KILLER AMONG US: Trailer Debut For Crime Thriller Coming on April 16th

We are pleased to debut the trailer for Charles Scharfman's feature film debut, the crime thriller Killer Among Us.   On the 4th of July, a rookie female cop partners with a veteran detective to save the life of a...

Now Streaming: CALLS, Brain-Melting, A La THE TWILIGHT ZONE

Directed by Fede Alvarez ('Don't Breathe'), the series is a sci-fi thriller that gradually comes into terrifying focus. Now streaming on Apple TV+.

BRZRKR: Keanu Reeves to Star in Adaptation of His Comic at Netflix

Well, here is Netflix's next instant hit. BRZRKR, the new limited comic book series from Keanu Reeves and Matt Kindt will be adapted to a live-action film and animated series at the streaming service. The first issue just came out...

Review: NOBODY, Bob Odenkirk, (Maybe) Action Star

On a list of actors — currently living or presumed dead — making the jump from drama or comedy to the action genre, Bob Odenkirk, the star of Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad, would be somewhere near the bottom,...

Review: THE FALCON AND THE WINTER SOLDIER Seek to Be Ordinary People

Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan star in the first episode of a new Marvel series, directed by Kari Skogland, and streaming soon on Disney+.

Review: ZACK SNYDER'S JUSTICE LEAGUE, Bigger, Longer, Uncut

Clocking in at a hefty, miniseries-length four hours and two minutes, Zack Snyder's Justice League (aka The Snyder Cut), the much-anticipated director's restoration of the botched 2017 critical and commercial bomb, clocks in at a hefty, miniseries-length four hours and...