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Friday One Sheet: THE REPORT Redacts Truth

Analog newsprint and redaction feature heavily into the key art for The Report. In noisy high-contrast black and white, Adam Driver in a pretty natty suit, is rendered in newsprint text with headlines poking out. "Fabricated Information" is underlined via...

Friday One Sheet: JOJO RABBIT And The Handbill Aesthetic

A mixture of techniques in play make for an interesting, photo-free, text heavy poster for Taika Waititi's last film, Jojo Rabbit. The large splashes of text all over the key art looks painted with a wide brush. It being a...

Melbourne 2019: ScreenAnarchy Reviews First Glance Features

Now for something a little different. The Melbourne International Film Festival, like every year, has revealed its First Glance titles. These are a hodgepodge of different program streamed films and documentaries to whet the appetite prior to the full guide...

70s Rewind: THE BIG FIX, Sleepy Times Are Over

Richard Dreyfuss stars as a former radical turned mellow private detective in Los Angeles who finally wakes up.

Friday One Sheet: WONDER WOMAN 1984

Call it the Guardians Of The Galaxy Effect. When Marvel Studios took the chance on adapting 'the oddballs save the universe to the sounds of a rockin' mix tape', with a big budget and a lot of humour, they went...

70s Rewind: BLUME IN LOVE, George Segal Seeks Peace, Love, Understanding

Also: how a certain sequence in Paul Mazursky's mainstream romance ripples unpleasantly through time.

70s Rewind: THE SEVEN-PER-CENT SOLUTION, Reviving Sherlock Holmes

Alan Arkin, Vanessa Redgrave, Robert Duvall and Nicol Williamson star in Herbert Ross' adaptation of a cinematic detective tale.

70s Rewind: DOMINIQUE, A Man Out of Time

What, exactly, was Cliff freakin' Robertson doing in the 1970s?

New Genre on VOD: MISS BALA Rises Above, A VENGEANCE Strikes Back

Plus: 'The Wind' terrifies with loneliness in the West. Oh, and demons too.

Notes on Streaming: ULTRAMAN and TWILIGHT ZONE Return

Plus: Teasing Korean 'Persona.'


Plus: Keanu Reeves brings 'Replicas' to life.

Pretty Packaging: John Carpenter's PRINCE OF DARKNESS

(OK, seeing as how the releases are so similar, I'm cribbing the first bit of this article from my previous one about Escape From New York...) Back in November, UK distributor StudioCanal released two of their John Carpenter titles with...

Friday One Sheet: Leaning Against The Frame In ONCE UPON A TIME IN... HOLLYWOOD

The strange marketing materials for Quentin Tarantino's '9th Film' (as the poster says) feature (across two one sheets) the trio of lead characters leaning against 'the frame' of the poster. It is also present in one of the initial pieces...


Plus: 'Cheap Thrills,' 'Free Solo' and 'Shoplifters' arrive.

70s Rewind: THE PANIC IN NEEDLE PARK And The Damage Done

Al Pacino and Kitty Winn star in director Jerry Schatzberg's sobering drama of addiction.

70s Rewind: REPORT TO THE COMMISSIONER, Blister, Peel, Repeat

Michael Moriarty, Yaphet Kotto, Susan Blakely, Hector Elizondo and Tony King star in director Milton Katselas' gritty adaptation of a blistering NYC police novel.

Pretty Packaging: The Psycho PSYCHO Boxset From Germany

(Those crazy Germans sure are mad about Psycho, judging from this insane release, hurhur...) Being Dutch, it pays to be a bit polyglot; nobody wants to speak our language, and as a nation of merchants, we adapted by learning to...

70s Rewind: THE BLACK WINDMILL, Minor Genre Thrills

Michael Caine stars in Don Siegel's British suspense drama.

Notes on Streaming: DOOM PATROL Intrigues, THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY Exhausts

Plus: Doc series 'Lorena' tells a strange, true story, filled with conflicts.

70s Rewind: OKLAHOMA CRUDE, Faye Dunaway Shines in Oily Western

Twilight Time's new Blu-ray includes a helpful audio commentary and an isolated track for Henry Mancini's music.