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Kino Lorber End of Year: Best of 2022

Looking back on the physical releases sent to me for review over the past year is a good personal reminder about the importance of physical media. True, I stream a great deal. Still, it seems far more cost effective to...

Friday One Sheet: SCREAM VI

When your slasher franchise is getting long in the tooth, you can bring it to New York, or Europe, or Space.  The Scream franchise, with its sixth entry coming out in 2023, chose the first option. This is not terribly...

Now Streaming: STRANGE WORLD Bombing Was Not Its Fault

By now, critics and audiences have seen and learned about the newest animated Disney film Strange World and how it became one of the biggest bombs in the studio's history. Mel Valentin already reviewed the film and called it wildly...

Now Streaming: Top 10 Series of 2022

Episodic series from around the world, debuting on streaming services.

Friday One Sheet: EYES WIDE SHUT

Yes, this has been floating around movie-nerd internet for some time, however, in the tradition of this column, that the last Friday before Christmas shall be an alternate Eyes Wide Shut poster, here we are. This 'Hallmark Christmas Movie' spoof...

Screen Anarchy Holiday Gift Guide: Mondo and Creepy Co.

Need some last minute gift ideas? Normally I do videos for our gift guides but the carousel of images below will work just fine. I've got a little bit of everything here from two great companies, Mondo and Creepy Co....

Screen Anarchy Holiday Gift Guide: Apparel from JCRT and Creepy Co.

I found some wonderful geeky gear from JCRT and Creepy Co. that make great, last-minute gifts for friends and family. JCRT makes their own clothes to order and first made a splash with horror fans with their bright colored Universal...

Friday One Sheet: WHITE NOISE

Like a cross between Mort Drucker's dense caricature work for Mad Magazine, the Where's Waldo? children's books, and the board game Scotland Yard, illustrator Marija Tiurina's key art for White Noise is a helluva thing. Tiurina has done several of...

Now Streaming: THE ENGLISH and MAMMALS, Bloody Twists and Clever Turns

Emily Blunt and James Corden, respectively, star in new British series debuting on Prime Video. Plus: 'The Curse' slyly captivates on BritBox, while 'Mythic Quest' finds new ways to adventure on Apple TV+.


Does seasonal spookiness abound in new versions of old favorites?

Friday One Sheet: BRAM STOKER'S DRACULA (1992) Re-Release

If you are old enough to remember the summer 1992, there was the coordinated series of 'viral' (although that would not have been the word used then) marketing posters and graffiti of a shadowy 3 headed bust, sometimes by itself,...

Celebrating David Cronenberg: Hollywood and Beyond

In celebration of Crimes of the Future, a new film by David "Mr. Canada" Cronenberg that will open in North American movie theaters on Friday, June 3, we're looking back at his distinguished career this week. Filmmaker David Cronenberg recalls...

Pretty Packaging: The SPECIES Films Get A Shiny New Boxset

British distributor 88 Films has made itself known over the years for releasing several martial arts films, horror from Asia, and thrillers from Italy. Occasionally though, they dip into the territory of the better-known American genre flicks as well, and...

Friday One Sheet: Bryan Lenning's JOKER

Whatever your feelings about the oddball, glossy-grimy stand-alone Joker -- and people had very strong feelings about either the quality, the nihilism, or the emptiness of Todd Phillips' quasi-remake of Martin Scorsese's The King of Comedy as a comic-book origin story -- the...

Now Streaming: THE STAIRCASE Rarely Looks Away, STAR TREK: STRANGE NEW WORLDS Boldly Looks Ahead

Director Antonio Campos dramatizes a true-crime case on HBO Max, while familiar hands revitalize a sturdy space series on Paramount Plus.

Now Streaming: THE OFFER You Can't Refuse, UNDER THE BANNER OF HEAVEN Respects As It Digs

Two new series take different approaches to real-life stories.

Now Streaming: RUSSIAN DOLL Plunges Back, THE FLIGHT ATTENDANT Carries On

Nathasha Lyonne stars in a superb Netflix comic time-traveling thriller; Kaley Cuoco stars in an HBO max comic mystery series.

Now Streaming: THE OUTLAWS Serve Their Sentence, THE GIRL FROM PLAINVILLE Sends Text Messages

Stephen Merchant's newest comic series features Christopher Walken; Elle Fanning stars in a series torn from text messages.

Friday One Sheet: BULLET TRAIN

I am highlighting the key art for this Hollywood-Japan blockbuster starring Brad Pitt, Sandra Bullock, and Sanada Hiroyuki because I am not entirely sure if the design house, BLT Communications, was aiming for a Japanese train safety card aesthetic or simply phoning...

Now Streaming: Pirates, Tigers, Blood in OUR FLAG MEANS DEATH, JOE VS CAROLE, THE DROPOUT

Also: Crunchyroll combines and 'Picard' returns.