Vancouver International Film Festival 2021: CRYPTOZOO Review

A young couple go for a walk in a forest, make love, and encounter a gigantic fence. On impulse they decide to climb over it, curious about what could be on the other side. Anyone who has seen a Jurassic...

New York 2021 Review: BERGMAN ISLAND, A Meta-Contemplation on an Artist's Creative Process

Tim Roth, Mia Wasikowska and Vicky Krieps star in a new film by Mia Hansen-Løve.

Blu-ray Review: THE DEAD ZONE Remains Devastating, Prophetic

The Dead Zone. I've seen this 1983 film several times, and with each viewing, I love the film more. Scream Factory's recently released collector's edition of The Dead Zone is the definitive home "video" version (at least so far). Directed...

Locarno 2021 Review: MAD GOD, Macabre and Scatological Coalesce in Phil Tippett's Nihilistic Stop-Motion Epic

Jan Švankmajer meets Clive Barker in a smorgasbord of a stream-of-consciousness savage weirdness.

FIN Atlantic 2021 Review: TITANE, Extreme Body Pleasure and Pain

Carrie Fisher once described her body as a bag to carry her brain around. There's a book about women's health entitled 'Our Bodies, Ourselves'. We often talk about of our bodies as being separate from us, and yet they are...

Review: THE AUSCHWITZ REPORT, Timely Holocaust Escape Drama

True events of an escape from Auschwitz-Birkenau extermination camp are in the center of the pulse-racing Holocaust thriller.

Blu-ray Review: THROW DOWN, Get Back Up Again, Says Johnnie To

Louis Koo, Aaron Kwok, Cherrie Ying and Tony Leung Ka-fai star in a very personal Johnnie To film, now available on a splendid Criterion Collection Blu-ray.

Review: STAR WARS: VISIONS, Undeniably Cool, Undeniably Awesome

The essential anthology series begins streaming Wednesday, September 22 on Disney+.

Review: DREAMING GRAND AVENUE, Comfortably Mixing Dreams and Reality

Jackson Rathbone and Andrea Londo star in an affecting fantasy-drama, directed and written by Hugh Schulze, and now on DVD.

Review: LITTLE VAMPIRE (PETIT VAMPIRE), Monsters Are People Too

French filmmaker and comic book artist Joann Sfar adapts his own graphic novel series into an animated adventure.

Karlovy Vary 2021 Review: In BENEDETTA, Paul Verhoeven Marries Prestige Satire to Camp Drama

Too much fun, frontal nudity and orgasms in a biopic drama enclosed behind the walls of a Renaissance convent.

Review: THE VILLAGE DETECTIVE: A SONG CYCLE, About a Film Culled from the Depth of Ocean

Village Detective: A Song Cycle is a celebration of cinema that reflects life and art and its resilience to the test of time both metaphorically and physically.

Review: CRY MACHO, Clint Eastwood's Ballad of Forgotten Cowboys and Lost Boys

Apparently, over three decades ago, Cry Macho crossed Clint Eastwood’s desk. He decided to pass on it because at the time, he felt he was too young to properly tell the story of an old cowboy whose best days are...

Toronto 2021 Review: SALOUM, A Spirited Tale of Revenge on the Senegal Delta

The Saloum Delta in Senegal is a land of cannibal myths and cursed kings. Nowhere is this more true than in Congolese director Jean Luc Herbulot's supernatural skinwalker of a film that brings West African mythology to the criminal getaway...

Review: LADY OF THE MANOR, A Slack Modern-Day Stoner/Ghost Story

Melanie Lynskey, Judy Greer, Justin Long and Ryan Phillipe star in a ghostly comedy, directed by Christian Long and Justin Long.

Review: THE EYES OF TAMMY FAYE, Jessica Chastain, Year-End Awards Frontrunner

Jessica Chastain and Andrew Garfield star in a real-life drama, directed by Michael Showalter.

Now Streaming: THE MORNING SHOW, Where Breaking News Never Stops

Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon star in the dramatic series, now streaming on Apple TV+.

Toronto 2021 Review: YOU ARE NOT MY MOTHER, Folklore Monsters and Modern Horrors

I remember a story, in the early 1990s in the United Kingdom, that made a lot of news headlines: a young mother killed her three children and then herself. A long magazine article about it was (at least for me)...

Review: PRISONERS OF THE GHOSTLAND, Leave Sanity at the Door

Nicolas Cage. Sofia Boutella. Sono Sion. Need we say more? Yes.

Toronto 2021 Review: DUNE, A Handsome, But Stoic, Do Over

There is a row of palm trees in front of the outer wall of the capital city of Arrakis, the desert planet also known as Dune. They require massive amounts of resources, and have grown straight & tall, tended by...