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Our friends at MotelX, the excellent genre film festival in Lisbon, Portugal, have annonced the first wave of titles for this year's festival, coming up this September.    Festival standouts Sasquatch Sunset, In A Violent Naure, Oddity, Cuckoo, Humanist Vampire Seeking...

Karlovy Vary 2024 Review: GRAND TOUR, A Cinematic Travelogue Blending Past and Present

The Portuguese auteur Miguel Gomes merges genres, time periods, and cinematic techniques to create a post-modern exploration of cinema's fluid nature, offering a sophisticated and reflective homage to the art form that challenges conventional narrative boundaries.

Fantasia 2024: ESCAPE ATTEMPT, Short Film Short Review

In the future Saul hitches a ride with Anna and Vadim, a young couple on their way off planet for a vacation. Saul requests that they simply drop him off at the nearest uninhabited planet. He says he's done with...

Karlovy Vary 2024 Review: PARTHENOPE, Fantasy of Womanhood Through Male Gaze

Paolo Sorrentino, the Oscar-winning Italian director, returns with 'Parthenope,' a visually opulent film that serves as both a love letter to Naples and a very male exploration of womanhood through the intertwining lenses of myth and modernity.

Karlovy Vary 2024 Interview: FINGERNAILS, Christos Nikou Talks Yorgos Lanthimos and Greek Weirdness

Nikou opened up about the process how his film got made with help from Cate Blanchett, the influence of Charlie Kaufman, rom-com and the inevitable topic, Yorgos Lanthimos.

MEANWHILE ON EARTH Trailer: French Sci-fi Drama in Theaters This September

Metrograph Pictures is releasing Jérémy Clapin's sci-fi drama, Meanwhile on Earth, in cinemas on September 13th.    A 23 year-old girl is contacted by an unknown life form claiming to be able to bring her older brother safely back to...

LE SAMOURAƏ Blu-ray Review: On the Elegance of a Revolver

Every filmmaker wants the perfect opening shot; but then, can the rest of the film live up to it? Jean-Pierre Melville's Le Samuraï is one such film, that gives not just an iconic opening shot, but many in between, with...

ESCAPE ATTEMPT Trailer: Fantasia-Bound Sci-fi Short Film is Too Big For This Format

The award-winning short film, Escape Attempt, from Daniel Shapiro and Alex Topaller, will have its Canadian premiere in the International Science-Fiction Short Film Showcase at Fantasia on July 21st.   It is award-winning for a reason. Holy moly does this look impressive....

DEMON POND, GUMMO, Val Lewton, PANDORA'S BOX: Criterion in October 2024

Folk horror from Japan! Angelic and devilish souls from rural America (US)! Val Lewton horror from Hollywood! Melodrama from Germany! In October 2024, Criterion plans to release a rich collection of horror-month appropriate titles from across the world. To be...

Mediterrane 2024 Review: LIFE, Novelistic Philosophical Drama Tackles Loss and Redemption

Turkish director Zeki Demirkubuz weaves a tale of provincial patriarchy and existentialism, following the intertwined lives of a rural baker and a young woman after a derailed arranged marriage.

Mediterrane 2024 Review: TO A LAND UNKNOWN Challenges Conventional Immigrant Dramas

Palestinian-Danish filmmaker Mahdi Fleifel navigates the harrowing realities of exile and survival, set against the dilapidated backdrop of Athens, in a bold departure from his documentary roots.

Tarsem Singh's THE FALL: 4K Restoration Will Stream on MUBI This September

Tarsem Singh's incredible The Fall has gotten a 4K restoration and MUBI have announced that they'll stram it on their platform at the end of September. The following territories will be able to do so: US, Canada, Latin America, the UK,...

Locarno 2024 Preview: Hong Sang-soo, Radu Jude, Wang Bing, and Bertrand Mandico to Reveal New Works

The 77th edition of Locarno Film Festival approaches and it will showcase a diverse selection of 225 films, including 104 world premieres, confirming the festival's dedication to global cinema.

THE WAIT (La Espera): Spanish Horror Western Finds a North American Home

The Wait (La espera), the third feature film by Spanish director F. Javier Gutiérrez has found a North American home with Film Movement. They have not announced a date yet but have said that they're planning a digital and cable...

Friday One Sheet: RED ISLAND

When you have a film as gorgeously composed and framed as one by Robin Campillo (120 BPM), and set in one of the most beautiful places on earth (Madagascar), one of the best practices is to simply use a frame...

THE LAST STOP IN YUMA COUNTY: Crime Thriller Takes Top Prize at BiFan

Variety has reported that tonight, in the furture, in South Korea, Francis Galluppi's crime thriller The Last Stop in Yuma County took home the top prize at BiFan (Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival) the Best of Buchean, and the Audience...

THE SUBSTANCE Teaser: Canadian Theatrical Date Announced!

A fading celebrity decides to use a black market drug, a cell-replicating substance that temporarily creates a younger, better version of herself.


We're at the halfway point in the year and while we celebrate Confederation and Indpendance this week in two of three parts of North America Screambox has prepared a whole month of worthy additions to their regular lineup of chills. ...

Chattanooga 2024 Review: THE VOURDALAK Delivers a Different Kind of Vampire Tale

Long considered the ur-text for the depiction of vampirism in fiction, Bram Stoker’s Dracula may be the most influential (the “trope-creator”), but it was far from the first. Sheridan Le Fanu's 1872 novel, Carmilla, preceded Stoker’s by more than two decades,...

LAST SUMMER Review: What Lies in Our Dark Hearts

Catherine Breillat's latest film stars Lea Drucker.