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Review: THE GUILTY, The Longer He Talks, The Higher the Stakes

If Larry Cohen lived in Copenhagen, he might have written The Guilty. Veteran filmmaker Cohen, of course, has written dozens of screenplays that start with a clever idea and then expound on it with a wicked, pulp sense of humor...

Morbido 2018: Festival Lineup and Guest List Announced!

It’s the most, wonderful time, of the year. In two weeks I will be returning to my happy place, CDMX, for the 2018 edition of the Morbido Film Fest.    As always mi Familia de Morbido have put together a...


The new calendar year brings a quintet of anguished delights for home video cinephiles from the Criterion Collection. Yes, what better way to recuperate from the expected winter holiday hangovers than by settling back and reassessing your life by watching...

Sitges 2018 Review: 70 BIG ONES, Crime Thriller That Keeps You Guessing

While Spain is slowly emerging from the economic crisis of the early 2000s, it still hasn't recovered completely, and even the most skilled worker can face themselves with extreme circumstances for which they need money. A lot of it. Now....

Friday One Sheet: SUSPIRIA In Design

Back to the exceptional key art campaign for Luca Guadagnino's Suspiria remake. For me, this 3 colour 'design 101' minimal poster, and its colour shuffled variant, evoke the iconic poster for Andrej Zulawski's Possession. I mean, not obviously, of course,...

Ithaca Fantastik 2018: THE UNTHINKABLE, ONE CUT OF THE DEAD And LUZ in Second Wave

  The second wave of titles for Ithaca Fantastik was announced today. And as expected it is chock full of cinematic goodies and treats.    Swedish war drama The Unthinkable will close out this year's festival. The festival's retrospective...

Sitges 2018 Review: KNIFE + HEART, Delightfully Queer, Sensuous and Cruel

An editor looks through reels of a gay porn film, making decisions about what to cut, with the image of a beautiful young man flashing before her. At the same time, this young man is at a club, surrounded by...

New York 2018 Review: In THE IMAGE BOOK, Godard Points Us In the Right Direction

With Image Book, there seems to be a concerted effort for Godard to point us in the direction where he sees a corner of the world that is underexposed, underseen and misrepresented by the western world.

Sitges 2018 Review: KEEP AN EYE OUT, Another Funny, Crazy And Worthy Film By Quentin Dupieux

The first scene of Keep an Eye Out, another crazy film by France’s Quentin Dupieux, evokes that memorable speech from Rubber about how all the great films have stuff with "no reason" to be. That’s because in said sequence, we...

Vancouver 2018 Review: THE HOUSE THAT JACK BUILT, Lars von Trier's True "Kanye Moment"

Matt Dillon commits fully to the role of serial killer Jack, who works as an engineer and suffers from crippling OCD, among other psychological issues. Like a square version of American Psycho's Patrick Bateman, Jack gleefully embraces his dark nature and never tries to thwart his heinous impulses.

Lund Fantastic Film Festival Announces Winners of 24th Edition

Prior to ending its 24th edition with a closing night screening of Park Hoon-jung’s action thriller The Witch: Part 1. The Subversion, the Lund Fantastic Film Festival announced the winners of both its short and feature film competitions. The Méliès...

Vancouver 2018 Review: BERGMAN: A YEAR IN A LIFE Digs Deep

I’m writing this review from a friend’s kitchen where I’m staring at a very apropos Jack Kerouac magnet that quotes him saying “All I have to offer anyone is my confusion.” In digesting the Ingmar Bergman doc I’ve just seen,...

CYBERSLAV Trailer: Fighting Old Evil With Old Slavic Cyberpunk

Evil Pirate Studio in Russia debuted a trailer for their upcoming animated film CyberSlav. Have a look below.    Dubbing it Old Slavic Cyberpunk the team behind the film, producer Stanislav Dmitriev with animation by Ilya Matveev, Ivan Petrov, and...

New York 2018 Review: COLD WAR, Tragic, Fatalistic Love Story, Briskly Told

Shot again in full frame monochrome by Lukascz Zal, the film is every bit as beautiful as Ida. His use of head space is there and it's lovely. Kulesza has a clear and beautiful singing voice in every style, providing some of the loveliest vocal tracks for the film's great, jazzy soundtrack.

Fantastic Fest 2018 Review: SCHOOL'S OUT Plays a Dark Game of Cat and Mouse

Pierre, a substitute teacher called to fill in for a colleague who has committed suicide in front of his gifted students discovers an eerie calm pervading his classroom of gifted kids. As he finds himself drawn further into the lives of his students he finds a weird air of indifference amongst the other teachers about the disturbing things he finds. It also becomes clear he himself is being watched.

New York 2018 Review: HAPPY AS LAZZARO, An Allegorical Tale of Haves and Have Nots

Lazzaro is someone who is desperately needed in this cynical, cruel world. Alice Rohrbacher's writing shines in bringing out humor and humanity in an whimsical yet pointy allegory full of wonders.

Friday One Sheet: SPOOR

Today we have a stark, and 'uncanny valley' type of key art out of Turkey. Agnieszka Holland's much lauded Polish crime film, Pokot (Trophy), took a fair number of awards and plaudits on the festival circuit including Berlin's Silver Bear,...

Review: HEAVY TRIP, Sweet, Heavy-Metal Black Comedy

Of all the things I imagined Heavy Trip would be, "sweet" was not one of the adjectives that would've immediately jumped to mind before watching this utterly charming shaggy dog story of a band chasing a dream they never really...

Fantastic Fest 2018: Wrap and Index of Films We Really, Really Liked

We have no grand pronouncements to make about this year's edition of Fantastic Fest, except to say that we (mostly) wrote only about films that we really, really liked. Here's our wrap (as of this moment) of our reviews and...

Exclusive HEAVY TRIP Clip: The Seeds of Metal Stardom

How do you escape the basement to become a star? The seeds are planted in our exclusive clip from Heavy Trip.  The film, directed by Juuso Laatio and Jukka Vidgren, follows a young man named Turo (played by Johannes Holopainen)...