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Frontieres 2022: First Wave of Titles Announced

Aw yeah, it's Frontières time once again. After spending the last two years participating in the co-production market virtually it will be with excitement and a little nervousness that we will return to Montreal to be among our peers. Not just...

MOLOCH Trailer: Shudder Acquires Dutch Horror For July Release

Shudder has announced that they have acquired the rights for Nico van den Brink’s directorial debut Moloch. To celebrate, Shudder has released a creepy and bloody trailer as well, have a look below.    Betriek lives at the edge of...

Triste Science+Fiction Festival Reveals 2022 Poster, From Artist Graham Humphreys

Though the Trieste Science+Fiction Festival is not until November they're going to steal the spotlight for a moment today so we may marvel at this year's poster. This beauty was designed and illustrated by the illustrious British artist Graham Humphreys...

Review: THE REVELATION Reveals An Emotionally Scarred, Scared, Scary Man

This April saw the return of the Amsterdamned Film Festival after two years of postponements and cancellations due to lock-downs. And what could be a better way to open such a long-missed event than with the world premiere of a...

Review: THE INNOCENTS, Beware, Children at Play

It can often be difficult to know when to trust a child; on one hand, we want to believe that children are innocent and good, and will tell us the truth. On the other, I've known plenty of children who...

WHAT THE WATERS LEFT BEHIND: SCARS Exclusive: Your First Look at The Poster And Key Stills

We have your first look at the poster and key stills from Nicolas Onetti's sequel to his 2017 horror flick

THE PASSENGER (La pasajera) Red Band Trailer

Darkstar Pictures and Bloody Disgusting are releasing Raúl Cerez and Fernando González Gómez's ride share horror The Passenger (La pasajera) in cinemas on June 3rd and On Demand and Digital on June 28th.    A group of strangers sharing a...

VORTEX Interview: Gaspar Noé on Making a "Cruel But Warm" Film About Aging, Illness and Death

If conception and birth are always present themes in Gaspar Noé's cinema, death is equally important for him: “When you write your sentence, you always put a dot at the end. Talking about death is just putting a dot at...

HOLY SHIT! Trailer: German Black Comedy/Action Horror Heads to Sales at Cannes

Heads up. There is a lot of information in this article and in the first trailer for the black comedy Holy Shit! from scriptwriter and director Lukas Rinker. It may give away a few of the surprises. Proceed at your...

Review: HAPPENING Reflects on Not So Distant Past, Too Close for Comfort

The film is a stark reminder that if we don't keep up the fighting and push back, as absurd as it might sound, we might lose those rights we've been taking for granted.

Interview: HATCHING Director Hanna Bergholm on Her Coming-of-Age Creature Feature

Hatching, the debut feature by Finnish director Hanna Bergholm, is a horror film that stands out for its creature feature and coming-of-age elements. The protagonist Tinja (Siiri Solalinna) is a teenager who lives with her mother (Sophia Heikkilä), her father...

Fantaspoa 2022 Review: HOLY SHIT!

Has a worthy successor to Ping Lumpraploeng's The Pool arrived? It doesn't have a dog. But it's got an owl! That's something, right?

Horrorant 2022: The Long Awaited Return of This Greek Genre Festival

It is good to see our friends at the Horrorant Film festival in Greece back in the game. The festival took the previous two years off because of the global health crisis. They also showed a grim determination to show...

THE PASSENGER (LA PASAJERA): Spanish Horror Coming to U.S. Cinemas And DVD This June

News from our friends from the Spanish sci-fi horror flick, The Passenger (La Pasajera). Though we seem to have not heard from the American distributors directly this fun little indie horror from Fernando Gonzalez Gomez and Raul Cerezo will find...

Review: HATCHING, Escapist Fantasy, Mixed with Revenge Horror and Weirdness

Directed by Hanna Bergholm, the horror film from Finland stars Siiri Solalinna, Sophia Heikkilä, Jani Volanen, Oiva Ollila and Reino Nordin.

Sitges And Cannes Announce This Year's Fantastic 7 Participating Projects

Sitges has announced, in partnership with The Marché du Film - Festival de Cannes, its lineup for this year's Fantastic 7 event. The event is a selection of 7 films that are near completion or are completed that will be...

Review: PETITE MAMAN, Beguiling Fairytale About Growing Up

French auteur Céline Sciamma crafts a low-key, resonant drama. With Gabrielle Sanz, Joséphine Sanz and Nina Meurisse.

Review: BLOODY ORANGES, Amorals, Comedy, Politics

Denis Podalydès, Christophe Paou, and Guilaine Londez star in a comedy from France, directed by Jean-Christophe Meurisse.

Finally! Finland's Night Visions Int'l Film Festival Returns This April!

After an unofficial record seven false starts in 2021 Nigh Visions is finally back for a live event next week with films like The Northman and Everything Everywhere All At Once

Review: In DUAL, She Must Fight For Her Life

Directed by Riley Stearns, the sci-fi thriller pits Karen Gillan against Karen Gillan in a dual to the death. Aaron Paul also stars.