International: Latin America

A SILENT DEATH (Una Muerte Silenciosa): TWDC-Disney Acquires Argentine Crime Thriller For LatAm Release

TWDC-Disney have secured the theatrical and streaming rights in the LatAm for Sebastian Schindel's new crime/psychological-thriller feature film A Silent Death (Una Muerte Silenciosa).   In the depths of Patagonia during the 80’s, a hunting guide stumbles upon a shocking crime...

Pretty Packaging: The COFFIN JOE Boxset Doesn't Hurt Your Eyes

Distributor Arrow has rightfully created quite a reputation for itself as a producer of exquisite collector's editions, wriggling itself into the small group in which Criterion and Eureka: Masters of Cinema used to be royalty. But as of late, it's...

Cannes 2024 Review: MOST PEOPLE DIE ON SUNDAYS, Affecting Funeral Drama Marred By Slow Pace

Personal, vaguely auto-fictional stories are de rigueur for first-time filmmakers, especially actors turning directors.Iair Said, seen in last year’s The Delinquents, makes an undistinguished debut after trying his hand at a couple of shorts.   Increasingly, subjects of coming-of-age tales...

EYES OF THE ABYSS: Daniel de la Vega's Horror Flick Sells to Uncork'd Entertainment

We heard through the grape vine in Argentina that something was happening with Daniel de la Vega's newest horror flick Eyes of the Abyss (Los Ojos del Abismo) and this morning Variety is reporting that it has sold to Uncork'd...

Cannes 2024 Poster Premiere: SIMON OF THE MOUNTAIN Set for Cannes Debut, Showcases Emerging Talent

The debut feature by Argentine director Federico Luis is set to premiere at Cannes Critics' Week, spotlighting themes of identity and belonging.

First Look 2024 at Museum of the Moving Image: Preview

The First Look Festival returns to the Museum of the Moving Image this month offering audiences opportunities to see exciting new films of all kinds from all over the world. There are films just out of Sundance, like Haley Elizabeth...

SXSW 2024 Review: TOLL, The Price Paid, The Damage Done

Maeve Jinkings and Kauan Alvarenga star in Carolina Markowicz's sophomore feature.

SXSW 2024 Review: THE IN BETWEEN, Stop Your Sobbing

Director Robie Flores and producer Alejandro Flores fill their debut feature with wistful yearning and thoughtful observations on their hometown, straddling Texas and Mexico.


With a couple more days left in this year's EFM our friends at FilmSharks have let us know about more deals they've secured in their time there. Two titles we've spoken about in recent months the other is the return...


Our friends at FilmSharks continue to bust out sales for Lobo Feroz, the Spanish language remake of Big Bad Wolves. The latest comes during EFM where they sold the UK rights to BINGO FILMS. Before  that it was sold to...

ROSARIO: First Look at Felipe Vargas' Debut Horror

Rosario is forced to spend the night with the body of her deceased grandma, waiting for the ambulance while being attacked by supernatural forces that have taken control of her grandmother's corpse.

Berlinale 2024: Exclusive REAS Poster Premiere

Lola Arias' sophomore feature employs a musical framework to explore the resilience and dreams of women and trans persons transitioning from life behind bars to freedom.

PERKINGS: Official Poster And Stills For Patricio Valladares' Next Film

When Chilean filmmaker Patricio Valladares shuffler their mortal coil I swear they will die with a camera held in one hand and the other gripping the keyboard for a editing bay. They will die in the midst of making a...

Berlinale 2024: Exclusive THROUGH ROCKS AND CLOUDS Poster Premiere, Exploring Untold Stories of Quechua Communities

Franco García Becerra directs an exploration of resilience, tradition, and community within the breathtaking landscapes of the Peruvian Andes.

DISAPPEAR COMPLETELY Trailer Premiere: Lose Your Senses With This Mexican Supernatural Thriller

After visiting a crime scene, an ambitious and insensitive tabloid crime photographer, falls victim to a mysterious illness that makes him lose, one by one, his five senses.

WANTED MAN Trailer: Check Out Dolph Lundgren's New Action Film Next Month

Johansen (Lundgren) is an aging detective, whose outdated policing methods have given the department a recent public relations problem. To save his job, he is sent to Mexico to extradite a female witness (Villa) to the murders of two DEA...

Viennale 2023 Review: ABOUT THIRTY (ARTURO A LOS 30), Young and Restless in Buenos Aires

Martín Shanly directs and stars in a drama about the shift from the youthful optimism of Generation Y to a growing sense of disillusionment amid life's absurdities.

Viennale 2023 Review: THE PRACTICE Seeks Mindfulness Amid Mid-Life Restart

Martín Rejtman employs deadpan absurdism to satirize the trials of mid-life in the life of a yoga coach.

BASEMENT GAMES: New Horror Thriller From TRAUMA's Lucio A Rojas Heads to Post

Looks like it is time to start preparing ourselves for another brutal horror thriller from our friend Lucio A Rojas.   Spiritually, emotionally, and physically preparing ourselves.    Rojas continues to exorcise his demons - or appease them, I don’t...