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L'Etrange 2019 Review: KNIVES & SKIN, Femme Neo-Noir that Soothes and Bristles

Knives & Skin, Jennifer Reeder's second feature film, is a 'noir' of many colours: part neo, part femme, part pastel; it will likely draws comparisons with Blue Velvet for it's oddball yet seedy town setting; Brick and a lot of...

Blu-ray Review: FEAR NO EVIL Doesn't Offer Much Fear

Coming up next week here in North America, Shout Factory's horror imprint Scream Factory is releasing a Blu-ray edition of the weirdo 1981 film, Fear No Evil. This no-budget shocker was directed by filmmaker and actor Frank LaLoggia (Lady in White,...

Review: VILLAINS, Crackerjack Comedy With Dark Edgings

Bill Skarsgård, Maika Monroe, Jeffrey Donovan and Kyra Sedgwick star in the dark comedy; Dan Berk and Robert Olsen directed.

L'Etrange 2019 Review: LILLIAN, The Loneliness of the Long, Long, Long Distance Home

What would you do if you were in a foreign country, where had no money, did not speak the language, and could not find work without the necessary proper documentation? Would you go to your country's embassy to ask for...

Review: DEPRAVED, Exciting, Fitting Tribute to Mary Shelley's FRANKENSTEIN

Larry Fessenden has always been among the most recognized and loved directors in the underground indie horror scene, with films like Wendigo and Habit, as well as memorable episodes in Fear Itself and The ABCs of Death 2, while also...

Toronto 2019 Review: THE LONG WALK, Contemplating Grief and Time-Travel

Many people dream of traveling back in time to certain events in their lives in the hopes of changing them, they believe for the better. But what does it mean to travel back, and why do we always think of...

Review: CHAINED FOR LIFE, A Fuzzy Line Between the Freaks and the 'Normal People'

In the modern age of endless selfies, we are hyper-aware of how we look; or perhaps more accurately, how we want to look, and how we want the world to see us. But what if it is impossible to hide...

Review: HAUNT, Bloodthirsty Psychopaths Run This House

Horror attractions like haunted houses and escape rooms borrow heavily from movies in both their designs and their scares. They're commonly populated with Leatherface clones, killer clowns, and green-faced girls in need of an exorcism. Many will unabashedly use the...

Now Streaming: PURE, Treat Your Daughters Right, Or Else

Horror springs from chastity in Hannah Macpherson's thriller; Jahkara J. Smith, McKaley Miller, Clara Bravo, Annalisa Cochrane and Scott Porter star.

Locarno 2019 Review: IVANA THE TERRIBLE, Quirks and Paradoxes of Millennials on the Balkan

Filmmaker Ivana Mladenovic scrutinizes her generation in a female-driven psycho-realist dramedy.

Toronto 2019 Review: BLOOD QUANTUM Chews On The Sins of Fathers

It is 1971, and a lone police car drives purposely, if slightly lost, through the Northern Canadian forest. Its bright red cherries offer little light, and function more of a quiet warning to the wilderness which surround it. The Police...

Toronto 2019 Review: In JALLIKATTU, The Line Between Man And Beast Dissolves

A small village in the forests of rural Kerala is about to face down a terrifying beast when a buffalo bound for slaughter escapes and wreaks havoc on its lanes and the surrounding farmland. The seventh feature from Indian filmmaker...

Locarno 2019 Review: HAM ON RYE, Coming-of-Age Revisited Surreally

Imagine 'Freaks & Geeks' by way of a macabre-less and psychosexual-less euphoric David Lynch and Gus van Sant of 'Paranoid Park.'

Review: In THE FANATIC, John Travolta Wants To Break Stuff

Aside from fronting Limp Bizkit – that nu metal band most people don’t want to admit they moshed to in high school – Fred Durst has also branched out into directing indie films, first with the drama The Education of...

Review: KILLERMAN, Criminal Worlds Collide, As Pots Boil

The opening moments of Killerman are a masterclass in moving money on the streets.   In a sequence that runs 8 minutes or so, a mid-level money launderer first swaps a banker's box full of cash for a solid block of...

Locarno 2019 Review: ECHO, Poetically Realist Kaleidoscope of Life in Iceland

The Icelandic writer-director Rúnar Rúnarsson combines gentle and raw in a collective portrait.

Karlovy Vary 2019 Review: A CERTAIN KIND OF SILENCE, A Free Will Undone in the Czech Social Psychothriller

The banality of evil and a stranger-than-fiction tale collide in Michal Hogenauer´s feature debut.

Karlovy Vary 2019 Review: OLD-TIMERS, Seniors Seek Revenge on the Road

A Czech drama by directors Martin Dušek and Ondřej Provazník.

Review: DRIVEN, A Bromance Gone Bad

Jason Sudeikis and Lee Pace star in director Nick Hamm's film, inspired by a true story.

Review: GWEN, Bleakness and Betrayal in the Welsh Hinterland

The clouds never seem to leave the sky in the peaks of Wales; the wind is almost constant, either in a slow track or relentless howls; and even moments of beauty found in the craggy low mountains hide sinister things...