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Rotterdam 2018 Review: KOKO-DI KOKO-DA, Sophomore La-Di-Da

Swedish filmmaker Johannes Nyholm jumped into the limelight of the international arthouse circuit with both feet, sweeping audiences and awards with his feature debut The Giant. It was a touching dramedy, absolved of sentimentality, about an autistic boy separated from...

Review: LIFE AFTER FLASH, How Sam J. Jones Bounced Back

Lisa Downs' documentary on the 'Flash Gordon' star also features wonderful interviews with the cult classic's cast and crew.

Now on Blu-ray: ONE CUT OF THE DEAD Is A Rapturous Experience You Can Now Share With Friends At Home

2018's surprise genre fest hit, One Cut of the Dead, is now available on Blu-ray thanks to the UK/Japan-based Asian film specialists at Third Window Films, and if any film was ever worthy of a blind buy, this is it....


In 2015 I was quite taken by Julien Temple’s documentary, The Ecstasy of Wilko Johnson, which set out to capture the literal farewell tour of the garage punk icon after he was diagnosed with a terminal illness that threatened to...

Review: ST AGATHA, Nuns Inflict Psychological Horrors

Darren Lynn Bousman's new thriller heads back to the 1950s to explore old horrors.

Review: PIERCING Elevates the Notion of Torture Porn with Its Own Style and Tone

Christopher Abbott, Laia Costa and Mia Wasikowska star in a horror-thriller adapted from Ryu Murakami's story, directed by Nicolas Pesce.

Review: In ARCTIC, Mads Mikkelsen Struggles to Survive

Mads Mikkelsen stars in director Joe Penna's wintry tale of survival.

Sundance 2019 Review: WE ARE LITTLE ZOMBIES, A Stylized 8-bit Ode To Isolation

We Are Little Zombies, the debut feature from Short Film Grand Jury Prize winner Nagahisa Makoto, is a candy colored pop explosion of ennui. When four adolescent strangers meet at the crematorium on the day their parents are being laid...

Review: Nuri Bilge Ceylan's THE WILD PEAR TREE Sings Superb Post-College Blues

As always with Celyan's films, watching his latest feels like reading a good, dense book, filled with rich characters and delicious philosophical musings.

Blu-ray Review: Criterion Dissects MIKEY & NICKY

A lifelong friend is not an easy thing to come by, and the older we get, the more we can appreciate the rarity of such a relationship. Peter Falk articulates this well in a 45-minute radio interview included in the...

Rotterdam 2019 Review: HARPOON Shoots Holes In The Concept Of Friendship

(Because it's a speargun, not a harpoon...) Richard, Sasha and Jonah are friends. Richard and Sasha have been together for a while, but Richard suspects Sasha to be cheating on him with Jonah. And, as shown early on, Richard is...

Review: IO, A Philosophy of Existence and Connection

It is not easy to know when to have the courage to change something, and when to have the wisdom to accept what can’t be changed. Or even if something can be changed, when it might be too late to...

Review: BEYOND THE NIGHT, Penetrating Grief With Unknown Power

Zane Holtz, Tammy Blanchard and Chance Kelly star in Jason Noto's slow-burn thriller.

Review: RUST CREEK, Danger and Redemption in the Backwoods

The backwoods and its inhabitants have been a cornerstone of contemporary horror films for decades. Hillbilly hicks and their sterotyped lack of intelligence and aggressive behaviour makes for an easy villain, usually with young people as the targets of their...

Blu-ray Review: Criterion's THE NAKED PREY Upgrades the Wild Wilde Life

Cornel Wilde is a colonialist running for his life in 1965’s The Naked Prey, a film he also produced and directed.  The more one knows about the life and career of Wilde, the more unique, and therefore special, The Naked Prey becomes. Unshackled...

Blu-ray Review: Brian De Palma's SISTERS Goes Criterion

Out now from the Criterion Collection, comes the Blu-ray release of Brian De Palma's Sisters. It's the director's (Carrie, Raising Cane, Scarface, Dressed to Kill, The Untouchables) first film where he began to develop the style he became known for, with split screens,...

Review: VOX LUX, The Cult of Celebrity and the 'Difficult' Star

Music stars (real or imagined) and their various addictions and vices, have been fodder for films for many years. Brady Corbet's sophomore feature, Vox Lux, looks at the unusual beginnings and current troubles of mega-pop star Celeste, a stand-in for...

Review: DESTROYER, Trapped on a Conveyor Belt to Hell

Nicole Kidman, Tatiana Maslany and Toby Kebbell star in director Karyn Kusama's daytime noir, filled with regrets and recriminations.


One of the many releases just out now from Scream Factory is the 2018 film Elizabeth Harvest, from Sebastian Gutierrez. It stars Abbey Lee (The Neon Demon), Ciarán Hinds (Game of Thrones), and Carla Gugino (Gerald's Game). The key cast is joined...

Blu-ray Review: SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT 2 Celebrates Garbage Day

Lee Harvey's 1987 feature debut was the first sequel to the Santa slasher Silent Night, Deadly Night. For those of you reading this that haven't seen the 1984 film, I'll give a quick primer. The original takes up a good part...