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Tribeca 2024 Review: SHE LOVED BLOSSOMS MORE, A Elegiac Paean To Loss And Memory

An elegiac past seeks resurrection even though it has never really left in Yannis Veslemes’s (Norway) latest directorial feature, She Loved Blossoms More, premiering at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival. Opening with a bit of a rambling dialogue over...

Tribeca 2024 Review: A DESERT, Nightmares and Dreamscapes in a Riveting Thriller Debut

Directed by Joshua Erkman, the film stars David Yow, Kai Lennox, Sarah Lind, Zachary Ray Sherman, Ashley B. Smith, and Rob Zabrecky.

Tribeca 2024 Review: #AMFAD ALL MY FRIENDS ARE DEAD Is A Silly Gen Z Slasher

A sexy septet of incorrigible coeds seeks to surreptitiously sidestep a serial slayer seeking satisfaction for their secret sins in Marcus Dunstan’s Gen Z slasher #AMFAD: All My Friends are Dead. When a group of college kids get sidetracked by...

Tribeca 2024 Review: BANG BANG, Still Fiery After All These Years

Tìm Blake Nelson packs a knockout punch as a pugnacious (retired) boxer in director Vincent Grashaw's stirring drama.

Tribeca 2024 Review: ALL THAT WE LOVE, Kindhearted and Relatable Dramedy About the Art of Letting Go

Directed by Yen Tan, the film stars Margaret Cho, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Kenneth Choi, Alice Lee, Atsuko Okatsuka, Missi Pyle, and Devon Bostick.

Tribeca 2024 Review: VULCANIZADORA, When Buddy Movie Turns Into Existential Horror

Two men are making their way through the forest, engaging in idle talk and generally behaving like overgrown teenagers. The guys will be recognized by viewers familiar with Joel Potrykus’s 2014 film Buzzard – as these are the same Derek...

Tribeca 2024 Review: SLAVE PLAY. NOT A MOVIE. A PLAY. Deconstruction As an Art Form

Jeremy O. Harris directs a documentary that pulls apart his provocative stage play and then puts it back together.

Tribeca 2024 Review: THE WEEKEND, Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?

The horror of introducing a new partner to one’s family is a very real thing. We all have skeletons in our closets; embarrassing relatives, trepidation about showing someone where we come from, rituals and traditions that we only realize are...

LONGLEGS Review: Every Frame Is A Nightmare In The Year's Best Horror Film To Date.

It begins with a point of view shot from a car driving up to a remote country homestead. The frame is tight, perhaps even square, giving the image the appearance of an old, faded Kodachrome slide. It’s eerie. There’s...

GIRLFIGHT Blu-ray Review: Rage Harnessed and Powerful

It's easy to get blasé about dramas that follow an individual as they learn a new sport/activity that becomes the centre of their world, giving their life deeper meaning; it's a common enough trope through cinema. But if you can...

Tribeca 2024 Review: THE A-FRAME, A Gooey Black Comedy With Heart From Calvin Reeder

An ambitious amateur physicist makes some big promises to a desperate cancer patient in Calvin Lee Reeder’s latest feature, The A-Frame. Well known for his lo-fi avant garde nightmare features The Oregonian and The Rambler, Reeder steps into a more...

Tribeca 2024 Review: ADULT BEST FRIENDS, Life and Other Disasters

Katie and Delaney (Katie Corwin and Delaney Buffett respectively) have been best friends since childhood, and now they both refuse to admit that they’ve been drifting apart for a while. Katie is seemingly responsible for the “adult” part of the...

Tribeca 2024 Review: NEW WAVE, More Than Vietnamese-American Music

Elizabeth Ai's documentary peers deeply into the music, yes, but also the cultural and generational divides that produced it in the 1980s.

HIT MAN Review: More Outrageous Adventures From Richard Linklater

Glen Powell and Adria Arjona star in Richard Linklater's latest, heading to Netflix on Friday, June 7.

MOONAGE DAYDREAM 4K UHD Review: Rocking Criterion

Filmmaker Brett Morgen interprets David Bowie's many ch-ch-changes in a deeply transcendent, experimental immersion film.

THIS CLOSENESS Review: The Discomfort of Strangers

Have social interactions with strangers always been fraught with awkwardness, or has contemporary society and its technological trappings made it worse? How do we decide on new rules for behaviour and etiquette, especially when crossing cultural and class lines? I'd...

Inside Out 2024 Review: SPARK Has Spark

Directed by Nicholas Giuricich, Spark is an interesting twist on a classic timeloop theme. Aaron (Theo Germaine) finds himself reliving the same day: being woken up by his friend and roommate Dani (Vico Ortiz), going on a birthday scavenger hunt...

Cannes 2024 Review: THE SHROUDS Contemplates Necrophiliac Possibilities of Digital Afterlife

David Cronenberg doesn't get introspective with his most personal film.

SOLO Review: Love that Elevates, Love that Destroys

How can we know what makes us happy? More importantly, how can we trust the people around us to make us happy, support us in our happiness, provide us with the love and care we deserve? And how can we...


This one’s for all the weirdos out there, and I say that with love. There’s a brand-new book out that explores the theme of wee ones getting offed in cinema… and it’s hilarious. At least it is if this subject...