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Myers And Strode Will Return in HALLOWEEN KILLS And HALLOWEEN ENDS

Well of course Michael Myers survived the trap that Laurie Strode and her daughter and granddaughter set for him at Laurie's home. He has 250 million reasons to do so.    If you wanted more Halloween horror after last year's...

JAY AND SILENT BOB REBOOT Red Band Trailer: Bask in The Vulgar And Hilarious Glory

I will admit that I am kind of at a loss for words facing the reality that the duo Jay and Silent Bob first appeared on screen twenty-five years ago.    Through highs (snicker) and lows the characters have ducked...

MOTELX 2019: MIDSOMMAR, THE LODGE And Local Talent Lead First Wave Titles

MOTELX, the Lisbon International Horror Film Festival, will return for it's lucky 13th year of horror thrills in Portugal.    Tonight the festival is announcing its first wave of titles and Ari Aster's daylight folk horror Midsommar is leading the...

70s Rewind: THE BIG FIX, Sleepy Times Are Over

Richard Dreyfuss stars as a former radical turned mellow private detective in Los Angeles who finally wakes up.

CULTURE SHOCK: Check Out The Trailer For Gigi Guerrero's Hulu INTO THE DARK Entry

Gigi Saul Gurrero's Culture Shock, a chapter in Hulu's ongoing Into The Dark series launches on July 4th. Culture Shock has already had its World Premiere and recently played at Cinepocalypse in Chicago. There are a handful of other potential...

Notes on Streaming: THEY COME KNOCKING, Quiet and Insistent

'Into the Dark' scores another quiet-horror success on Hulu.

Notes on Streaming: I AM MOTHER, Remain Calm, Don't Panic

Clara Rugaard stars alongside Hilary Swank and Rose Byrne's voice.

Notes on Streaming: Say Goodbye, SWAMP THING

The DC Universe streaming service will never be the same without you, big guy.

First AD ASTRA Trailer Wisely Emphasizes Brad Pitt in Space

Look! Up in the sky! Isn't that Brad Pitt? What the --- Yup, that's the approach taken with the first trailer for James Gray's Ad Astra, and I'd say it's pretty smart. Pitt is a very recognizable name, and so...

Review: DARK PHOENIX, Lightly Entertaining

Sophie Turner is the focus of Simon Kinberg's directorial debut as the X-Men saga comes to a conclusion (again).

Review: ROCKETMAN Takes Flight

Elton John biopic blasts Taron Egerton into the star-making stratosphere.

Watch RAMBO: LAST BLOOD Trailer: John Rambo Has His Last Stand

Sylvester Stallone returns as the iconic John Rambo for one final, violent showdown, this time against sex traffickers across the border. When we left John at the end of the last film, Rambo, he had returned to America to settle...

Cinepocalypse 2019: AIRHEADS to Close, Joe Bob Briggs And Rednecks, And a TAMMY AND THE T-REX 'GORE CUT' Promo

Our friends at Cinepocalypse just made a special announcement that further cements its reputation as a hot ticket of the festival circuit this Summer.   First, they have arranged a rare 35mm screening of the metal comedy Airheads for their...

Review: TOLKIEN, Portrait of a Slowly Boring Talent

Nicholas Hoult stars with Lily Collins in a biographical drama about the writer's younger years, directed by Dome Karukoski.

Interview: Sam Barlow Talks TELLING LIES and the Future of Interactive Movies

Sam Barlow is a writer and game designer perhaps best known for his interactive movie Her Story, a murder mystery told entirely through police interrogation clips that was released in 2015. In it, viewers investigate a crime by searching and...

SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME Trailer: Don't Watch it if You Haven't Seen ENDGAME

Here is the deal. If you still need to see Avengers Endgame or your sister's boyfriend Steve hasn't been a dick and ruined it for you already then do not watch this new trailer for Spider-Man Far From Home.   Normally...

CRAWL Trailer: Alexandre Aja Wades Into Dangerous Waters

French extremist turned creature feature enthusiast Alexandre Aja has a new monster movie on the horizon. Decidedly less tongue-in-cheek than Piranha 3D, Crawl looks like a harrowing survival thriller. When a massive hurricane hits her Florida hometown, Haley (played by...

Review: THE INTRUDER, Defining a Fun Ride

Michael Ealy, Meagan Good and Dennis Quaid star in Deon Taylor's home invasion thriller.

21 BRIDGES Trailer: Chadwick Boseman Acts Like a Perfectly Ordinary Super Cop

It's no coincidence that the first trailer for 21 Bridges, starring Chadwick Boseman (Black Panther) drops the same day that Avengers: Endgame, directed by Anthony and Joe Russo, opens in theaters across the U.S. and much of the rest of...

Japanese Cult Hit ONE CUT OF THE DEAD Comes To Hollywood, But Not How You Think

Ueda Shinichiro's One Cut of the Dead made headlines throughout the film world with its staggering festival run and its amazingly profitable cinema run in Japan where it ended up earning back over one thousand times its produciton budget in...