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Friday One Sheet: Robert Eggers' Cursed Animal Series Continues With THE LIGHTHOUSE

A24 recently put out a new poster for this loopy, horrific, sad, entertaining, difficult, oddly-aspect ratio'd, actors workshop of a period horror, The Lighthouse. The poster is a direct nod to Robert Eggers' previous period horror picture, The VVitch, which...

Now Streaming: NO GUNS LIFE Turns Men Into Guns, AZUR LANE Turns Women Into Battleships

Weapons are twisted into new humanoid forms in these 'I can't believe it's a series' animated shows.


Here are 3 genre movies opening in limited release this weekend in North America.

Tallgrass 2019: 5 Can't Miss Picks from Wichita's Top-Tier Fest

Have you ever been to a film festival in Kansas? Chances are that part of the festival circuit may have evaded a fair few of you. But anyone who has been to Wichita's Tallgrass Film Festival can tell you it's...

Now Streaming: STAND MY HEROES, PHANTASY STAR ONLINE 2 and Z/X CODE REUNION All Adapt to Mixed Effect

Three more shows debut in the Fall 2019 anime simulcast season.

Now on Blu-ray: THE RETURNED S2, The Dead Still Don't Want Brains

The French series continues to plunge into the mysteries of the living dead.

Now Streaming: BABYLON and SPECIAL 7 Make Politics Deadly

Also briefly noted: 'Genndy Tartakovsky's Primal,' man and T-Rex vs. the world; 'Seis Manos,' martial arts in retro Mexico. Plus trailers for all four series.


Two series have been added to Crunchyroll's fall simulcast lineup.

Friday One Sheet: BURNING CANE

This handsome piece of key art for American indie picture, the Louisiana set Burning Cane, evokes the posters for a hit from a similar region of the US from a few years ago, Beasts of the Southern Wild. Clearly, it...

Friday One Sheet: MIDWAY, Woody Harrelson is Not Impressed

As floating head ensemble posters go, the latest key art for Roland Emmerich's Midway is the Bloomin' Onion variant. A spreading cluster (which, by the way, is still under half of the films principle cast of World War II military...

Fantastic Fest 2019: Dispatch From the Streaming Wars

'In the Shadow of the Moon,' 'In the Tall Grass,' 'Fractured' and 'Dolemite Is My Name' all showed why they belong on the big screen.


In cinema, all you need is a girl and a gun.  Good old Godard said this of filmmaking, but it applies to the marketing department just fine. Here we have a poster for Blake Lively starring revenge thriller, The Rhythm...

Fantastic Fest 2019 Preview: All the Flicks We've Reviewed So Far

The genre film world is descending on Austin, Texas yet again for the 2019 edition of Fantastic Fest. Screen Anarchy will be there lapping up all the cinematic goodness and will have plenty to say about the movies we have...

Friday One Sheet: BLOW THE MAN DOWN

I did not manage to catch Blow The Man Down, Bridget Savage Cole and Danielle Krudy's salty Maine-set mystery-drama at TIFF this year. Had I seen this key art in advance, I might have tried a wee bit harder. Acting...

Toronto 2019 Preview: The Genre and International Sides

The Toronto International Film Fest kicks off its 2019 edition today! We've already taken quick tours of the world premieres and the hits from past fests. Today we span both categories but pay particular attention to films that skew towards...

Toronto 2019 Preview: Top Picks from Previous Festivals

Yesterday we took a look at some of this year's award hopefuls making their world premieres at TIFF 2019. Today we switch gears and preview a few of the hits from past fests continuing their runs at Toronto....

Toronto 2019 Preview: World Premiere Awards Hopefuls

The massive feast of cinematic goodness that is the Toronto International Film Festival is all set to kick off on Thursday. We will be taking a quick tour of the lineup over the next few days to get your appetite...

Now Streaming: BEM, Monsters Among Us

The Japanese animated series explores monsters who want to be human, for some reason.


Musicians on Mars, plus cops, aliens and bio-masks in this animated trio.

Telluride 2019 Preview Dispatch

As the film festival world's elite board their private charters to the Colorado mountain hamlet of Telluride, the full lineup for the festival has just been revealed. It's a typically strong mix of festival favorites and world premiere awards hopefuls....