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First off, it is simply exciting that we will be getting a new Charlie Kaufman film. Each one is a celebration, with him as the writer, or, for the past decade, as the writer and director. He returns to the...

Friday One Sheet: RESIDUE

The key art for Merawi Gerima's Residue is capital "S," serious: Classic typesetting, centered title cards and credit block on what appears to be, expensive paper-stock. Looky there: noils! Also, the logo for the hip offshoot of the Venice Film...

Now Streaming: DOUBLE WORLD, When This World Is Not Enough

Directed by Teddy Chan, the Chinese fantasy-historical action-adventure stars Henry Lau, Mark Cheng, Jiang Luxia and Peter Ho, and is now streaming on Netflix.

Now Streaming: PATRICK, It's All in the Eyes

Susan Penhaligon, Robert Helpmann, and Rod Mullinar star in director Richard Franklin's original telekinesis thriller, now streaming on Shudder.

Friday One Sheet: SAINT MAUD

With its ultra high-grain photography aesthetic, black background, and minimalism, aspects of the new key art for this tense little British horror-psychodrama resembles the paperback boom of the 1960s and 1970s, the surge of horror and supernatural themes that brought...

Friday One Sheet: MAKE UP

This striking, lo-fi, key art for Claire Oakley's debut feature, Make Up, does unlikely things with colour. Mixing red and green is a one-way ticket to evoking Christmas, but here, it is cosmic and ethereal, like the stargate sequence of...

Now Streaming: DECA-DENCE, Action and Surprises Galore

The new action-adventure anime show is simulcasting on Funimation and Hulu.

Pretty Packaging: ROLLERBALL Gets An Ultimate Edition

With streaming being the major platform, DVD and Blu-ray home releases have become a declining market. There will always be collectors though, and distributors willing to cater to them. Countries like France and Germany still release many stunners these days,...


The genre sales and distribution companies, such as XYZ and here, Neon, have been favouring bold (and surreal) pink and blue in their posters as of late, and there is still much water (and glitter) in the well. Take, for...

Blu-ray Review: THE WAR OF THE WORLDS Continues to Stun

Out this week from the Criterion Collection comes the 1953 adaptation of the famous H.G. Wells tale, The War of the Worlds, directed by Byron Haskin (The Naked Jungle, The Outer Limits) and produced by George Pal (Houdini, The Time Machine), AP Frank...


Also on HBO Max: Crunchyroll and 'Gone With the Wind,' recontextualized.

Blu-ray Review: The Devastating COME AND SEE

What exactly does one say about a film that is without a doubt, one of the greatest anti-war films of all time? It's no small feat to consider when processing the 1985 masterpiece from Soviet director Elem Klimov (Agony).  To...

Now Streaming: MY LUCKY STARS, Misogyny in Action

Sammo Hung directed and stars in the action-comedy follow-up, also featuring Jackie Chan and Yuen Biao, now streaming on The Criterion Channel.

Now Streaming: WALT & EL GRUPO, Disney Vacation With the Boss

Theodore Thomas directed the documentary, now streaming on Disney Plus.

Friday One Sheet: Fire and Matches in UNHINGED

The rather impossible to miss (again, I lament that these things will not hang in movie theatre or multiplex lobbies) pair of orange warning signs for Unhinged makes up for the rather unremarkable original poster. This contemporary, incel-inflected, MAGA take...

Friday One Sheet: DA 5 BLOODS

Netflix and Design Agency Gravillis Inc. have done yeoman's work with the series of Key Art and One Sheets for the upcoming Spike Lee Joint, Da 5 Bloods. Recently, they hired one of the best in the business, Akiko Stehrenberger,...

Now Streaming: SPIRITUAL KUNG FU, Jackie Chan Dreams Come True

Directed by Lo Wei, the martial arts comedy kicks off a new series on The Criterion Channel, introduced by Grady Hendrix.


The HotDocs film festival in Toronto opened yesterday, in its virtual edition, and it seems fitting to offer key art from a documentary. The poster for Once Upon A Time In Venezuela simply frames a still from the film, two...

Now Streaming: MALEFICENT: MISTRESS OF EVIL, How the Mighty Have Fallen

Angelina Jolie and Elle Fanning return in the sequel to a live-action reboot, directed by Joachim Rønning and now streaming on Disney+.

Pretty Packaging: Germany's COLOR OUT OF SPACE Release Is Out Of This World!

When the news hit us that Color out of Space was being made, I was very happy for two reasons. One: it saw the return to full-length feature cinema for director Richard Stanley. And two: we were about to see...