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CarousHELL Trailer: A Sentient Carousel Unicorn Gets Stabby in Low Budget Horror Flick

Okay. We are not going to pretend that CarousHELL is going to be good. It is just that the sheer audacity of Steve Rudzinski's low budget horror film, about a sentient carousel unicorn on the warpath to avenge a booger...

Review: THE SONG OF SWAY LAKE Sings the Tune of Yearning and Legacy

The inter-generational dramedy ponders legacy and memories.


Next Tuesday Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich will be available on in the U.S. on DVD, Blu-ray and 4K UHD/Blu-ray Combo on September 25th, thanks to RLJE Films.   Screen Anarchy has two (2) DVDs to give away to our...

THE IMMORTAL Trailer: Victor Vu's Latest Promises Epic Proportions

Victor Vu is on a roll and seems to have no intention of slowing down. While Lôi Báo recently saw its North American premiere at Fantasia (full review here), his next offering, The Immortal, has already wrapped post-production and is...

CAPTAIN MARVEL: Brie Larson Saves 1990's Earth in First Trailer For MCU Prequel

The trailer has just arrived for Marvel's Captain Marvel starring Brie Larson. Have a look below.   There is also a teaser poster below which fortunately does not contain the go to reverse looking behind her shot. Just Larson as...

PROSPECT: New Trailer, Poster, Release Details

Release details have finally emerged for the hotly anticipated sci-fi film, Prospect. The genre-blending festival favorite will hit theaters on November 2, exclusively in Regal Theaters nationwide from Gunpowder & Sky's fledgling sci-fi label, DUST. Written and directed by Zeek...

APOSTLE: Dan Stevens Rises Against a Blood Thirsty Cult in Trailer For Gareth Evans' Netflix Movie

The trailer for Gareth Evans' upcoming period action film Apostle, starring Dan Stevens and Michael Sheen, arrived this morning.    We are not going to say too much about it except stop what you are doing and take a moment...

BRUTAL RELAX Director Rafa Dengra Moves To Features With The Upcoming IMAGO

Spanish director Rafa Dengra created something of a sensation on the genre festival circuit back in 2010 with his deliriously bloody splatter comedy short film Brutal Relax. The gleefully gory short showcased an obvious talent with filmmaking that aimed way...

A SIBLING MYSTERY Trailer: Comedy and Suspense Ensue in Madcap Indie

Written as an ode to classic madcap mysteries like Manhattan Murder Mystery, Dan Erickson and Rachel Wortell's new film A Sibling Mystery features witty dialog and the kind of deftly assembled cast you'd expect from such a film. The film's...

SISTER HELL Director Fredrik Hana Returns With ROSALINA

We have been enormous fans of Norway's Fredrik Hana in these pages for years now. Hana has always been something of an outsider talent, delivering a string of frequently bizarre and always intensely high quality short films with his own...

CAPTIVE STATE Trailer: Rise to Meet Your Legislature

"No crime. No poverty. No unemployment. The state of our union is strong." Set in a Chicago neighborhood nearly a decade after an occupation by an extra-terrestrial force, Rupert Wyatt's Captive State explores the lives on both sides of the...

Toronto 2018 Review: THE WIND, Loneliness Brings Out the Demons

"Does it ever stop? The wind?" Two women converse over the natural elements and, although it isn't mentioned, the effect it has on their state of mind. This being sometime in the late 1800s, there is no television or radio...

ABRAKADABRA: Official Trailer For The Onetti Brothers' Final Giallo Film

We were wondering when we were going to be able to see Abrakadabra, the final Giallo film from the Brothers Onetti, Nicolas and Luciano, and we got our answer today. Abrakadabra will have its World Premiere at Sitges in October....

Superstar Rajinikanth Battles A Robot Crow The Size Of A Building In 2.0 Teaser

It's been 8 long years to the month since the world outside of India was introduced to the legend that is Indian film giant Superstar Rajinikanth through the release of his blockbuster science fiction adventure film, Enthiran (Robot). That film's...

Sitges 2018: Exclusive First Look At THE LEGEND OF THE STARDUST BROTHERS, A Bonkers Musical Cult Classic In The Making

One of the joys of following international film scenes is that the world is full of exciting surprises and once in a while something amazing pops up that you never even knew existed. WIth this year's Sitges Festival of Fantastic...

Blu-ray Review: THE GUARDIANS, Women Stand Firm on a French Farm

Natalie Baye, Laura Smet and newcomer Iris Bry star in director Xavier Beauvois' stately, engaging drama.

Review: THE PUBLIC IMAGE IS ROTTEN, Incisive, Honest and Funny

Tabbert Fiiller's documentary on John Lydon's band Public Image Ltd. is the definitive portrait of this inventive, influential post-punk outfit.

Review: MANDY, Evil Lurks in a Fever Dream Starring Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage and Andrea Riseborough star in Panos Cosmatos' feast of visual delights.

Fantastic Fest 2018: Watch This Exclusive Scene From Jason Trost's FP2: BEATS OF RAGE

Jasont Trost's FP2: Beats of Rage, the sequel to his 2011 cult hit The FP will have it's world premiere at Fantastic Fest on Saturday September 22nd at Midnight. The benvolent Mr. Trost has asked us to share a clip with...

Review: LOST CHILD, Mysteries of Pain in the Ozarks

Leven Rambin stars as a military veteran who must come to terms with her past after she encounters a mysterious boy; Ramaa Mosley directed.