European Film Awards 2023 Interview: Béla Tarr on Opera and Long-Form Filmmaking

Screen Anarchy spoke with the legendary Hungarian director in light of his upcoming receipt of the Honorary Award at the 36th European Film Awards.

CHICKEN RUN: DAWN OF THE NUGGET Review: No Chicken Is An Island

Aardman Animations makes its return to theaters, courtesy of Netflix, looking modern with the same classic sense of humor.

THE SEEDING Trailer: Barnaby Clay's Horror Thriller Out Next Month

A man finds himself trapped in a desert canyon with a woman living off-grid who is captive to a pack of sadistic boys.

THE BOY AND THE HERON Review: Culmination of a Life's Work

Hayao Miyazaki's new film.

POOR THINGS Review: Both Hideous Creation and Beautiful Monster, Ghastly and Glorious

Emma Stone, Willem Dafoe and Mark Ruffalo star in a new film by Yorgos Lanthimos.

Tallinn 2023 Review: BODY ODYSSEY, Bodybuilding Obsession on the Edge of Psychological Unraveling

Jacqueline "Jay" Fuchs and Julian Sands star; director Grazia Tricarico boldly navigates the blurred lines of satire and horror in the story of female bodybuilding.

Tallinn 2023 Review: GIANT'S KETTLE Peers Into the Abyss of the Mundane in Dark Family Fable

Markku Hakala and Mari Käki's debut blends suspense mystery with psychological drama in a dark fable of Kafkaesque proportions.

Sound And Vision: Ridley Scott

In the article series Sound and Vision we take a look at music videos from notable directors. This week we take a look at Roxy Music's Avalon, directed by Ridley Scott. Ridley Scott started out as a director of television...

Dances With Films 2023 Review: DISTRICT OF SECOND CHANCES

Wynette Yao's documentary tells the stories of three adults sentenced to life imprisonment for heinous crimes committed in their youth.

THE UFOS OF SOESTERBERG Review: Keeping Things Refreshingly Real

In February 1979, more than a dozen witnesses saw an Unidentified Flying Object in the forests of the middle of the Netherlands. "A bunch of nutters and fantasists", is the first thing most people might think. But this sighting was...

LA SYNDICALISTE Review: Unexpected Take on Whistleblower Thrillers

Isabelle Huppert stars in a film by Jean-Paul Salomé.

EVERYONE WILL BURN Review: Visually Stunning, A Narrative Mess

I've never understood why small towns are so often praised as better places to raise children. Contrary to the popular belief that they are kinder and more welcoming, smaller places tend to be more isolated, and therefore more prejudiced, more...

Arrow Player in December: Happy Horror-days

Happy Horror-days from your friends at the Arrow player. In the final month of 2023 Arrow still has a few gems to share with you before the year is out.    Martial arts, Westerns and all manner of cult films...

Sound And Vision: David Fincher

In the article series Sound and Vision we take a look at music videos from notable directors. This week we take a look at Madonna's Express Yourself, directed by David Fincher, as well as several other of his videos. If...

SILENT NIGHT Interview: Joel Kinnaman Chats With us About John Woo's Silent Action Film

On the eve of the release of John Woo’s near-silent action film, Silent Night, this Friday we were keen on grabbing a few minutes this week to talk with his star, Joel Kinnaman.    Let it be known that I...

NAPOLEON Review: Ridley Scott's Engrossing, Enthralling Anti-Epic

Joaquin Phoenix, Vanessa Kirby and director Ridley Scott star.

MENUS-PLAISIRS -- LES TROISGROS Review: Frederick Wiseman's Four-Hour Glimpse Into a Family Restaurant

Veteran director Frederick Wiseman, aged 93 and renowned for his distinct fly-on-the-wall documentary style, turns his lens to the Troisgros family restaurant in his latest work. This French culinary landmark has maintained its prestigious three Michelin stars for over five...

THE CEREMONY Blu-ray Review: Claude Chabrol's Class Destruction Masterpiece

The phrase 'eat the rich' might be partly a joke, but it did originate in France, during the Reign Of Terror - it was pointed out by the leader a commune that, if the poor had nothing left to eat,...

WISH Review: Disney's Love Letter to 100 Years of Disney History

To celebrate its well-earned 100th anniversary, the Walt Disney Animation Studios (hereinafter "Disney Studios") turned over its latest animation effort, Wish, to one of their veteran, in-house A-teams, Frozen co-director Chris Buck (Surf’s Up, Tarzan) and co-writer Jennifer Lee (Zootopia, Wreck-It...