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Busan 2020 Review: GOOD PERSON Compels With Its Dizzying Morality Play

With confident direction in the first few frames alone, this debut feature from JUNG Wook is a masterful mystery. Good Person draws comparisons to European cinema; epic yet intimate portrayal of ethics, morality and human nature in the contemporary. These...

Arrow Video Is Ready to [REC] 'n Roll in January 2021 With A Bumper Crop Of Genre Faves

After a relatively light December, Arrow Video is coming back strong in 2021. The new year sees a ton of true heavy hitters hitting store shelves, including some world UHD premieres of some of the greatest genre fare of the...

Busan 2020 Review: HAPPY OLD YEAR; Minimalist Design, Maximalist Selfishness

The philosophy or art of letting go; the artifice of such a belief or methodology questioned in a purposely staged environment is how Happy Old Year introduces its jaded protagonist Jean (Chutimon Chuengchar, Bad Genius). She is interviewed by a...

Busan 2020 Review: VESTIGE Ponders the Ineffable with Grace and Mystery

Two Korean masters of arthouse cinema join forces for one of Busan's most intriguing offerings this year. Commissioned by the Muju Film Festival, Vestige features two mid-length films from KIM Jong-kwan (Worst Woman) and JANG Kun-jae (A Midsummer's Fantasia), which...

Montreal Nouveau 2020 Review: THE SHEPHERDHESS AND THE SEVEN SONGS, A Luscious Fable of the Clash of Magic and Modernism

In the vast and gorgeous region of Kashmir (which most outsiders might only associate with its contestation between India and Pakistan), nomadic tribes still live difficult but not unpleasant lives, herding their animals beneath the beauty and drama of the...

Nightstream 2020 Review: THE QUEEN OF BLACK MAGIC Reimagines An Indonesian Horror Classic With A Gruesome Modern Eye

If you like your horror movies super gross, you are in for a treat with director Kimo Stamboel's sophomore solo feature, a loose remake of 1981's Indonesian classic, The Queen of Black Magic. With the world beginning to rediscover this...

Review: OVER THE MOON, Taking Flight With the Greatest of Ease

A young girl builds a rocket to the moon in a wildly entertaining family comedy (with songs), written by Audrey Wells and directed by Glen Keane. It lands October 23 on Netflix.

Review: YELLOW ROSE Blooms in Times of Trouble

Diane Paragas' debut feature, with a revelatory central performance by Broadway star Eva Noblezada, offers a unique, finely crafted, and timely take on the issues of immigration and undocumented people.

Australia Korean Fest 2020: Free and Digital Leaves No Excuses

The Korean Film Festival in Australia (KOFFIA rolls off the tongue) returns for its eleventh outing, well so to speak. Despite plague ravaged streets the festival will go on, online of course, and for free! Check all the juicy details...

Now Streaming: ALL BECAUSE OF YOU, Comedy, Romance, Only a Bit of Action

Malaysian director Adrian Teh ('Paskal,' 'Wira') returns to his roots in a romantic comedy, starring Hairul Azreen and Janna Nick, now streaming on Netflix.

NOT QUITE DEAD YET Trailer: Bringing Back Dad From the Dead

It's a comedy about bringing back dad from the dead! "The feature debut of TV ad director Shinji Hamasaki." according to Mark Schilling in The Japan Times, Not Quite Dead Yet (original title: Ichido Shinde Mita ) released in Japanese...

New York 2020 Review: THE WOMAN WHO RAN, Hong Sang-soo Again Explores Monotony vs. Chaos

Kim Min-hee, Lee Eun-mi, and Kwon Hae-hyo star in director Hong Sang-soo's deceptively simple yet deliciously playful film.

Review: THE ANTENNA, Timely Totalitarian Horror

Directed by Orcun Behram, the horror-thriller stars Elif Cakman, Gül Arici, and Murat Saglam.

New York 2020 Review: Jia Zhangke's SWIMMING OUT TILL THE SEA TURNS BLUE Presents a History of Literature

Director Jia Zhangke's documentary tells the story of changing times, migration and coming home. And his love for literature.

BEAUTY WATER Trailer: Mom, I Need Your Skin

The first teaser for the upcoming Korean animated film Beauty Water definitely piqued my interest, and now the first trailer lays it all out: Saying goodbye to the face you know will lead to deadly consequences. Directed by Cho Kyung-hun,...

Now Streaming: #ALIVE, Korean Zombies Again, #Hashtag Horror

Yoo Ah-in and Park Shin-hye star in the horror-thriller from South Korea, directed by Cho Il-hyung, and now streaming on Netflix.

IRON MASK Trailer: Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jackie Chan, Finally

We first heard about the sequel to Oleg Stepchenko's Russian ghost story Viy many years ago -- actually, it was early 2016 when our own Todd Brown wrote about the director's plans, noting the casting of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jackie...

New York 2020 Review: In Tsai Ming-liang's DAYS, A Wordless, Intimate Encounter

Lee Kang-sheng stars in director Tsai Ming-liang's most intimate and touching film in years.

Now Streaming: THE SCHOOL NURSE FILES, Fight Monsters, Save Kids, Eat Lunch

Directed by Lee Kyoung-mi ('The Truth Beneath'), the Korean series, now streaming on Netflix, stars Jung Yu-mi and is a wonderfully wild sci-fi fantasy concoction.

LEAP Scores Big in China: Watch Trailer With Coach Gong Li

How much do you love volleyball? That is a question asked in the Leap (Chinese title Duo Guan) trailer, and it was answered over the weekend in China, where Variety reports that it topped the box office, exceeding the opening...