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THE PREY Red Band Trailer: Jimmy Henderson's Human Prey Action Flick Out This Month

Darkstar Pictures is releasing Jimmy Henderson's human prey action flick The Prey in virtual cinemas in the U.S. and on VOD in the States and up here in Canada later this month.    A red band trailer was released today....

Melbourne 2020 Review: WET SEASON, Intricate Drama in the Monsoons

Singapore Director Anthony Chen returns after six years with his sophomore feature Wet Season. His first film Ilo Ilo (2013) is a tender masterfully shot race-class drama set during the 90s Asian recession. It follows a Malaysian native maid and...

Fantasia 2020 Final Wave: Fest Closes With THE LEGEND OF BARON TO'A, John Carpenter to Receive a Lifetime Achievement Award

In 1991 American Siren Vanessa Williams sang a song that would capture our hearts and now our friends at the Fantasia Film Festival have embodied those lyrics with the announcement of their final wave of films, "You go and save...

WATCH LIST: Intense Trailer Debuts For Filipino Drug War Thriller

Outside of the Philippines we don't get to see too many film depicting of the country's often violent handling of the war on drugs. Not that we're sadists but it might be as dangerous depicting the violent drug war as...

SATAN'S SLAVES Giveaway: Win Joko Anwar's Horror Flick From RLJE Films And Shudder

This should be a popular one. RLJE Films is releasing Joko Anwar's bloody terrific horror flick Satan's Slaves on DVD and Blur-ray on August 4th. We have three (3) copies to give away to lucky readers in the U.S.  ...

Review: A GIRL MISSING Falls Short on Thrills, But Not on Character-Driven Drama

A Girl Missing, the English-language title of Fukada Kôji's follow-up to 2016’s well-received Harmonium, is something of a misnomer or feint. While a girl, a teenage girl, does go missing in A Girl Missing, she reappears a week later, physically,...

Now Streaming: DOUBLE WORLD, When This World Is Not Enough

Directed by Teddy Chan, the Chinese fantasy-historical action-adventure stars Henry Lau, Mark Cheng, Jiang Luxia and Peter Ho, and is now streaming on Netflix.

FENA: PIRATE PRINCESS Trailer: Orphan Seeks a Place to Belong

Featuring animation by Production I.G., the original series will air on Adult Swim's Toonami and stream on Crunchyroll.

Review: IMPETIGORE, Implied Horror Is Still Scary

Tara Basro, Ario Bayu, and Marissa Anita star in Joko Anwar's rural frightfest.

Now Streaming: GIBIATE, A Samurai and a Ninja Fight Monsters

The anime series, now on Crunchyroll and VRV, is filled with brave warriors and fearsome beasts.

Now Streaming: IP MAN 4: THE FINALE, The Master Teaches Bruce Lee a Thing or Two

Donnie Yen, Wu Yue, Vaness Wu and Scott Adkins star in an entertaining action picture, directed by Wilson Yip and now streaming on Netflix.

Review: THE POOL Bites the Big One

Ping Lumpraploeng writes and directs a highly-contrived, rather ridiculous thriller, now streaming on Shudder.

Japan Cuts 2020 Review: SACRIFICE, Impressive, Brooding Examination of a Generation Under Siege

The Great Eastern Japan Earthquake of 11th of March 2011, which took the lives of 15,000, seared deeply into the collective Japanese psyche. There have been films dealing with the aftermath of the disaster, manifested into popular culture in myriad...

Japan Cuts 2020 Review: LIFE: UNTITLED Explores Humanity in Lower Depths

One can't go without mentioning Mizoguchi's superb melodrama, Street of Shame (1959), when we talk about films about sex workers. Like Street of Shame, where there were five different individuals with their own stories to tell, Yamada Kana's Life: Untitled...

Japan Cuts 2020 Review: Impending Doom Fuels IT FEELS SO GOOD

Emoto Tasuku and Takiuchi Kumi star in director Arai Haruhiko's romantic tale.

Review: JAPAN SINKS 2020, Goodbye, Land of the Rising Sun

Many, many people die in the masterful anime series from Science Saru (Yuasa Masaaki and Ho Pyeon-Gang), now streaming on Netflix.

Now Streaming: DECA-DENCE, Action and Surprises Galore

The new action-adventure anime show is simulcasting on Funimation and Hulu.

Exclusive: Kazakh Action Epic THE LEGEND OF TOMIRIS Coming From Well Go USA This Fall

One of the reasons I first started reading this site almost a decade and a half ago was the excitement that comes with discovering strange and unusual little films from countries and cultures I know nothing about, which is why...

Coming Soon on Criterion: PARASITE and CLAUDINE Expose Family Ills

Also slated for release in October 2020 from The Criterion Collection: Stephen Frears' 'The Hit,' Jean-Luc Godard's 'Pierrot le fou.'

Now Streaming: THE GOD OF HIGH SCHOOL, Kicking People in the Face

A new clip reveals why the anime series on Crunchyroll features a President who resembles Tony Stark, aka Iron Man.