From The Editors

Now on VOD: STRAY DOLLS, If You Want the Rainbow, You Gotta Have Rain

Without straying too far from our mission statement -- to focus on indie and international genre films -- I believe I can say that we all want the rainbow. There! I said it! Of course, if you want the rainbow,...

CURSED FILMS: Docu-Series Gives Shudder Second Highest Premiere And Most-Watched Documentary

I am not one to usually write up how well a show or series premieres on a given network. But, I was quite taken with the new Shudder original series Cursed Films, the docu-series that looks beyond popular myth and...

Lena Headey Must Quickly Stop THE FLOOD: Immigrants, Beware This Trailer

I live in Texas, where most immigrants arrive by air or land, but I can readily understand why some people might refer to the tidal wave of desperate emigrants seeking a safer harbor away from their homeland as The Flood,...

WE SUMMON THE DARKNESS: IG Live Q&A With Alexandra Daddario This Friday

A reminder that Marc Meyers' Satanic Panic horror flick We Summon the Darkness will be available on Digital HD and on Video on Demand this Friday, April 10, 2020.    On the way to a heavy metal concert, Alexis (Alexandra...

SEA FEVER Interview: Neasa Hardiman On Her Psychological Sci-Fi Thriller That Now Feels Even More Relevant

In Neasa Hardiman’s Sea Fever, which played at last year’s Fantastic Fest, Hermione Corfield plays Siobhán, a young marine science student who’s working on her doctorate. But not everything is theory, she has to get her “hands dirty”, try to...

Exclusive Worldwide Online Release: CONTROL, Directed by Simon Steuri

In the modern world, who really exerts control? In a relationship? In a family? A single mother must confront those issues as her teenage son becomes aware of and then troubled by her very private, very adult relationships. Directed and...

Book Review: PORTRAITS OF RESISTANCE Takes A Close Look at CĂ©line Sciamma

By now, audiences in much of the world have been able to witness (either in cinemas or via streaming) the sublime beauty that is Portrait of a Lady on Fire. It was certainly one of my favourite films of the...

Review: SEA FEVER, Creature Feature Gone Wild

Hermione Corfield, Connie Nielsen, and Dougray Scott star in writer/director Neasa Hardiman's sci-fi horror drama.

UNION BRIDGE Trailer Offers Southern Gothic Twist on Old Secrets

The mood builds slowly but steadily in the first trailer for Union Bridge, self-described as a "southern gothic thriller." Written and directed by Brian Levin in his feature debut, Union Bridge appears to stoke its fires slowly. Its hero, Will...

Now Streaming: TALES OF HALLOWEEN, Good Scary Stories, Well Told

Horror anthologies have made a pretty healthy comeback in the last few years; some are ok, some are regrettable, and some have awesome production values as well as good stories, such as Tales Of Halloween. Created by director Axelle Carolyn,...

RED ROVER Trailer: Let's Go to Mars

Kristian Bruun and Cara Gee star in director Shane Belcourt's film about dreams, exes, new friends, and space.

Now Streaming: PRINCESS CONNECT! RE:DIVE, What the Hey, The Landscapes Look Lovely

The Spring 2020 anime season continues with an entry that may intrigue.

INTRIGO: DEAR AGNES Trailer Dives Into Marital Malice and Murder

Gemma Chan, Carla Juri, and Jamie Sives star in the mystery thriller, directed by Daniel Alfredson.

WALKAWAY JOE Trailer: Keep Your Eye on David Strathairn

David Strathairn instantly makes anything in which he appears more interesting, merely by his always dramatic presence. His appears in Walkaway Joe, about halfway through a new trailer, and elevates what looks like a somewhat rudimentary father/son drama. Jeffrey Dean...

Review: FIST OF FEAR, TOUCH OF DEATH, Bruce Lee Goes Karate Crazy

Fred Williamson, Ron Van Clief, and Adolph Caesar appear in a prime example of Bruceploitation from 1980, directed by Matthew Mallinson and heading to Blu-ray.

EXTRACTION Trailer: Chris Hemsworth Stars in Action Flick From The Russo Brothers on Netflix End of April

Safe to say that Chris Hemsworth is one of the Earth's favorite human beings and his work with Joe and Anthony Russo on those little Avengers movies only cemented his status as a bonified box office draw.    So it...

Now on VOD: THE PERISHED, In Search of a Mother

Courtney McKeon stars in director Paddy Murphy's horror film from Ireland.

Now Streaming: DIGIMON ADVENTURE Bewilders and Baffles While Also Possibly Enchanting

Are you ready for a re-booted anime series about monsters in the digital world? If so, kids, Crunchyroll is the streaming place to be.

Terror Films Teams With Watch Movies Now! to Release Four Free Horror Films in April

During this time companies are stepping up to make content available to those of us who have committed to staying home to flatten the curve and lessen the demand on our local health services during this time of the pandemic. ...

Now Streaming: HAUNTERS: THE ART OF THE SCARE, Rather Disturbing Reality

Jon Schnitzer's documentary, now streaming on Shudder, is rather riveting to watch.