From The Editors

Exclusive COME AS YOU ARE Clip: Let Me Tell You About Canada

Three people show their true colors in our exclusive clip from Come As You Are. Described by our own J Hurtado as "a charming, poignant, affectionate take on the road trip movie" (quote from his positive review), the film follows...

Rotterdam 2020 Review: PARASITE (B&W VERSION)

On the ninth of February 2020, Korean director Bong Joon Ho came, saw and conquered the Oscars with his film Parasite. A week earlier, he came, saw and conquered the International Film Festival Rotterdam. An old friend of the festival...

THE ROADS NOT TAKEN: Javier Bardem is Falling Apart in Sally Potter's New Film

At a casual glance, it would seem that British filmmaker Sally Potter is something of a chameleon, moving between subjects as wide-ranging as an person who lives as both a man and a woman over a few hundred years (Orlando),...

Review: RIDE YOUR WAVE, Lyrical Beauty, Marvelous Fun

Masaaki Yuasa ('Mindgame,' 'Night Is Short, Walk on Girl') directs a wondrous feature anime.

Chattanooga Film Fest 2020 Announces First Wave, SYNCHRONIC To Open, 65 DAYS OF STATIC Event To Close

The Chattanooga Film Festival has made quite a name for itself in the genre film fest world in a relatively short period of time. By bringing together not only the latest films making waves at other events around the world,...

Rotterdam 2020 Review: PIEDRA SOLA, Andean Ethnocinema Veiled in Mythological Realism

Ancestry, rituals and myths prevail in Alejandro Telemaco Tarraf's ethnological and sensorial docu-drama.

THE SUPERDEEP Trailer: Russian Creature Feature And Body Horror Flick

So, during the Cold War the United States and Russia were not only trying to see how high they could go, the space race, but also how low they could go, digging through the mantle of the Earth. While the...

Now Streaming: HUNTERS, Al Pacino and Nazis in America

Logan Lerman, Jerrika Hinton, Josh Radnor, Tiffany Boone, Lena Olin, and Al Pacino star; David Weil created the Amazon Prime Video series.

Rotterdam 2020 Review: KALA AZAR, The Theatre of Earthly Poetry

The unassuming romance of two pet cemetery employees evolves into a larger artistic project in Janis Rafa's feature-length docu-fiction debut.

Rotterdam 2020 Review: BEASTS CLAWING AT STRAWS, Crime Comedy of Bloody Errors, Voracious Greed

One bag of money ensures a battle royale in a dark crime comedy by Kim Yong-hoon.


Also: 'Scorsese Shorts,' Paul Dano's 'Wildlife,' Eric Rohmer's 'Six Moral Tales.'

Blu-ray Review: George Cukor's HOLIDAY Is As Alive as Ever

The screwball genre may remember George Cukor most fondly for his Katherine Hepburne / Cary Grant vehicle, 1940’s The Philadelphia Story, which helped to rescue Kat from her cruel ‘box office poison’ tagging. But for my patronage, Cukor’s lesser-known, Holiday,...

Rotterdam 2020 Interview: Mattie Do Talks About THE LONG WALK

A few years ago, the International Film Festival Rotterdam re-instated its genre segment, the Rotterdämmerung, as part of the general program. And ever since it's back, it is always literally the first part of the programming where I will look....

HONEYDEW: Yellow Veil Pictures to Sell Devereux Milburn's Horror Flick

Our friends at Yellow Veil Pictures have picked up world sales rights for their tenth film, Devereux Milburn's Honeydew. They will start pre-sales (pre-sales are usually based on the script and cast, selling the right to distribute a film in...

Philip K. Dick Science Fiction Film Festival Announces 2020 Lineup

Our friends at the Philip K. Dick Film Festival announced the lineup for their 2020 edition this week.   With a heavy bias towards short films there is a bevy of sci-fi product to behold during the first weeked of...

Review: SONIC THE HEDGEHOG Runs for the Brass Ring of Mediocrity

Jim Carrey, James Marsden, and Ben Schwartz star in a live-action Sega video game adaptation.


The French Dispatch of The Liberty, Kansas Evening Sun, has this piece of delightful Wes Anderson clutter (in title and design) slash dollhouse-diorama as its first piece of key art. What has become the norm for the filmmaker, is to...

Panama Horror Film Festival 2020: LatAm Region Genre Fest Open For Submissions

The Panama Horror Film Festival will celebrate it's fifth year in August, from the 16th through the 22nd. The festival is now open for submission via FilmFreeway.  Panama HHF is run by our friends who made the horror flick Diablo...

New York Asian Winter Showcase 2020 Review: EXTREME JOB, A Tasty Cops-and-Criminals Farce

Lee Byeong-hun's police action comedy is an entertaining farce that will leave viewers hankering for fried chicken and beer in between laughs.

Phil Mucci Talks PROFESSOR DARIO BAVA, Shocking True Confessions of a Paranormal Playboy

We do loves us some Phil Mucci 'round these parts. Over the years we have loved, and written about, his short films and music videos. When word got out that he was launching a crowfunding campign to create a new...