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ANGELS FALLEN : WARRIORS OF PEACE Trailer: Denise Richards Lends a Hand in a Fight Against The Undead

Uncork'd Entertainment have acquired Ali Zamani's Angels Fallen: Warriors of Peace, starring Denise Richards, with plans to release the film next year.   When an Iraq War veteran receives a calling from a higher power, he embarks on a mission...

BRING OUT THE FEAR Exclusive: The Horror Collective to Release Horror Thriller in January

Our friends at The Horror Collective are announcing they are releasing Richard Waters' horror thriller Bring Out The Fear in English-speaking language territories on January 3rd.    Rosie and Dan are a couple in a doomed relationship. Deciding to end...

DASH Exclusive Clip: How Much is Too Much?

Dash isn’t the first movie to take place in a ride share but it is one of the best. Featuring a protagonist ripe to reap the rewards of countless bad decisions the film is more than content to let him...

OLD MAN: Blu-ray Giveaway

A lost hiker stumbles upon the cabin of an erratic and reclusive old man. What starts off as cordial conversation soon turns dangerous as it becomes clear that one or both of them might be hiding a terrifying secret.

SLASH/BACK Giveaway: Win a Bluray

RLJE Films will release Slash/Back, Nyla Innuksuk's Indigenous Canadian sci-fi horror flick, on DVD and Blu-ray on December 13, 2022. We have three (3) copies of Slash/Back on Bluray to give away next week.    Set in Pangnirtung, Nunavut, a...

Now Streaming: WARRIORS OF FUTURE, Bravery Amidst Alien Creatures and Robots

Louis Koo, Lau Ching-Wan and Carina Lau star in a sci-fi summer smash from Hong Kong, now streaming worldwide on Netflix.

SKINAMARINK: Shudder Acquires Creepy Canadian Horror Flick

Two children wake up in the middle of the night to find their father is missing, and all the windows and doors in their home have vanished.

ALIENOID Blu-ray Giveaway From Well Go USA

Our friends at Texas-based specialty distrbutor Well Go USA have been gracious enough to provide Screen Anarchy with three copies of Korean sci-fi action gem, Alienoid, for giveaway this week! Somehow the film managed to slip through our fingers when...

Sound And Vision: Albert Pyun

In the article series Sound and Vision we take a look at music videos from notable directors. This week we look at Ice-T's Always Wanted to Be A Ho, directed by Albert Pyun, seen here posing on the left of...

Imagine 2022 Review: EXHIBIT #8 Displays Dutch Found Footage Fun

This year's Imagine Film Festival Amsterdam featured no less than two Dutch genre world premières: the dystopic science fiction drama Sputum (reviewed here) and Rotterdam-based director Ruben Broekhuis' found footage thriller Exhibit #8. What? Yes, found footage. No, don't run...

International Genre Focused Hub 'Fantastic Pavilion' to Launch at Marche du Film at Cannes

Variety had the exclusive yesterday, an announcement of the creation of Fantastic Pavilion, "... a significant booth and exhibition space located at the Cannes Marché du Film in the Palais des Festivals".    Announced this week during Ventana Sur in...

Review: WOMEN TALKING, Director Sarah Polley Breaks Out

Rooney Mara, Claire Foy, Jesse Buckley, Ben Whishaw, and Frances McDormand star in the excellent feminist film.

Friday One Sheet: 1923

The star-system is not quite dead. Today we are stepping out of the usual 'movie poster' space, albeit looking below, you would never know it. 1923 is prequel series to long-running (and highly franchise-able, apparently) neo-western Yellowstone. Helen Mirren and...

Now Streaming: SLOW HORSES, More Than a Brisk Trot

Gary Oldman and Jack Lowden star in the captivating spy series. Season 2 debuts globally today on Apple TV+.

Review: TROLL, Waking a Sleeping Monster

Directed by Roar Uthuag, the action-adventure stars Ine Marie Wilmann, Kim Falck, Mads Sjøgård Pettersen and Gard B. Eidsvold. Now streaming on Netflix.

Arrow Unwraps THE LEECH And More Holiday Treats This December

Hard to believe that we're here, it's December already. Our attention has turned to the holidays and preparing for Christmas and New Years. When you're all spent and done after long day of shopping or partied out it's time to...

Review: VIOLENT NIGHT, Die Hard With a Christmas Vengeance

On an event-free morning, afternoon, or possibly evening, longtime friends, high-school classmates, and screenwriting partners Pat Casey and Josh Miller (Sonic the Hedgehog I and II) turned to each other and simultaneously said: “What if Die Hard … but with...

Review: A WOUNDED FAWN, Blood and Freakiness Abound

Director Travis Stevens spins a mesmerizing tale of horror, starring Josh Ruben and Sarah Lind, now streaming on Shudder and AMC+.

Blood Window 2022: LatAm Genre Co-Pro Launches NFT Awards in Partnership With

We’ve been apologetically quiet about Blood Window for no other reason than the stress of regular life during the holiday season this year in particular pretty much took up all available time and energy. Terrible because a couple of my...

HIGH HEAT Exclusive Clip: Whose Blood is That?

An ex-KGB operative turned chef, Ana is targeted by the local mafia in a hit on her new restaurant to collect on her husband's debt.