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Review: BOTH SIDES OF THE BLADE, Moody, Sizzling Noir From Claire Denis

Directed by Claire Denis, the film contains visual/aural power and beauty, combined with blistering performances by Juliette Binoche and Vicent Lindon. It's damn near a masterpiece, in my book.

Neuchâtel 2022 Daily: SISSY Plus More Promising Films

We're at the halfway point in our coverage of the Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival in Switzerland, which means we catch our collective breath and take a look around at all the gorgeous scenery that surrounds us. By which I...

Neuchâtel 2022 Review: SHIN ULTRAMAN, Old School Kaiju Meets New School Thinking

Writer Anno Hideaki and director Higuchi Shinji ('Shin Godzilla') team up again to reboot the venerable 60s television series for the modern day. It's a lot of fun.

Neuchâtel 2022 Review: LEIO, Very Hungry Mega Giant Butterfly Lizard

Directed by Chalit Krileadmongkol and Chitpol Ruanggun, the Thai monster movie stars Pichaya Nitipaisalkul, Dhanantorn Neerasingh, and Gena Desouza.

Review: FIRE OF LOVE, A Jaw-Dropping Love Story

Directed by Sara Dosa, the film accentuates the story of two lovers who shared the same passion, and lived and died together. See it on the big screen.

Neuchâtel 2022 Review: BAD CITY, Come for the Gangsters, Stay for the Fights

Ozawa Hitoshi stars in a Yakuka thriller, directed by Sonomura Kensuke.

Review: THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER, One of the MCU's Best Franchises Gets Even Better

More than a decade ago, audiences around the world lost their collective minds at the mention of two words, “Avengers Initiative,” by SHIELD boss Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson), seconds before Iron Man, the first entry in the ever-sprawling, metastasizing...

THE BREACH: Raven Banner Releases Trailer, Poster And More For Rodrigo Gudiño's Horror Flick

Rodrigo Gudiño's upcoming horror flick, The Breach, will have its world premiere at the Fantasia International Film Festival this month. The trailer for the Canadian horror flick dropped earlier, check it out below.    It's been quite a while since...

Neuchâtel 2022 Daily: PUSSYCAKE, FREAKS OUT, Thai Monster, Japanese Gangsters

Reviews are popping as many people return to work (?!) today, but around Screen Anarchy headquarters, we're still obsessed with the Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival in Switzerland, which is at its midpoint. Before we move on to today's highlights,...

Neuchâtel 2022 Review: YEAR OF THE SHARK (L'ANNÉE DU REQUIN) Resets Shark Expectations

Marina Foïs, Jean-Pascal Zadi and Christine Gautier wage maritime war against a big fish in a snappy shark feature, directed by Ludovic Boukherma and Zoran Boukherma.

Neuchâtel 2022 Review: ASHKAL, Fire Without End

If a person sets themselves alight and no one sees it, does the act lose its meaning? Is a half-built housing complex still a potential home, or a constant reminder of impermenance? Can justice be served only through the law,...

CULT HERO Exclusive: Trailer Premiere, New Poster and Raven Banner Boards Jesse T. Cook's Action Horror Playing at Fantasia This Month

Coming at you today with your first look at the trailer and new poster (from SmallDog Design) for Jesse T Cook's new action horror, Cult Hero.    Cult Hero was written by Kevin Revie (Deadsight). It is based on a...

ScreenAnarchy's Top 10 Films Of The First Half Of 2022

Blimey folks... they say "time flies" but this year it flies on a rocket, it seems. While the second half of 2022 technically didn't start on the first of July (because February is so short), we DID pass the halfway...

Neuchâtel 2022 Daily: SALOUM and YEAR OF THE SHARK on a Manic Monday

On its fourth day, the Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival in Switzerland continues debuting new genre films -- notably the world premiere of French thriller Year of the Shark, which is very good, and which I'll detail in my review,...

Neuchâtel 2022 Review: DAY ZERO, Battling Filipino Zombies With a Purpose

Brandon Vera, Pepe Herrera, MJ Lastimosa and Joey Marquez star in director Joey De Guzman's fresh action-horror thriller.

Neuchâtel 2022 Review: DEMIGOD: THE LEGEND BEGINS, Epic Battles in Sprawling Puppet Adventure

Chris Huang Wen-chang directs a classic martial arts fantasy from Taiwan.

Neuchâtel 2022 Daily: DECISION TO LEAVE, DAY ZERO, DUAL Brighten Sunday

Without overhyping things, today may be the greatest day in the history of mankind. I say that because the Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival will be screening one fantastic film after another. Granted, the festival is taking place in Switzerland,...


As we head full-bore into the weekend, after Canada Day and before Independence Day, our friends in Switzerland are focusing on presenting wonderful genre films to fully engage the hearts and minds of wise local citizens and discerning visitors. Today's...


Manuel has to move to the house of his son Mario and his family after a terrible event ends the life of his old wife. Little by little, reality imposes itself: something incomprehensible happens to Manuel. The voices that he...

Tribeca 2022 Review: AMERICAN PAIN Fuels American Dream For Unlikely Pharma Bros

Darren Foster's true crime documentary reveals the hidden and ridiculous side of the opioid crisis.