Review: RIDE YOUR WAVE, Lyrical Beauty, Marvelous Fun

Masaaki Yuasa ('Mindgame,' 'Night Is Short, Walk on Girl') directs a wondrous feature anime.

Now Streaming: HUNTERS, Al Pacino and Nazis in America

Logan Lerman, Jerrika Hinton, Josh Radnor, Tiffany Boone, Lena Olin, and Al Pacino star; David Weil created the Amazon Prime Video series.


Also: 'Scorsese Shorts,' Paul Dano's 'Wildlife,' Eric Rohmer's 'Six Moral Tales.'

Review: IMPOSSIBLE MONSTERS, Dreams Bleed Into Reality

Santino Fontana, Natalie Knepp, Devika Bhise, and Donall O Healai star in a psychological thriller, written and directed by Nathan Catucci.

Now Streaming: IN/SPECTRE, Cheerful Mysteries Solved With One Eye, One Leg, One Healer

Action and mystery collide in a light, entertaining anime series.

FINAL KILL Trailer: Bald Man Punches, Kicks and Shoots People Who Are Not Bald

He is bald, but probably no one who watches the Final Kill trailer, presented below, will instantly think: hey, that's [an] Oscar [contender]! Yet I do believe that anyone who is a fan of explosive action and/or the actors Ed...

PARASITE Wins the World

South Korea's own Parasite won Academy Awards for Best Picture, Best International Feature Film, Best Director (Bong Joon Ho), and Best Writing, Original Screenplay (Bong Joon Ho, Han Jin Won). See an official list of all the award winners and...

Now Streaming: MY VALENTINE, Breaking Hearts, Telling Truths, Stabbing People

Britt Baron, Anna Lore, Benedict Samuel and Anna Akana star, as writer-director Maggie Levin gets to the heart of an abusive relationship in the latest entry of Blumhouse Television's Into the Dark series on Hulu.

Review: THE LODGE, Chilly Scenes of Horror

'Goodnight Mommy' filmmakers Veronika Franz and Severin Fiala return with a chilling sophomore feature; Riley Keough stars.

GO BACK TO CHINA Trailer: Are You Excited?

It's only a movie, but what a good time to watch "a winning comedy-drama of cultural differences and complicated family dynamics"! As described by our own Christopher Bourne in his review, writer/director Emily Ting's sophomore feature Go Back to China...

Now Streaming: BLISS, Blood and Guts Make Disturbing Art

Dora Madison gets inspired to a frightening degree in Joe Begos' horror picture.

Now Streaming: KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF EIZOUKEN! Bursts Creatively With Good Cheer

Yuasa Masaaki directs the delightful, wildly imaginative anime series, adapted from ĹŚwara Sumito's manga.

Now Streaming: THE RISING OF THE SHIELD HERO, Go Behind the Scenes in New Video

Launched at the beginning of January, the Winter 2020 season of new anime simulcasts is now going full blast in North America, via streaming services Crunchyroll, Funimation, HiDive, Hulu, and VRV. (Plus Netflix and others, of course.) Personally, I'm still...

Shinkai Makoto Anime THE GARDEN OF WORDS Heads to London Stage

One week ago, Shinkai Makoto's Weathering With You opened in U.S. theaters and is already among my favorite films from the past 365 days. It's also been widely acclaimed by critics, as noted at Rotten Tomatoes, and has proven to...

Interview: Richard Stanley Talks COLOR OUT OF SPACE, Nicolas Cage, and Clear and Present Dangers

The filmmaker talks about creating a believable family around Nicolas Cage and the relevance of the Cthulhu Mythos to the modern day.

Review: COLOR OUT OF SPACE, Love Will Tear Us Apart

Nicolas Cage and Joely Richardson star in director Richard Stanley's adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft's personal favorite story.

Now Streaming: FOUR HANDS, Exacting Vengeance Swirls Out of Control

Frida-Lovisa Hamann and Friederike Becht star in writer/director Oliver Kienle's tricky psychological thriller.

Now on Home Video: In DISTURBING THE PEACE, Guy Pearce Picks Up His Gun Again

They roar into a small, quiet town on loud motorcycles. They wear sneers on their faces and tattoos on their bodies. They are bad people, who have not arrived just to eat breakfast and buy lawn ornaments. In Disturbing the...

Review: WEATHERING WITH YOU Takes Flight Into the Fantastical

Shinkai Makoto's followup to the smash-hit 'Your Name' takes an even more fantastical approach to a coming-of-age tale.


'Me and You and Everyone We Know' and 'Destry Rides Again' will also see release in April 2020 from the Criterion Collection.