Review: MAKE-OUT WITH VIOLENCE, Where Weird and Warm Collide

Eric Lehning, Cody DeVos and Leah High star in a bracingly original indie film, directed by the Deagol Brothers, and now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

Shorts That Are Not Pants 2020: These Shorts Are Made for Watching

Without wading into the obvious and undeniable existential question -- why are shorts not considered pants? -- let's just cut to the chase and share the announcement that the film festival known as Shorts That Are Not Pants will be...

Exclusive ATTACK OF THE DEMONS Clip: You Gotta Shoot

Free-floating anxiety is a condition that many of us have experienced in our lives, even before this current year, and long before the type of anxiety that has settled into our daily existence in recent days. Now add to that...

Now Streaming: TRUTH SEEKERS, Now I'm a Believer

Nick Frost, Samson Kayo, Malcolm McDowell, Susie Wokoma, Emma D'Arcy, and Simon Pegg star in an amiable series about paranormal investigators, now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

70s Rewind: RABID, How to Stop a Pandemic

Marilyn Chambers and Frank Moore star in a Canadian chiller by director David Cronenberg.

Now On Demand: THE CALL, Just in Time to Spoil the Weekend

We've officially reached the punch-drunk portion of the Halloween movie season, that special time when it feels like every possible type of horror movie has been thrust upon those of us who have any type of bent toward the frightening...

Now On Demand: MEMORIES OF MURDER, Harrowing, Mesmerizing, Shattering

Song Kang Ho, Kim Sang Kyung, and Park Hae Il star in a masterpiece by director Bong Joon Ho.

Review: KINDRED, Mother Does Not Always Know Best

Tamara Lawrance, Jack Lowden and Fiona Shaw star in director Joe Marcantonio's psychological thriller.

Exclusive Teaser Premiere: HEADLINES ARE FRONTLINES

Far from the madding crowd of multiplex movies that are now streaming on a variety of services, a new film and music installation promises something starkly different for any who dare to venture out into the streets during the coming...

70s Rewind: DEATH LINE, People Are Hungry Underground

Donald Pleasance stars in a grungy and gritty tale of going underground, directed by Gary Sherman and now streaming on The Criterion Channel.

Review: THE WITCHES Brews Up a Deep, Surprising Potion

Octavia Spencer, Stanley Tucci and Anne Hathaway star in a new version of Roald Dahl's fantasy for children, directed by Robert Zemeckis and now streaming on HBO Max.

Review: ONCE UPON A SNOWMAN, Origin Story for Kids

Spinning off from 'Frozen,' the animated tale stars Josh Gad as the inimitable Olaf in a new short film, debuting on Disney Plus.

Now Streaming: ILS (THEM), Terror That Jangles the Nerves

Olivia Bonamy and Michaƫl Cohen star in a disturbing French horror thriller, directed by David Moreau and Xavier Palud, and now streaming on Shudder.

Review: SLEEP TIGHT (MIENTRAS DUERMES), Completely Unsettling

Luis Tosar and Marta Etura star in a superb, nerve-twisting thriller by director Jaume Balaguero, now streaming on Shudder.

Exclusive FISHBOWL Clip: Punishment You Do Not Want

In less than a minute, our exclusive clip from the upcoming indie thriller Fishbowl touched a nerve deep inside my subconscious. "Punishment" is a term that strikes a chilling yet familiar chord for many who were raised in religious households....

Coming Soon on Criterion: MINDING THE GAP, Dylan By Scorsese, Soviet ASCENT

Plus: The final 3 films by Luis Bunuel in a new Blu-ray set.

70s Rewind: DEATHDREAM, Nightmares Are Made Of This

Director Bob Clark's film, aka 'Dead of Night,' stars John Marley, Lynn Carlin and Richard Backus; it's now streaming on The Criterion Channel.

Review: HONEST THIEF, Liam in Love, Still an Action Star

Liam Neeson, Kate Welsh, Jeffrey Donovan and Jai Courtney star in a ludicrous yet lovable action picture, directed by Mark Williams, and opening in U.S. theaters.

Now Streaming: THE RIGHT STUFF Charts a Different Path to the Stars

Jake McDorman and Patrick J. Adams lead the cast in a new adaptation of Tom Wolfe's book, now streaming on Disney Plus.

70s Rewind: THEATER OF BLOOD, Critics Beware

Vincent Price and Diana Rigg star in a British horror-comedy, now streaming on Shudder.