Notes on Streaming: Mexican YANKEE, The Drug War From the Inside

Pablo Lyle leads a dynamic, enjoyable pulp tale.

TRESPASSERS Trailer Stomps on Escape From Reality

This summer in the Northern Hemisphere, a little time away with your loved ones sounds like a splendid idea. Yet a new trailer for Trespassers stomps on that possible escape from reality. Written by Corey Deshon and directed by Orson...

Criterion in September 2019: LOCAL HERO and POLYESTER Lead the Pack

Reflecting on my own preferences, Bill Forsyth and John Waters lead the newest slim pack of releases that have been announced by the Criterion Collection. Local Hero is a marvelous 'little film' that I recall loving very much on its...

Notes on Streaming: UNIT 42 Solves Cyber Crimes, Wins Tough Hearts

The French-language crime series from Belgium is smart and stylish.

Notes on Streaming: JINN, Battling Spirits, Courting Controversy in Jordan

What constitutes 'immoral scenes' where you live?

Notes on Streaming: THE 3RD EYE 2 Plunges Deeper Into the Indonesian Spirit World

Jessica Mila stars again in Rocky Soraya's horror sequel, 'Mata Batin 2.'

THE CHOSEN ONE Trailer: Science Vs. Spiritual Belief

Heading to Netflix globally on June 28, The Chosen One (Orig: O Escolhido) is a series from Brazil that tips off a battle between science and spiritual belief. Three young doctors are sent to a remove village to administer vaccinations...

New York Asian 2019: Behold Full Lineup, Everyone Else, and Be Jealous

New Yorkers, you know how good you have it? I mean, I know it can be very tough to make a living and keep a roof over your head and food in your stomach and all that jazz. But the...

Notes on Streaming: THEY COME KNOCKING, Quiet and Insistent

'Into the Dark' scores another quiet-horror success on Hulu.

Notes on Streaming: I AM MOTHER, Remain Calm, Don't Panic

Clara Rugaard stars alongside Hilary Swank and Rose Byrne's voice.

WEATHERING WITH YOU Trailer: Japanese Followup to YOUR NAME

How do you follow a highly acclaimed, high-grossing film such as Your Name (2016) ? The answer by director and writer Shinkai Makoto will be unfurled in Japan very shortly: Weathering With You (天気の子 Tenki no Ko, literally "Child of...

Notes on Streaming: Say Goodbye, SWAMP THING

The DC Universe streaming service will never be the same without you, big guy.

Critical Distance: ETHAN MAO Turns 15

Love will tear us apart, according to Joy Division, which may explain why Ethan Mao (2004) still tears me apart. Ever since I saw it on videotape, prior to its world premiere at AFI Fest in Los Angeles in November...

Notes on Streaming: WE ARE LEGENDS, Brothers in Hong Kong MMA Fighting

A scrappy and satisfying action-family picture, inspired by a real-life fighter.

Notes on Streaming: Chinese PEGASUS, Not So Fast and Furious

A rally car champion seeks redemption in a family comedy.

First AD ASTRA Trailer Wisely Emphasizes Brad Pitt in Space

Look! Up in the sky! Isn't that Brad Pitt? What the --- Yup, that's the approach taken with the first trailer for James Gray's Ad Astra, and I'd say it's pretty smart. Pitt is a very recognizable name, and so...

Review: DARK PHOENIX, Lightly Entertaining

Sophie Turner is the focus of Simon Kinberg's directorial debut as the X-Men saga comes to a conclusion (again).

Notes on Streaming: Korean SVAHA: THE SIXTH FINGER Dawdles

Briefly noted: 'A Thousand Goodnights,' 'Artdahl Chronicles.'

Exclusive RECOVERY Clip: It's Time to Discharge You

"Nothing means anything here." That quote from the trailer for John Liang's Recovery also sums up the mood in our exclusive clip, which involves a gun, a shot, and a discharge. Here's the official synopsis: In a drug treatment facility,...

Notes on Streaming: GOOD OMENS Searches for Salvation

Michael Shannon and David Tennant star in Neil Gaiman's irreverent series.