Notes on Streaming: THE RUTHLESS Takes Criminal Aim, RAMY Takes a Spiritual Journey

Plus: 'Blue My Mind' shakes up Shudder.

Review: FAST COLOR, Superpowers Are Not Enough

Gugu Mbatha-Raw stars in Julia Hart's dramatic new film, which asks significant questions in quiet, often mesmerizing fashion.

Review: INSTANT DREAMS, Chemicals As a Starting Point

Willem Baptist's film explores the magic, science and wonder of Polaroid photos and an array of devoted followers.

70s Rewind: DOMINIQUE, A Man Out of Time

What, exactly, was Cliff freakin' Robertson doing in the 1970s?

Popcorn Frights: Selected Shorts Now Eligible for Wider Distribution

The genre event is teaming up with Alter, a new horror brand from distributor Gunpowder & Sky.


Also: '1984,' 'The Baker's Wife' and Fassbinder's fantastic BRD trilogy.

New Genre on VOD: MISS BALA Rises Above, A VENGEANCE Strikes Back

Plus: 'The Wind' terrifies with loneliness in the West. Oh, and demons too.

Review: MASTER Z: IP MAN LEGACY, What's Wrong With Vengeance

Wire-fu master Yuen Woo-ping directs Max Zhang in a superlative martial arts action drama, also starring Michelle Yeoh and Dave Bautista.

Exclusive IN A NEW YORK MINUTE Clip: Angel Shoots

Ahead of its upcoming world premiere, an enticing clip from In A New York Minute raises our hopes. Even though I am sorely tempted to dust off all the street patter I learned from my days in New York City,...

Review: A DARK PLACE, Where Motives Are Not So Clear

Andrew Scott, Bronagh Waugh and Denise Gough star in director Simon Fellows' mystery thriller.

Notes on Streaming: ULTRAMAN and TWILIGHT ZONE Return

Plus: Teasing Korean 'Persona.'

Review: Mike Leigh's PETERLOO, Before the Blood Begins to Flow

The British director tells the story of a historic massacre from the perspective of aristocrats, peasants, and everyone in between.

Review: SHAZAM!, Engaging Adventure Amidst Fleeting Dangers

Zachary Levi, Asher Angel, Jack Dylan Grazer and Mark Strong star in director David F. Sandberg's action-adventure.

Night Visions 2019: Springtime for Horror in Finland

Our friends in Finland have prepared a springtime feast that promises to be quite horrible. And that's a good thing! Night Visions is the name of the festival, and it describes itself as "the biggest festival in Scandinavia focusing on...


Plus: Keanu Reeves brings 'Replicas' to life.

Notes on Streaming: HANNA Shoots to Kill, British TRAITORS Intrigues

Also: Watch 'King Cohen' on Shudder, plus three more Larry Cohen films.

WORKING WOMAN Interview: Director Michal Aviad Talks Conflict, Collaboration and a Tough Cultural Change

Now playing in New York City at the IFC Center, Marlene Meyerson JCC of Manhattan, Working Woman is a timely and powerful "fictional account [that] left me shaken and disturbed," as I wrote in my review. It revolves around Orna...

WARIGAMI Trailer: On Paper, This Means War

Let us be frank: most people would never dream of making lethal weapons out of paper. Of course, this is why Warigami has the potential of being THE GREATEST THING EVER! Described as "a fun, action adventure about a female...

Exclusive WHITE CHAMBER Clip: Shauna MacDonald Gets a Nasty Surprise

To ordinary people, looking into a drawer should not be something to fear. Ruth, played by Shauna MacDonald in White Chamber, is not an ordinary person, however, and she is not in an ordinary situation. Instead, she has awakened in...

San Francisco 2019: Watch Exclusive AI WEIWEI: YOURS TRULY Clip

The San Francisco International Film Festival 2019 is right around the corner. We are pleased to premiere an exclusive clip from Ai Weiwei: Yours Truly, a documentary by director Cheryl Haines that will enjoy its world premiere at the festival,...