Criterion in November 2022: IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE in 4K and INTERNAL AFFAIRS Trilogy Remastered

Have I died? Is this Paradise? I say this because I (think) I just read that the Criterion Collection will be releasing Wong Kar Wai's transcendently beautiful In the Mood for Love in 4K. It doesn't really matter when (November...

Review: BABY ASSASSINS, Criminals Like Us

Akari Takaishi and Saori Izawa star in writer/director Hugo Sakamoto's delightful criminal character story. With a lot of blood and bullets.

Review: SHE-HULK: ATTORNEY AT LAW, The Reluctant Superhero

Tatiana Maslany stars in the comic action series, debuting on Disney Plus.

Fantastic Fest 2022: SMILE and TRIANGLE OF SADNESS to Bookend 17th Edition

In some places, 17 is the legal age to do a lot of things you don't necessarily want your parents to know about. In Austin, Texas, 17 is the legal age to celebrate Fantastic Fest. One of our favorite genre-focused...

Review: PREY Bleeds Profusely

Amber Midthunder stars in director Dan Trachtenberg's newest entry in the Predator franchise.

Review: LUCK and Its Many Consequences

Eva Noblezada, Simon Pegg, Whoopi Goldberg and Jane Fonda star in an animated adventure, directed by Peggy Holmes, debuting globally on Apple TV+.

Review: PAPER GIRLS, Your Delivery Will Be Delayed

Riley Lai Nelet, Sofia Rosinsky, Camryn Jones, and Fina Strazza star in the time-travel series, alongside Ali Wong, Sekai Abeni, Adina Porter and Nate Corddry, debuting globally on Prime Video.

Review: SURFACE, Plunging Into Pools of Mystery

Gugu Mbatha-Raw stars in a sterling series, created by Veronica West, debuting globally on Apple TV+.

Exclusive Debut: HE'S WATCHING Alt Poster - Creeper with Texts by Smudge & JAE

I don't usually say this, much less write it, but please take a moment and read the texts in the alternate poster created by artists Smudge & JAE for Jacob Aaron Estes' unsettling new thriller, He's Watching. The messages are...

Exclusive Debut: HE'S WATCHING Alt Poster - Purple Demon Face by Jay Martin & JAE

Created by Jay Martin & JAE for Jacob Aaron Estes' unsettling new thriller, He's Watching, today's alternate poster -- titled "Purple Demon Face" -- certainly communicates a definitely scary vibe. This is the fourth of five alternate posters that we've...

Exclusive Debut: HE'S WATCHING Alt Poster - Paper Mache Man by Nicole Lobart

Play is play. But in the alternate poster by Nicole Lobart, created for Jacob Aaron Estes' unsettling new film, He's Watching, no one is playing. "When happy-go-lucky siblings Iris and Lucas are left alone while their parents recover from an...

Review: MYSTERY BROTHERS, Tangled Family Plus Aliens Plus Robots Equals Great Fun

Filmmaker Quentin Lee created and wrote the zesty comic book adventure, drawn by artist Elis Zill.

Exclusive Debut: HE'S WATCHING Alt Poster - Bloody Doll by Valentina Fariello

Today's exclusive debut, an alternate poster by artist Valentina Fariello for Jacob Aaron Estes' He's Watching, puts the emphasis on the red stuff. What does that have to do with two young people left alone by their parents? The official...

Review: A DARK, DARK MAN, Strangely Addictive, Nihilistic Crime and Corruption

Directed by Adilkhan Yerzhanov, the detective story from Kazakhstan paints a bleak picture of police work in the rurals. Now streaming on MHz Choice.

Criterion in October 2022: CURE and Other Classics

Kurosawa Kiyoshi's Cure is one of the very few movies that made me stop breathing. I was in the middle of a full house for a screening at Asian Film Festival of Dallas. My blood ran cold. I started breathing...

Exclusive Debut: HE'S WATCHING Alt Poster - Kids Screaming by Jay Martin

The setup -- two kids left alone in a house -- might remind you of a certain popular movie from the 1980s, but He's Watching very quickly establishes a distinctly unsettling mood. Jacob Aaron Estes (Mean Creek, The Details, Don't...

New York Asian 2022: FAST & FEEL LOVE Kicks Off 20th Anniversary Edition

Without getting too sentimental, I remember reading about the very first New York Asian Film Festival on a "message board," the early internet incarnation of a worldwide news site. Now celebrating its 20th anniversary edition, the New York Asian Film...

Fantasia 2022 Preview: POLARIS Kicks Off Giddy Genre Movie Celebration

Even before I began contributing to this site in 2005, I heard about Fantasia International Film Festival. Founded in Montreal, Canada, in 1996, the sprawling festival is the grandfather of all genre-film festivals in North American, and has unleashed untold...

Popcorn Frights 2022: TINY CINEMA Leads First Wave

Genre cinema encompasses all manner of action, adventure, fantasy, martial arts, mystery, science fiction, superheroes, suspense and thrillers, coming from all parts of the world. Tiny Cinema is a new film by Tyler Cornack (of Butt Boy fame) that will...

Review: THE DEER KING, Antlers Up!

Directed by Masashi Ando, making his directorial debut, and Masayuki Miyaji, the sweeping fantasy epic opens in select movie theaters this week.