Friday One Sheet: WHITE NOISE

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Friday One Sheet: WHITE NOISE

Like a cross between Mort Drucker's dense caricature work for Mad Magazine, the Where's Waldo? children's books, and the board game Scotland Yard, illustrator Marija Tiurina's key art for White Noise is a helluva thing.

Tiurina has done several of these 'isometric' city-art illustrations, some recently for Netflix, which is also producing and releasing Noah Baumbach's adaptation of Don DeLillo's iconic novel on their platform on December 2.

Here she offers us the fictional college town of Blacksmith, replete with the novel's key locations, plot points, and if you look closely, some of the credit block is scattered among them.

I feel at some point or another, this poster should be turned into a Christmas jigsaw puzzle. And I love it for that.


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