Exclusive Trailer Premiere: I LOVE YOU I MISS YOU I HOPE I SEE YOU BEFORE I DIE, A Candid Observation

The emerging Danish filmmaker Eva Marie Rødbro will be unveiling her first feature-length documentary outing from the fringes of American society in late capitalism.

Oscars 2020 Review: THE PAINTED BIRD, A Child's Adventures in Abominationland

A WWII coming-of-age not for the faint of heart is the Czech Repulic´s bid for Best International Feature Film at the 92nd Academy Awards.

Exclusive Trailer ROBOLOVE: The Age of A.I. Is Upon Us and Disrupts the Life as We Know It

Austrian documentarist Maria Arlamovsky investigates latest advances in A.I. and what it means for humanity in Robolove.

Oscars 2020 Review: LET THERE BE LIGHT, In the Name of Father, Son and Far-Right Extremism

Slovakia´s official entry for the Oscars race is a film Let There Be Light about family disrupted by son´s involvement in a far-right paramilitary troop

Review: THE SCIENCE OF FICTIONS, Black Comedy as Socio-Political Parable

Political allegory meets the Ministry of Silly Walks.

Locarno 2019 Review: TECHNOBOSS, Lo-Fi Surrealist Musical Road Movie

A counter-ageism love story in the clothing of a deadpan idiosyncratic comedy.

Locarno 2019 Review: IVANA THE TERRIBLE, Quirks and Paradoxes of Millennials on the Balkan

Filmmaker Ivana Mladenovic scrutinizes her generation in a female-driven psycho-realist dramedy.

Locarno 2019 Review: HAM ON RYE, Coming-of-Age Revisited Surreally

Imagine 'Freaks & Geeks' by way of a macabre-less and psychosexual-less euphoric David Lynch and Gus van Sant of 'Paranoid Park.'

Locarno 2019 Review: ECHO, Poetically Realist Kaleidoscope of Life in Iceland

The Icelandic writer-director Rúnar Rúnarsson combines gentle and raw in a collective portrait.

Karlovy Vary 2019 Review: A CERTAIN KIND OF SILENCE, A Free Will Undone in the Czech Social Psychothriller

The banality of evil and a stranger-than-fiction tale collide in Michal Hogenauer´s feature debut.

Venice 2019: PSYCHOSIA Exclusive Trailer Premiere, Danish Female-Driven Gothic Noir

The film called "extremely erotic psychothriller" will premiere at Venice´s sidebar Critics´ Week.

Karlovy Vary 2019 Review: OLD-TIMERS, Seniors Seek Revenge on the Road

A Czech drama by directors Martin Dušek and Ondřej Provazník.

PSYCHOMAGIC, AN ART THAT HEALS Trailer: Alejandro Jodorowsky Unleashes the Healing Power of Theatrical Shamanism

The latest feature by legendary filmmaker Alejandro Jodorowsky is a documentary about his healing therapy.

Locarno 2019: ECHO Exclusive Poster Premiere, Rúnar Rúnarsson's Portrait of Iceland

Exclusive premiere of a poster for Rúnar Rúnarsson's latest feature.

Karlovy Vary 2019 Review: PATRICK, A Nudist Procedural Tragicomedy About Grief and Identity

Clothes do not make a man in Tim Mielants' procedural coming-of-grief dramedy.

Karlovy Vary 2019 Review: In THE MIRACLE OF THE SARGASSO SEA, Greek Tragedy Meets Psycho Noir

Greek filmmaker Syllas Tzoumerkas delivers an eclectic, psycho-noir mystery thriller.

THE PAINTED BIRD Trailer: Controversial, Atrocities-Ridden Holocaust Novel Adaptation Heads to Venice

An adaptation of Jerzy Kosinski's controversial novel is set for Venice and Toronto.

Karlovy Vary 2019 Review: SICK SICK SICK, Love, Grief, Madness in New Cinema

Coming-of-age, madness and macabre in new aesthetics.

Cannes 2019 Review: ALL ABOUT YVES, New French Burlesque and the Age of AI

What would you get if you crossed the talking toaster from 'Red Dwarf,' 'Twilight Zone' and '8 Mile'?

Febiofest 2019: BY A SHARP KNIFE, A Family Tragedy in a Broken System Turns into Social Stigma

By a Sharp Knife, a drama by up-and-coming Slovakian director Teodor Kuhn, is described by the creators as a generational film. Mainly, it's because real-life events that inspired the film impacted a whole generation, the one where the director and...