Locarno 2018 Preview: The Largest Swiss Film Gathering Readies Smorgasbord of Arthouse Offerings

Locarno Film Festival unveils line-up for its 71st edition

Karlovy Vary 2018 Review: DOMESTIQUE, Low-Key Chamber Drama, Spun Into Civilization Horror

An emerging Czech filmmaker displays talent and precision in claustrophobic social horror.

Karlovy Vary 2018 Review: Heartfelt Coming-of-Age JUMPMAN Collides With Political Criticism of Contemporary Russia

Russian filmmaker Ivan I. Tverdovsky criticizes the Russian system in a coming-of-age drama with a superhero bent.

Review: UNDER THE TREE, Where a Feud Begins

On the heels of Winter Brothers, a dramedy about alienation, brotherhood and "being loved and fucked" (read the review), comes yet another Icelandic dramedy, Under the Tree. Compared to the artist Hlynur Pálmason behind Winter Brothers, Hafsteinn Gunnar Sigurdsson has...

The Director of Controversial EX-DRUMMER Has New Feature ANGEL

Flemish director Koen Mortier who dazzled the viewers with radical Ex-Drummer finished new feature, Angel

La Rochelle 2018 Trailer: French Absurdist Quentin Dupieux Returns With Black Comedy AU POSTE!

The cult filmmaker is back in the absurdist saddle with a meta-trailer for his upcoming feature.

Locarno 2018: Bruno Dumont's LI'L QUINQUIN Season 2, COINCOIN AND THE EXTRA HUMANS, to Debut at Swiss Festival

Watch the trailer for Bruno Dumont's sequel miniseries.

Review: HAPPY AS LAZZARO, Fable and Lyrical Social Drama Collide in Magical Neorealism

Alice Rohrwacher's latest feature smoothly merges the tradition of neorealism and magical realism in a socially conscious modern fable doubling as drama.

Cannes 2018 Review: MURDER ME, MONSTER, A Minimalist Acid-Gore Crime Thriller

Argentinean filmmaker Alejandro Fadel's latest socially conscious thriller blends arthouse and genre into a nightmarish narrative.

Cannes 2018 Review: DOGMAN, Homo Homini Canis

Matteo Garrone's latest feature-length effort sees a harmless man being pushed to extremes.

Beldocs 2018 Review: BORN JUST NOW, Portrait of an Artist In Context

Robert Adanto´s documentary portrait Born Just Now illuminates Serbian performance art scene

Tribeca 2018 Review: LEMONADE, Male Toxicity Contaminates the Promised Land

The feature debut by Ioana Uricaru is a Romanian New Wave shrouded as U.S. indie.

Crowdfund This: Alejandro Jodorowsky Readies Next Feature-Length Project

The director of cult films such as El Topo and The Holy Mountain is getting ready for his newest project, Psychomagic: An Art That Heals

Berlinale 2018 Review: THE INTERPRETER, Two Oldtimers in a Road Dramedy

Peter Simonischek of Toni Erdmann fame meets Oscar-winning director Jiří Menzel in a dramedy by Slovak director Martin Šulík

Rotterdam 2018 Review: THE REPORTS ON SARAH AND SALEEM Marries Arthouse Drama to Genre Audience Allure Without Losing Complexity

Muayad Alayan´s sophomore feature The Reports on Sarah and Saleem infuses genre sensibilities into arthouse drama against the backdrop of a political conflict

Rotterdam 2018 Interview: "Out-of-the-Norm Family Was an Important Part of Our Story" Juliana Rojas and Marco Dutra Discuss Heart-Warming Fantasy Horror Musical GOOD MANNERS

"We're aware of the so-called "elevated genre" discussion, but we always treated this aspect of the film with love, and not as an opposition of regular drama" Juliana Rojas and Marco Dutra on Good Manners

Rotterdam 2018 Interview: WILD BOYS, Bertrand Mandico on Shooting Gender-Bending Surreal Film

"I create hybrids, sexual and cinematic" French filmmaker talks to ScreenAnarchy about his daring feature debut Wild Boys

Rotterdam 2018 Interview: 3/4, Filmmaker Ilian Metev on the Unseen Script and More

Bulgarian filmmaker Ilian Metev talks to ScreenAnarchy about his latest award-winning film 3/4.

Rotterdam 2018 Interview: Lisa Brűhlmann Talks Female Sexuality, Identity and Storytelling in BLUE MY MIND

Emerging Swiss filmmaker Lisa Brűhlmann discusses her feature debut, coming-of-age drama Blue My Mind combining harsh reality and myth

Rotterdam 2018 Interview: Ian Lagarde Talks ALL YOU CAN EAT BUDDHA

ScreenAnarchy talks to Canadian filmmaker Ian Lagarde about his surreal allegory set in all-inclusive tropical resort All You Can Eat Buddha