RESTORE POINT Trailer: Czech Blade Runner Dazzles with Retrofuturist Visuals

Robert Hloz' noir sci-fi thriller blends brutalist aesthetics and a futuristic murder mystery in a world where death can be reversed.

THE BODY Trailer: True Story of Czech Pro Diver Who Took the Leap into Adult Entertainment

Directed by Natálie Císařovská, the film unearths the dramatic life story of a renowned Czech diver.

Visions du Réel 2023 Review: HAWAR, OUR BANISHED CHILDREN, Yazidi Mothers' Perilous Journeys

Directed by Pascale Bourgaux, the documentary sheds light on the heartrending and clandestine journeys of Yazidi mothers to save their children after being forced to leave them behind.

Cannes 2023: Exclusive CREATURA Poster Premiere, Spanish Drama Confronts Female Sexual Repression

Spanish filmmaker Elena Martín Gimeno will world premiere her sophomore feature in the upcoming Cannes competition Quinzaine des cinéastes.

IndieLisboa 2023 Review: SAMSARA Delves Into Mysteries of Life

Directed by Lois Patino, the docu-fiction hybrid explores life, death, and what lies beyond.

IndieLisboa 2023 Review: Diptych BAD LIVING and LIVING BAD, Hotel Fever Psychodrama

João Canijo's diptych delves into the complexities of intergenerational anxiety and the dark side of maternal love- with an examination of family dynamics and emotional turmoil.

IndieLisboa 2023 Review: HERE Finds Solace in Simplicity, Human Touch

Stefan Gota and Liyo Gong star in Belgian filmmaker Bas Devos' breathtaking ode to nature and human connection.

Hot Docs 2023 Review: ANGEL APPLICANT Reveals the Art of Survival

Ken A. Meyer directed, created an emotionally engaging, culturally relevant, and socially influential double portrait of artist Paul Klee and himself, dealing with the same disease.

Visions du Réel 2023 Review: LANDSHAFT Delves into the Psychogeography of Eastern Armenia's Contested Borders

Daniel Kötter directed the contemplative road movie, screening at the Swiss documentary festival.

Calgary Underground 2023: Curtain Raiser

With the Calgary Underground Film Festival (CUFF) getting underway today, and continuing until April 30, we are pleased to offer a sampling of the more sumptuous genre, documentary and live event offerings over the next 11 days. The festival...

CPH:DOX 2023 Review: AFTER WORK, In Pursuit of a Work-Free Existence

Erik Gandini's documentary travels the world, examining mankind's current approach to work and how we can prepare for the future.

Series Mania 2023 Review: RICTUS, Orwellian Dystopia Depicted As New French Burlesque

Fred Testot stars in Marion Festraëts and Arnaud Malherbe's absurdist comedy about a totalitarian state that oppresses and persecutes citizens who laugh.

CPH:DOX 2023 Review: THE LAST YEAR OF DARKNESS, Inside Chinese Underground Club Culture

Director Ben Mullinkosson explores the Chinese underground club scene through a single nightclub and its patrons.

CPH:DOX 2023 Review: MOTHERLAND Probes the Neo-Nationalist, Post-Soviet Oppression

Hanna Badziaka and Alexander Mihalkovich uncover Belarusian military abuse in their documentary and show what keeps the authoritarian regime going.

Series Mania 2023 Review: FUNNY WOMAN, From Beauty Queen to Comedy Queen

Gemma Arterton portrays a British counterpart to Lucille Ball in an adaptation of Nick Hornby's novel about the small screen revolution.

Series Mania 2023 Review: CALL ME DAD, Hilarious Gen Z Comedy-of-Manners

Alex Høgh Andersen and Magnus Haugaard star as best friends in Christian Dyekjær's series about one of them dating the other's mother.

Series Mania 2023 Review: BARDOT, A Sex Symbol Is Born

Newcomer Julia de Nunez embodies the boisterous spirit of young Brigitte Bardot, an iconic French actress and sex symbol, in a series mapping her rise to global stardom.

SMOKING CAUSES COUGHING Review: Absurd, Comic Nonsense

A new film by Quentin Dupieux.

Berlinale 2023 Review: GOLDA, Biopic Becomes War Drama

Helen Mirren and Liev Schreiber star; Guy Nattiv directed.

Berlinale 2023 Review: WHEN WILL IT BE AGAIN LIKE IT NEVER WAS BEFORE, A Family Saga on the Edge

Camile Loup Moltzen, Laura Tonke, Devid Streisow star in Sonja Heiss eccentric tragicomic family coming-of-age that defies normalcy.