Review: BERLIN ALEXANDERPLATZ, Highly Successful, Though Mixed Bag

Burhan Qurbani directs the latest adaptation; Welket Bungué, Albrecht Schuch and Jella Haase star.

Berlinale 2021 Review: FOREST - I SEE YOU EVERYWHERE, Bite-Size Psychodramas of Everyday Horror

The Hungarian auteur Bence Fliegauf harnesses the virtue of ascetic filmmaking in the portmanteau film, consisting of civilization horror vignettes.

Berlinale 2021 Review: BALLAD OF A WHITE COW, State's Crime, Woman's Punishment

Iranian filmmakers Maryam Moghaddam and Behtash Sanaeeha follow a widow's defiance in the shadow of the state's injustice in their latest socio-political drama.

Berlinale 2021 Review: NATURAL LIGHT, The Silent Banality of Evil

The Hungarian director Dénes Nagy debuts with an implicit yet intensive WWII drama that explores the banality of evil in very painterly manner.

Berlinale 2021 Review: I'M YOUR MAN, Sex, Love and Algorithms

Do androids dream of romantic clichés?

Berlinale 2021 Review: BAD LUCK BANGING OR LOONY PORN, Society on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown

Radu Jude wins the main award at the 2021 Berlinale with provocative docu-fiction, doubling as social satire.

Rotterdam 2021 Review: LANDSCAPES OF RESISTANCE, Topography of Oppression and Historical Memory

The video-essayistic traveling memoir by Marta Popivoda explores the intersection of historical and personal memory.

Berlinale 2021 Preview: Radu Jude, Ryusuke Hamaguchi, Hong Sangsoo, Céline Sciamma, Bence Fliegauf to Bow in Main Competition

The 71st edition of Berlinale Film Festival will unfold in two stages, as a virtual affair for industry professionals in March and as a physical event for the public in June.

Rotterdam 2021 Review: BEBIA, À MON SEUL DÉSIR, Coming of Age in the Georgian Countryside

Debut director Juja Dobrachkous' delivers a formalist spin on a gynocentric coming-of-age story.

Rotterdam 2021 Review: THE NORTH WIND, The Ritual of Love and Death in Ornamental Fable on the Treacherous Comfort of Timelessness

Russian filmmaker Renata Litvinova immerses multigenerational magical realist melodrama into opulent theatrical grandeur.

Rotterdam 2021 Review: Political Cyber-Thriller LONE WOLF, A Visual Experiment With an Allure of Genre Film

Jonathan Ogilvie reimagines Joseph Conrad´s The Secret Agent for the era of surveillance capitalism.

Sundance 2021 Review: THE PINK CLOUD, Greek Weird Wave Gone Brazilian in Dystopic Cabin Fever Drama

The Apocalypse gets put on hold in a surreal drama from Brazil about mankind's struggle to adapt to a new normal.

Sundance 2021 Review: PLEASURE, A Triumphant Tour de Force Behind the Scenes of the Porn Industry

The standout film of 2021 Sundance demystifies the porn industry through a female lens.

Sundance 2021 Review: Rodney Ascher's Hybrid Doc A GLITCH IN THE MATRIX Simulates Belief

Rodney Ascher nose-dives into the rabbit hole of simulation theory argument in a cyber-acid documentary.

Sundance 2021 Review: Orwell Meets Švankmajer in Retro-Futuro Metaphysical Romance Adventure STRAWBERRY MANSION

Writer-directing duo Albert Birney and Kentucker Audley deliver an escapist analog fantasy imbued with a technicolor retro vibe.

ScreenAnarchy Top Films of 2020

One of the great advantages of ScreenAnarchy's global writing staff is that our individual end-of-year lists always have a least a few titles that the rest of us have not only not seen, but likely haven't heard of. And I'm...

Cottbus 2020 Review: DRONEMAN Resorts to a Radical Resolution in the Wake of Political Nihilism

The Czech director Petr Zelenka delivers timely psychological and political thriller Droneman tackling the current zeitgeist. For mainstream and arthouse audience alike.

Review: Modern-Day Snow White and the Selfie-Movie IN THE MIRROR

Esteemed Latvian director Laila Pakalniņa merges documentary conventions with the practice of single-shot films to bring the timeless tale into the era of narcissism

Tallinn 2020 Review: THE PENULTIMATE, The Grotesque Comedy on the Absurdity of Human Condition

The Danish newcomer Jonas Kærup Hjort delivers a whimsical traumedy submerged in a variety of existentialist shades.

Tallinn 2020 Review: A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man and ENFANT TERRIBLE

Oskar Roehler portrays the tortured genius in an unrestrained biopic about Rainer Werner Fassbinder