Review: BENEDETTA Reimagines A Nun's Life As a Softcore Thriller

Directed by Paul Verhoeven, the biographical drama stars Virginie Efira, Daphne Patakia and Charlotte Rampling.

Tallinn 2021 Review: OTHER PEOPLE, Social Realism Redefined, Cocky and Raunchy

Directed by Aleksandra Terpinska, the drama from Poland stars Jacek Beler, Sonia Bohosiewicz and Magdalena Kolesnik.

Review: BAD LUCK BANGING OR LOONY PORN Transforms a Minor Personal Mishap Into a Social Diagnosis

Katia Pascariu, Claudia Ieremia and Olimpia Malai star in a comedy/drama from Romania, directed by Radu Jude, and opening in theaters on November 19, 2021.

Tallinn 2021 Review: POST MORTEM Chases Post Modern Ghosts

Directed by Péter Bergendy, Hungary's official submission for the Academy Awards is a period horror drama, fusing genre and arthouse filmmaking with a mainstream veneer.

Tallinn 2021: Exclusive A PLACE CALLED DIGNITY Poster Premiere for Chilean Cult Drama

Chilean director Matías Rojas Valencia enters a cult Colonia Dignidad founded by Nazis in his sophomore feature film

Febiofest Prague 2021: KRYŠTOF, Holding On To Values As Freedom Disintegrates

The Czech period drama follows a soon-to-be monk wandering through Communist Czechoslovakia in a search of a purpose.

Ghent 2021 Review: A CORSICAN SUMMER (I COMETE) Builds Absorbing Swarm Narrative

Directed by French actor Pascal Tagnati, the film builds an intricately layered and voyeuristic swarm narrative set in a single town.

Locarno 2021 Review: SOUL OF A BEAST, High Octane Coming-of-Age Fable

Swiss filmmaker Lorenz Merz gives an intoxicating, primal spin to a coming-of-age story.

Locarno 2021 Review: MAD GOD, Macabre and Scatological Coalesce in Phil Tippett's Nihilistic Stop-Motion Epic

Jan Švankmajer meets Clive Barker in a smorgasbord of a stream-of-consciousness savage weirdness.

Review: THE AUSCHWITZ REPORT, Timely Holocaust Escape Drama

True events of an escape from Auschwitz-Birkenau extermination camp are in the center of the pulse-racing Holocaust thriller.

Karlovy Vary 2021 Review: In BENEDETTA, Paul Verhoeven Marries Prestige Satire to Camp Drama

Too much fun, frontal nudity and orgasms in a biopic drama enclosed behind the walls of a Renaissance convent.

Karlovy Vary 2021 Review: German Acid-Laced Tragicomedy NÖ Hilariously Anatomizes the Anxieties of a Millennial Relationship and Parenthood

German director Dietrich Brüggemann marries Simon Rich whimsical comedy with Roy Andersson´s formalism in surreal farce.

Karlovy Vary 2021 Review: Gaspar Noé Enters the Void in VORTEX

Françoise Lebrun of Jean Eustache and Marguerite Duras films and Italian Giallo maestro Dario Argento star in the drama of the twilight age veiled as a civilization horror in a race to disintegration.

Locarno 2021 Review: GERDA, Social Realism Meets Fairy Tale in Russian Drama

Filmmaker Natalya Kudryashova finds spirituality in the harsh reality of modern-day Russia.

Venice 2021: Exclusive EL GRAN MOVIMIENTO Poster Premiere for Bolivian Magical Realist Drama

Exclusive poster premiere for Kiro Russo's sophomore feature, which follows 'Dark Skull,' picked to represent Bolivia in the Oscar race.

Locarno 2021 Review: THE SACRED SPIRIT, A Spanish Quirky Tragicomedy with a Greek New Wave Flavor

One of the standouts of this year's Locarno Film Festival comes from a Spanish newcomer who delivered a disturbing deadpan comedy doubling as a offbeat love letter to his hometown.

Locarno 2021 Review: LUZIFER Rising in Oedipal Horror, Veiled as Lyrical Drama of Atonement

Christian dogmas intertwine with pagan mysticism in Peter Brunner's lyrical horror on the awakening of a man-made evil.

Locarno 2021 Review: COP SECRET, Fast-Paced Nordic Cop Action Spoof With Progressive Bent

Hannes Þór Halldórsson, a football goalkeeper who plays for Valur Reykjavík and the Iceland national team, world premiered his feature-length directing debut Cop Secret in the Locarno Film Festival's international competition. Halldórsson shot a genre spoof with a progressive bent...

Locarno 2021 Review: HEAVENS ABOVE, Serbian Nihilistic Comedy of Sinning, Capitalism

Serbian director Srdjan Dragojevic satirizes capitalism through religion in a dark comedy with a surreal kick.

Locarno 2021 Review: ZEROS AND ONES, Abel Ferrara Destroys Vatican, Spy Thrillers in Perplexing Pandemic Film

Ethan Hawke stars in Abel Ferrara's puzzling punk spy thriller.