ScreenAnarchy's Top 10 Films of 2022

What, it's 2023 already? You're kidding, right? Alas, 2022 has come and gone, as long as every other non-leap year but seeming shorter than most nonetheless. But as Yoda says "Size matters not", so we asked our writers to send...

Berlinale 2023: Exclusive SILVER HAZE Poster Premiere for Coming of Age Drama

Berlinale Film Festival is bracing for its 73rd edition from February 16 to February 26, 2023, and has begun gradually revealing its lineup. The festival has now announced the latest crop of titles for its Panorama section. The section is...

Tallinn 2022 Review: AUTOBIOGRAPHY, Generations Clash Against Trauma in Indonesian Social Thriller

Debuting Indonesian director Makbul Mubarak unearths the country's collective trauma through the ramifications of the dictatorship and patriarchal oppression.

Tallinn 2022 Review: HIT BIG, Mayhem Becomes a Family Affair in Finnish Crime-Com

Tarantino meets John Waters in a Finnish crime caper with booze, filth and violence that turns into a genre demolition derby.

Cork 2022 Review: ARVÉD, Occultist Biopic as Transcending Ritual

Czech director Vojtech Mašek's feature debut folds a psychological and political thriller into a mystery drama, enwrapped in a biopic about the infamous Czech occultist drawn to the dark side.

Jihlava 2022 Review: KUNSTKAMERA, Czech Surrealist Maestro Jan Švankmajer Opens His Private Cabinet of Curiosities

The documentary reveals the private chambers of the surrealist filmmaker and artist materializing his mindscape full of strange objects, fetishes, and taxidermy.

Jihlava 2022 Review: SPARTA, Austrian Provocateur Ulrich Seidl Sparks More Controversy

The controversial veteran Austrian auteur Ulrich Seidl delivers a brooding, contemplative film about a pedophile.

Review: VESPER, Dark Fairy Tale With Rapidly Rising Body Count

Directed by Kristina Buozyte and Bruno Samper, the eco-punk post-apocalyptic story stars Eddie Marsan and Raffiella Chapman in what is essentially a fairy tale with high production values.

Venice 2022 Review: SKIN DEEP, A Melancholic Exploration of Gender Identity

Director Alex Schaad's feature-length debut uses the subtle sci-fi concept of body-swapping to explore gender identity and body dysmorphia.

Venice 2022 Review: WORLD WAR III, Slapstick Iranian Thriller Unveils Trickling Terror

Directed by Houman Seyyedi, the wartime adventure is Iran's submission for the Academy Award for Best International Feature Film.

Venice 2022 Review: BLANQUITA, Immersive, Agile Thriller

Fernando Guzzoni directed the searing drama.

Locarno 2022 Review: NIGHTSIREN, Witch Hunts in the Modern Day

Natalia Germani stars in a bewitching mystery from Eastern Europe, directed by Tereza Nvotová.

Locarno 2022 Review: RULE 34, The Body As a Political Instrument

Lucas Andrade and Julia Bernat star in a prize-winning drama (aka 'Regra 34') from Brazil, directed by Julia Murat.

Locarno 2022 Review: ASTRAKAN, Social Allegory Disguised As Coming-of-Age Tale

In his feature-length debut, French filmmaker David Depesseville explores the strangeness and confusion of growing up during the prepubescent period. Astrakan revolves around a 12-year-old orphan named Samuel. Eventually, he ends up living with Marie and Clément, a young couple...

Locarno 2022 Review: In FAIRYTALE, Alexander Sokurov Revives Tyrants

Sokurov's disturbing and comical deepfake film is a cross-over between 'Dante's Inferno' and Samuel Beckett's 'Waiting for Godot; with the artistic sensitivity of Goya's tableaux.

Locarno 2022 Review: BEFORE I CHANGE MY MIND Embraces Tired Tropes, Then Reenergizes Them

From Canada comes director Trevor Anderson's coming-of-age comedy, starring Vaughan Murrae.

Locarno 2022 Review: MEDUSA DELUXE, Single-Shot Murder Mystery Looks Dazzling

The feature-length debut by Tom Hardiman delivers a cross-over between Agatha Christie and Gaspar Noé in a single-shot murder mystery.

Review: MEDUSA, Bold Bubble-gum Horror Pastiche

After premiering her feature debut Kill Me Please in the Orrizonti section at the Venice International Film Festival in 2015, the rising Brazilian filmmaker Anita Rocha de Silveira unveiled her sophomore feature at the Cannes Film Festival in 2021. Medusa was...

Karlovy Vary 2022 Review: Quentin Dupieux Causes Chortles and Puzzlement in a Hilarious Retro Pop-Surrealist Avenger Horror Anthology SMOKING CAUSES COUGHING

The French maverick filmmaker Quentin Dupieux becomes a Beckett of pop as he tests the elasticity of meta-fictional storytelling.

Karlovy Vary 2022 Review: BORDERS OF LOVE Explores Brave New Non-Monogamous World

Polish-born Czech-based producer and filmmaker Tomasz Wiński has been preparing his feature-length debut Borders of Love for some time. Largely misunderstood by the funding institutions due to a provocative topic, the form took over the content in the eyes of...