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WHITE TRASH Exclusive: Watch The Trailer For This Canadian Dark Comedy Crime Thriller

Trashing a body is easier said than done.

IN A VIOLENT NATURE: Open This Friday in These Cinemas Across Canada

Here is the confirmed list of cinemas across the country that are showing Chris Nash's terrific slasher flick In A Violent Nature this weekend.

IN A VIOLENT NATURE Interview: Director Chris Nash Talks About Their Slasher Hit

In A Violent Nature, Chris Nash's tremendous take on the slasher genre, opens in cinemas this coming Friday, May 31st. We managed to steal a few minutes of his time and speak with him about his breakout Sundance hit and...

SOLO Review: Love that Elevates, Love that Destroys

How can we know what makes us happy? More importantly, how can we trust the people around us to make us happy, support us in our happiness, provide us with the love and care we deserve? And how can we...

Cannes 2024 Review: IT DOESN'T MATTER, A Black Man Comes of Age in Modern America

Jay Will and Christopher Abbott star as best friends in Josh Mond's second feature film after his 2015 debut, 'James White.'

MURDER COMPANY: Check Out The Trailer And Poster For WWII Action Flick

In the midst of the D-Day invasion, a group of US soldiers are given orders to smuggle a member of the French resistance behind enemy lines to assassinate a high-value Nazi target.

NEW STRAINS Trailer & Poster: The Couple Stuck Together During A Lockdown While on Vacation, Stays Together?

No doubt there were many couples, in the early days of their relationship, who found that relationship tested in a more unusual way, by the pandemic lockdown of these past few years. Some might have flourished; others survived a little...

AISHA Review: Quietly Powerful Drama with Mesmerizing Central Performance

Letitia Wright and Josh O'Connor star in director Frank Berry's piercing, timely new drama.

CAAMFest 2024 Review: EXTREMELY UNIQUE DYNAMIC, When BFFs Test the Limits of Friendship

Harrison Xu and Ivan Leung star in a friendly, funny movie that plumbs the depths of friendship, written and directed by Xu, Leung, and Katherine Dudas.

GASOLINE RAINBOW Review: Ode to Childhood and Kindness of Strangers

They say drunk people, children and fools always speak the truth. No word is truer than that of a drunk foolish kid, as Gasoline Rainbow proves. The docu-drama hybrid is a warm-hearted look at five naive teens going on a...

LAZARETH Review: Tense, Intense Survival Thriller Hits One Too Many Familiar Beats

Teens and hormones. Together, they’re responsible for the realization of any number of worst-case scenarios. Once activated, however, they’re the perfect catalyst for drama in all its permutations, up to and including writer-director Alec Tibaldi’s (The Daphne Project, Spiral Farm)...

THE LOOMING: A24 Announces New Horror Project With HEREDITARY And TALK TO ME Producers

A24, Square Peg (Hereditary) and Causeway Films (Talk to Me) are teaming up with debut filmmaker Masha Ko to adapt their horror short The Looming which premiered at Sundance this year. There they were presented the Short Film Special Jury Prize...

THE LAST STOP IN YUMA COUNTY Review: Thrilling, Enjoyable Neo-Western

Jim Cummings, Jocelin Donahue, and Sierra McCormick star in a film by Francis Galluppi.


2023 was an excellent year for Quebec cinema, and it's great to see more of these films getting release outside my province. And it's especially great to see more genre fare, lending new twists to old tropes. Coming in with...

TIME OF THE HEATHEN Review: Lost Indie Feature Showcases a Bleak Post-WWII America

It's safe to say that the post-WWII years were not as good as many people had claimed for many years. Despite propaganda lauding those years as a time of prosperity and success for all, it didn't take long for that...

IN A VIOLENT NATURE: Check Out These Throwback Lobby Cards

Time to start ramping up the promotion machine for Chris Nash's gory slasher flick, In A Violent Nature. IFC Films is bringing the pride of Canadian horror fans in theaters exclusively May 31st. These dandy throwback lobby cards have been...

GOOD ONE: Official Poster And Trailer

India Donaldson’s Good One will be playing at Cannes in the Director's Fortnight program this month. In August it is coming to cinemas on the 9th. The official trailer and poster have arrived today, find the trailer down below.  In...

FOIL Review: Finding Aliens and Restoring Friendships in the Wilderness

Like many who think they are leaving their hometown behind in a cloud of dust, Dexter (Zach Green) has found himself returning, somewhat with his proverbial tail between his legs. His big dreams of a indie film career in Hollywood...

FAMILY PORTRAIT Trailer: On the Precipice of Quiet Disaster

Locarno might not be as well known to the general public as other European festivals, but their programming has been amazing for several years, leaning into the more experimental work of what might be called social realism, or documentary cinema...

CHIEF OF STATION Exclusive Clip: Aaron Eckhart And Alex Pettyfer Star in Espionage Thriller

After learning the untimely death of his wife was not accidental, a former CIA Station Chief (Aaron Eckhart) is forced back into the espionage underworld, teaming up with an adversary to unravel a conspiracy that challenges everything he thought he knew.