Neuchâtel 2022 Daily: DECISION TO LEAVE, DAY ZERO, DUAL Brighten Sunday

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Without overhyping things, today may be the greatest day in the history of mankind.

I say that because the Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival will be screening one fantastic film after another. Granted, the festival is taking place in Switzerland, some 8,000 kilometers (or 5,000 miles) away from where I am writing these words. If I hurry, I still won't make it in time.

Yet some may be reading this in Switzerland, or in nearby lands, in which case I encourage you to hasten to one of the festival's marvelous screening locations and inhale deeply. I myself have been granted the favor of watching two of the premieres in advance, namely, the dramatically surprising Filipino zombie flick Day Zero and the oft-irreverent Taiwanese puppet movie Demigod: The Legend Begins; look for my reviews to be published later today.

I've seen Ronny Yu's classic The Bride With White Hair, of course, but only on DVD, so I truly envy those who can see it on a big screen tonight. My colleagues have seen other films that will be screening today; click though the gallery below for a collection of their thoughts.

Decision to Leave
Screens today at 14:30 and again Tuesday evening. Visit the official festival page to learn more.

I hate Zach Gayne. He is my fellow writer, but I hate him because he has already seen the new film by Park Chan-wook. Well, I suppose I should put that aside and point you towards his review, since he saw it at the Cannes Film Festival recently. (ED: Wait, Zach went to Cannes and reviewed it? Who approved that?).

"Ultimately, the most enthralling aspect of Decision to Leave is the haunting beauty of its almost-Shakespearean sense of romantic doom. Like the film’s femme, it is an utterly bewitching work of chilling romance and I remain deeply under its spell."

Zach's review contains more words of gushing admiration. Sigh. I hope to see this film, someday. Let this be a warning to you in Switzerland: do not miss it.

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