Mórbido 2014: First Wave Of Films Includes REDEEMER, LATE PHASES, MÉXICO BÁRBARO, And More

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Mórbido 2014: First Wave Of Films Includes REDEEMER, LATE PHASES, MÉXICO BÁRBARO, And More

After confirming that Puebla, Mexico is their new home, Mórbido has now unleashed the first wave of programming for its upcoming seventh edition (November 13-16). 18 international films and five Mexican titles have been confirmed, and it's a really exciting lineup. 

Mórbido will present in Mexico the latest movies by such ScreenAnarchy favorites as Adrián García Bogliano (Late Phases), Ernesto Díaz Espinoza (Redeemer), Daniel De la Vega (Necrophobia 3D), and Nikolas List (Tombville). Also, the highly acclaimed documentary Jodorowsky's Dune will finally arrive to the country, together with two other films that were produced as well by Snowfort Pictures (American Muscle and Starry Eyes). This adds to the previously announced highlight of the fest: the Mexican premiere of Jaume Balagueró's [REC]4: Apocalypse.

The festival is also hosting the first official screenings in Mexico of both The Incident and México Bárbaro. The Incident was extremely well received at Fantastic Fest, while the horror anthology México Bárbaro had a successful world premiere at Sitges. It's time to see how they play in their country of origin. 

Meanwhile, check out the complete first wave of films here: 


International Feature Films

American Muscle (d. Ravi Dhar, US)
Bloody Knuckles (d. Matt O'Mahoney, Canada)
Fallen Cape (d. Santiago Alvarado, Spain)
Crazy Bitches (d. Jane Clark, US)
Feed the Light (d. Henrik Möller, Sweden)
Jodorowsky's Dune (d. Frank Pavich, US/France)
The House at the End of Time (d. Alejandro Hidalgo, Venezuela)
Late Phases (d. Adrián García Bogliano, US)
Still Life (d. Gabriel Grieco, Argentina)
Necrophobia 3D (d. Daniel De la Vega, Argentina)
[REC]4: Apocalypse (d. Jaume Balagueró, Spain)
Redeemer (d. Ernesto Díaz Espinoza, Chile/US)
Wild Tales (d. Damían Szifron, Argentina/Spain)
Reversal (d. José Manuel Cravioto, US)
Starry Eyes (d. Kevin Koisch, Dennis Widmyer, US)
Tejen (d. Pablo Rabé)
The Creeping Garden (d. Tim Grabham, Jasper Sharp, UK)
Tombville (d. Nikolas List, Belgium)

Mexican Feature Films

The Incident (d. Isaac Ezban)
Jirón (d. Christian Cueva)
México Bárbaro (d. Isaac Ezban, Laurette Flores, Jorge Michel Grau, Gigi Saul Guerrero, Ulises Guzmán, Edgar Nito, Lex Ortega, Aaron Soto)
Perdidos (d. Diego Cohen)
Tekuani the Golden God (Sergio Sánchez Suárez)

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