Feratum 2015 Unleashes First Wave, Led By TURBO KID And THE EDITOR

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Feratum 2015 Unleashes First Wave, Led By TURBO KID And THE EDITOR

In exactly one month, the fourth edition of Feratum (October 1-4) will kick off in Tlalpujahua, Michoacán. Let's check out then the films announced so far.

The official competitive selection is composed of five different sections: Mexican Features, Mexican Shorts, Latin American Features, International Shorts and International Features.

In terms of Mexican films, we have some familiar titles such as the horror anthology México Bárbaro, Leopoldo Laborde's no budget effort Piel Rota and - strangely enough because it already had a wide theatrical release in Mexico - the remake Darker than Night. There's also the world premiere of Juan Antonio de la Riva's Ladronas de Almas.

Five films are part of the International Features competition, including Fantaspoa's production Jorge & Alberto vs. The Neoliberal Demons and the Brazilian anthology 13 Weird Stories.

Astron-6's love letter to the giallo films The Editor is definitely the highlight of the International Features section, which also includes Dodo Dayao's Violator and Fangoria editor-in-chief Chris Alexander's Female Werewolf.

Another Canadian sensation, Turbo Kid, is also part of Feratum as one of the special screenings. Captain Falcon is set to debut as well in Mexico thanks to Feratum. I'll leave you the full official selection of feature length films; meanwhile we wait for more surprises from the festival. Stay tuned.

International Features

AfterDeath (Gez Medinger, Robin Schmidt, UK)

Fury: The Tales of Ronan Pierece (Kevin A. McCarthy, Edward Payson, US)

The Demolisher (Gabriel Carrer, Canada)

Headless (Arthur Cullipher, US)

The Editor (Adam Brooks, Matthew Kennedy, Canada)

Insectula! (Michael Peterson, US)

Le Scaphandrier (Alain Vézina, Canada)

Excess Flesh (Patrick Kennelly, US)

The Ladies of the House (John Stuart Wildman, US)

Fear Clinic (Robert Hall, US)

Female Werewolf (Chris Alexander, US/Canada)

Vampyres (Victor Matellano, Spain)

Furieuse (Juan José Cea Escobar, Canada)

Violator (Dodo Dayao, Phillippines)

Latin American Features

Jorge & Alberto vs. The Neoliberal Demons (Gonzalo Quintana, Hernán Quintana, Argentina)

Olalla (Amy Hesketh, Bolivia)

Corazón Muerto (Mariano Cattaneo, Argentina)

Malefic (Sandro Ventura, Peru)

El Mal Trato (Daniel Vivanco, Chile)

13 Weird Stories (Felipe M. Guerra, Ricardo Ghiorzi, et al., Brazil)

Mexican Features

Arena Azteca Budokan (Orlando Jiménez)

México Bárbaro (Lex Ortega, Isaac Ezban, et al.)

El que Vendrá (Russel Álvarez)

Perdidos (Diego Cohen)

Piel Rota (Leopoldo Laborde)

La Fórmula del Dr. Fune (José Buil)

Ladronas de Almas (Juan Antonio de la Riva)

Suéltame (Noé Hurtado)

Darker than Night (Henry Bedwell)

El Silencio del Roble (Julián Vázquez)

Visitantes (Acán Coen)

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