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Now Streaming: THE VELVET UNDERGROUND, More Than Heroin

Director Todd Haynes pays tribute to the influential rock group in a documentary that is more than a music doc, now streaming on Apple TV+.

HORROR NOIRE: Shudder Releases Trailer And Poster For New Anthology Film

Horror Noire: A History of Black Horror was a favorite documentary of ours in 2019 and we were glad to hear that there would be a follow up to that. And here it is, Horror Noire, an anthology film coming...

Friday One Sheet: A BROKEN HOUSE

New key art from Akiko Stehrenberger is always a thing to celebrate; here for Jimmy Goldblum's short documentary, A Broken House (Hiraeth). A Syrian Architecture student in the United States, who smashed his own models meticulously handmade of his Damascus...

IN SEARCH OF DARKNESS: PART III Trailer: Final Installment in 80s Horror Super Doc Series

All good things must come to an end and the fabulous super documentary horror series, In Search of Darkness from CREATORVC and director David Weiner, is no exception. Fans can preserve the legacy by pre-ordering their copy of the last...

Fantastic Fest 2021 Review: CANNON ARM AND THE ARCADE QUEST, With Friends Like These

Director Mads Hedegaard documents an endearing Danish superhero and his friends.

Telluride 2021 Review: THE STORY OF LOOKING, How We Watch

Filmmaker Mark Cousins ('The Story of Film: An Odyssey') meditates on what it means to see things in his latest documentary essay.

Review: FAYA DAYI, Artful, Spiritual Anthropological Survey from Ethiopia

Transcending categories, 'Faya Dayi' achieves a deeply spiritual and contemplative viewing experience.


Watching Pascal-Alex Vincent's summation of Kon Satoshi's work and life and untimely death made me more than a little bit sad. Not because the film is a poor tribute or account of one of the leading lights of Japanese filmmaking,...

Review: SEARCHING FOR MR. RUGOFF, Gone, Gone, Gone

Directed by Ira Deutchman, the documentary is a briskly informative celebration for anyone who loves independent and international cinema.


Perhaps it is because this poster reminds me of the cover art of Nirvana's 1991 Nevermind album, perhaps it due to all the negative space at the bottom, or perhaps I just like the rippling reflection of actress Selma Blair...

Review: USEDOM: A CLEAR VIEW OF THE SEA, Where Nothing Ever Happens, Except Everything

Director Heinz Brinkman's documentary is an absorbing look at a Baltic Sea Island, diving beneath its surface beauties.

Climb New Heights: THE ALPINIST Trailer Soars Above

Even in the Before Times, I knew that climbing a mountain, by myself, would never happen. Still, I like to watch other people risk their necks, which is why The Alpinist looks to be very intriguing, especially since it focuses...

Hitch a Ride: WHIRLYBIRD Trailer Brings News From the Sky

Maybe it's my life-long fascination with helicopters, or that Los Angeles is my hometown, or maybe I'm just feeling nostalgic for my younger years, but I find the trailer Whirlybird to be insanely, irrationally appealing. Heading for release in select...

SEARCHING FOR MR. RUGOFF Trailer: For Anyone Who Loves Movie Houses

As someone who loves movies, I love watching a movie on the biggest, best screen possible, which has made the past 18 months especially daunting, and probably makes Searching for Mr. Rugoff especially appealing. We've all suffered from the worldwide...

Review: SABAYA, Neverending Nervy Rescues

Directed by Hogir Hirori, the gripping documentary peers into the real-life rescues of young women from sexual slavery.


Directed by Morgan Neville, the documentary paints the picture of a disillusioned man who couldn't reconcile the romantic notion of life and harsh, ugly realities.

Review: THE WITCHES OF THE ORIENT Goes Far Beyond a Nickname

The documentary by director Julien Faraut examines how a sports team from Japan became an international sensation.

Tribeca 2021 Review: LARRY FLYNT FOR PRESIDENT, Eerily Prescient, Outlandish Time Capsule

Director Nadia Szold reconstructs Larry Flynt's infamous run for presidential nomination from never-before-seen archival footage. And it's stranger than fiction.

Review: THE MONOPOLY OF VIOLENCE, Timely Contemplation on Excessive Force in Era of Yellow Vest, BLM

Directed by David Dufresne, the documentary is exemplary in reflecting insightful thoughts after one of the most violent and prolonged civil unrests in France's modern history.

Review: REBEL HEARTS, Dangerous Nuns

Pedro Kos directs a documentary about a large group of nuns who stood up to the patriarchy of the Catholic Church.