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Tribeca 2024 Review: SLAVE PLAY. NOT A MOVIE. A PLAY. Deconstruction As an Art Form

Jeremy O. Harris directs a documentary that pulls apart his provocative stage play and then puts it back together.

Tribeca 2024 Review: PIROPOLIS, Devastating Fires Start With a Single Spark

Nicholas Medina's documentary follows a volunteer fire brigade in the port city of Valparaiso, Chile.

Hot Docs 2024 Review: IMMORTALS Follows Iraqi Youth on the Frontlines

Swiss director Maja Tschumi presents a compelling exploration of the lives of Iraq's youth navigating the post-US invasion landscape, through the lens of the pivotal 2019 October Revolution.


Sometimes, typography makes the poster stand out. Consider the key art for The Ross Brothers' latest documentary, Gasoline Rainbow, featuring a black and white image of some kids on an automobile by the grassy shoulder of a long road. The...

SXSW 2024 Review: A HOUSE IS NOT A DISCO, Burning Down Preconceptions

Brian J. Smith directs a love letter to Fire Island Pines, the legendary queer beach town in New York.

Rotterdam 2024 Review: THE LIGHT Points Attention To An Art Scandal

In May 1995, Denmark was celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of the end of its occupation by the Nazis during World War 2, and many festivities were planned. As part of these, an art installation called 'Peace Sculpture 1995' was greenlit...

Toronto True Crime Begins Year-Round Programming at Hot Docs, Starting With THE PEZ OUTLAW

The Toronto True Crime Festival is returning with year-round programming at the Hot Docs Cinema.

DARIO ARGENTO PANICO Review: One for the Fans, And Only the Fans

Biodocs are always in danger of becoming hagiographies, especially when their subjects participate in the film and are offered the opportunity to self-mythologize. They’re also always in danger of closing themselves off to any viewers not already familiar with their...

Friday One Sheet: MOTHER SAIGON (Má Sài Gòn)

Quebec/Vietnamese filmmaker Khoa Lê's documents a portrait of the LGBTQ+ in modern Vietnam in Má Sài Gòn (Mother Saigon). The hazy orange and pink key art offers its own kind of public intimacy, and sends out a strong core visual on...

MAN ON THE RUN Review: The Wolf of Malaysia

Director Cassius Michael Kim documents how Jho Low exploited a fund intended to benefit the people of Malaysia and instead financed 'The Wolf of Wall Street,' among other reported misdeeds.

International Documentary Festival Amsterdam: THE CEMETERY OF CINEMA Review

Mouramani, a film by Mamadou Touré made in the mid fifties, was by all accounts the first African film shot in the French language. But nobody in Guinea seems to have seen it, as director Thierno Souleymane Diallo is finding...

International Documentary Festival Amsterdam Review: CITIZEN SLEUTH

Often a film is as good as its protagonist. Sometimes it isn't. The latter is the case for Citizen Sleuth, a documentary that has a very compelling central character in Emily Nestor, but that fails to really capitalize on the...

IFSN Advocate Award 2023: Annual Award Goes to D. Smith's KOKOMO CITY

Indie Film Site Network (IFSN) has announed this year's winner of the 2023 Indie Film Site Network Advocate Award. D. Smith's directorial debut the documentary Kokomo City has been chosen as this year's recepiant.    Four Black transgender sex workers explore...

Jihlava 2023 Review: BLIX NOT BOMBS Explores Geopolitical Impact, Personal Legacy

Greta Stocklassa directs a documentary on the diplomatic career of Hans Blix in a generational dialogue on the state of affairs of the current geopolitics.

Jihlava 2023 Review: PRAYING FOR ARMAGEDDON, Faith Moves Power

Tonje Hessen Schei and Michael Rowley's documentary examines the complex and often controversial intertwining of evangelical Christianity with U.S. politics, shedding light on its impact on global geopolitics.

Jihlava 2023 Review: ANOTHER BODY Lays Bare Weaponization of Deepfake Porn

Sophie Compton and Reuben Hamlyn's film explores the alarming rise of non-consensual deepfake pornography.

DOC NYC 2023 Review: NEIRUD, Family Secrets Revealed

Fernanda Faya's documentary examines the surprising life of her beloved aunt, known to wrestling fans as the kimono-wearing, invincible Gorilla Woman.

Friday One Sheet: OCCUPIED CITY

There are many ways to make a piece of key art. Be it a minimalist totem or icon from the film, those adventure blockbuster collages, be it photoshop or hand-painted, the surreal Dada-ist Polish style, or simply a shot of...

THE PIGEON TUNNEL Review: Heady Swirl of Conversation on History and Lies

Errol Morris directs John le Carré's final and most personal interview.


Anton Corbijn may be well-known as a director, but he is one of the super-giants in his field when it concerns photography. He has been world famous for decades already for his portrait stills, often shot in grainy black and...