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Cannes 2023 Review: YOUTH (SPRING), Chronicle of China's Working Class Youth

Chinese director Wang Bing makes his Cannes Competition debut with a stunning, expansive work about China's youth working in the country's garment industry.

Cannes 2023 Review: OCCUPIED CITY, Tales From WWII-Era Amsterdam

Steve McQueen directs a 4.5 hour Holocaust documentary.

THE THIEF COLLECTOR Review: Engaging Real-World Art-Heist Doc

Allison Otto directed the documentary.

Visions du Réel 2023 Review: HAWAR, OUR BANISHED CHILDREN, Yazidi Mothers' Perilous Journeys

Directed by Pascale Bourgaux, the documentary sheds light on the heartrending and clandestine journeys of Yazidi mothers to save their children after being forced to leave them behind.

IndieLisboa 2023 Review: SAMSARA Delves Into Mysteries of Life

Directed by Lois Patino, the docu-fiction hybrid explores life, death, and what lies beyond.

Hot Docs 2023 Review: ANGEL APPLICANT Reveals the Art of Survival

Ken A. Meyer directed, created an emotionally engaging, culturally relevant, and socially influential double portrait of artist Paul Klee and himself, dealing with the same disease.

Calgary Underground 2023 Review: CASH COW, Educational Deadpan with a Dash of Self Absorption

Is there such a thing as charming narcissism? Inclusive self-absorption?  Apparently, yes, it can be a thing. Matt Barats’ one-man-show pandemic documentary, where he draws parallels between his situation to the prophet of Mormonism, is a black swan. The film...

Visions du Réel 2023 Review: LANDSHAFT Delves into the Psychogeography of Eastern Armenia's Contested Borders

Daniel Kötter directed the contemplative road movie, screening at the Swiss documentary festival.

Calgary Underground 2023: MISTER ORGAN Review

David Farrier does not like bullies. He cannot abide liars. And I dare guess that he is not a fan of litigious revenge either. The New Zealand journalist turned filmmaker has a particular knack for sussing out the strange people...

A LIFE ON THE FARM Review: Making Movies

“Charles Carson. Coombe End Farm.” This story begins with a videotape. Director Oscar Harding finds an old tape he never got to watch in its entirety as a kid. Said video was titled “Life On The Farm”, a feature-length home...

CPH:DOX 2023 Review: AFTER WORK, In Pursuit of a Work-Free Existence

Erik Gandini's documentary travels the world, examining mankind's current approach to work and how we can prepare for the future.

Now Streaming: A-HA: THE MOVIE, Tiring of the Light

Directed by Thomas Robsahm, the music doc on the Norwegian band is now streaming on Viaplay.

CHOP & STEELE Exclusive: First Look at Trailer And Poster For 'Fantastic Fest Presents' Series Doc

Lifelong friends Joe Pickett and Nick Prueher, two comedians famous for pranking local news stations on live television as the fake strongman duo ‘Chop & Steele,’ find themselves in federal court with a vengeful media conglomerate after their latest morning...

Friday One Sheet: THE ECHO

The power of a single image is full on display for in the key art for Tatiana Huezo's rural Mexico documentary, The Echo. A child hugs a tree. Simple. Not so fast. The colour scheme is cool blues with a...

Sundance 2023 Review: AUM: THE CULT AT THE END OF THE WORLD Offers Anatomy of Terror

Chiaki Yanagimoto and Ben Braun's documentary goes behind the scenes of the 1995 Sarin gas attack in a Tokyo subway.

Review: ALL THE BEAUTY AND THE BLOODSHED, Epic Portrait of An Artist

Director Laura Poitras illuminates the artistry and activism of photographer Nan Goldin in her Golden Lion-winning awards contender.

Jihlava 2022 Review: KUNSTKAMERA, Czech Surrealist Maestro Jan Švankmajer Opens His Private Cabinet of Curiosities

The documentary reveals the private chambers of the surrealist filmmaker and artist materializing his mindscape full of strange objects, fetishes, and taxidermy.

DOC NYC 2022 Exclusive ELLIS Clip: Choosing Piano

Soon to premiere at DOC NYC, Sascha Just's Ellis tells the story of "a towering figure in the history of jazz." As the official synopsis informs, Ellis Marsalis "composed and performed major works of modern jazz infused with a uniquely...

Review: CAT DADDIES, Beyond the Whiskers and Fur

Directed by Mye Hoang, the captivating documentary explores how cats are people too.

Review: SIDNEY, A Portrait of the Artist as a Black Man

Directed by Reginald Hudlin, the documentary for Apple TV+ captures the development of a cinematic legend.