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SEARCHING FOR MR. RUGOFF Trailer: For Anyone Who Loves Movie Houses

As someone who loves movies, I love watching a movie on the biggest, best screen possible, which has made the past 18 months especially daunting, and probably makes Searching for Mr. Rugoff especially appealing. We've all suffered from the worldwide...

Review: SABAYA, Neverending Nervy Rescues

Directed by Hogir Hirori, the gripping documentary peers into the real-life rescues of young women from sexual slavery.


Directed by Morgan Neville, the documentary paints the picture of a disillusioned man who couldn't reconcile the romantic notion of life and harsh, ugly realities.

Review: THE WITCHES OF THE ORIENT Goes Far Beyond a Nickname

The documentary by director Julien Faraut examines how a sports team from Japan became an international sensation.

Tribeca 2021 Review: LARRY FLYNT FOR PRESIDENT, Eerily Prescient, Outlandish Time Capsule

Director Nadia Szold reconstructs Larry Flynt's infamous run for presidential nomination from never-before-seen archival footage. And it's stranger than fiction.

Review: THE MONOPOLY ON VIOLENCE, Timely Contemplation on Excessive Force in Era of Yellow Vest, BLM

Directed by David Dufresne, the documentary is exemplary in reflecting insightful thoughts after one of the most violent and prolonged civil unrests in France's modern history.

Review: REBEL HEARTS, Dangerous Nuns

Pedro Kos directs a documentary about a large group of nuns who stood up to the patriarchy of the Catholic Church.

Tribeca 2021 Review: THE PHANTOM is a Cinematic True Crime Gem

With belching refinery towers against a setting sun being one of its singular widescreen images,  Patrick Forbes cinematic and highly emotional film The Phantom, at times feels like a lost season of HBO's True Detective. The documentary covers the tragic case...

Review: A CRIME ON THE BAYOU, True and Disturbing

Directed by Nancy Buirski, the true-crime documentary calmly explains how outrageously justice can be perverted.


The music-documentary series, now streaming on Apple TV+, is vital and energizing.


You may not guess that this week's poster is for a documentary on police body cameras.  It is striking,  nonetheless.  The One Sheet resembles Mercury orbiting the sun (indeed, it could very well be a minimal poster art for Danny...

Hot Docs 2021 Review: MAU Designs Rules For Life

Watching the Bergman Brothers' wide-reaching, yet fleet documentary, Mau, on the life and career of Canadian super-star architect and designer Bruce Mau, I could not help but think of the final scene of Shaolin Soccer. After having won the big...

Hot Docs 2021 Review: WUHAN WUHAN Is An Engaging Display Of Empathy

Yung Chang's quietly effective documentary Wuhan Wuhan is both a time travelling machine and an empathy machine. Straddling the cinematic line between Frederick Wiseman and Robert Altman, high praise that is both obvious and merited, Chang's film takes us back to February...

Shudder in April: Halfway to Halloween Month Returns With CREEPSHOW, THE LAST DRIVE IN, PENNINSULA And so Much More

Wow. March is only 4 days old and already we have an announcement about Shudder's lineup for April. We know March is the one year anniversary of (waves hands around) *THIS* here in North America and we're all eager to...

Review: STRAY, Born to Be Wild

Elizabeth Lo's mesmerizing documentary follows dogs on the streets in Turkey. That's it, but it's more than enough.

SXSW 2021 Exclusive: We Have Your First Look at The Trailer For Mexican Women Wrestling Doc LUCHADORAS

Paola Calvo and Patrick Jasim's documentary Luchadoras will have its World premiere at SXSW 2021 Online, running March 16th - 20th. Screen Anarchy is honored to have your first look at the trailer for Luchadoras. Check it out below.   ...

Blu-ray Review: Criterion's MINDING THE GAP Goes Airborne

Bing Liu's Oscar nominated skater film arrives on Blu-ray, featuring a bonus interview with Tony Hawk.

Review: BILLIE EILISH: THE WORLD'S A LITTLE BLURRY, How to Remain Independent

Together with Samantha Stark's 'Framing Britney Spears,' R.J. Cutler's doc spells out the perils and pleasures of maintaining independence as a creative artist.

Review: UN FILM DRAMATIQUE, A Beautiful Experiment in Film Subjects as Filmmakers

The film is refreshing documentation of the lives of middle school students, reflecting on changing French society, as well as a boundary breaking, playful cinematic experiment.


The searing documentary, now streaming and also available on home video, paints a troubling portrait of one country's appalling treatment of LGBTQ+ citizens and immigrants.