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Now Streaming: THE IDHUN CHRONICLES Concludes Gently

Michelle Jenner again leads the voice cast in an anime adaptation of Laura Gallego's popular YA book, now streaming on Netflix.

New LUPIN III: THE FIRST Teaser Only Faintly Recalls Miyazaki

A new teaser for Lupin III: The First only faintly recalls Miyazaki Hayao's 1979 feature film adaptation, but perhaps that is intentional. Released in Japanese cinemas in December 2019, the film has been acquired by GKids for distribution in the...

Now Streaming: THE IDHUN CHRONICLES, Nimble Spanish Anime

Michelle Jenner leads the voice cast in an anime adaptation of Laura Gallego's popular YA book, now streaming on Netflix.

FENA: PIRATE PRINCESS Trailer: Orphan Seeks a Place to Belong

Featuring animation by Production I.G., the original series will air on Adult Swim's Toonami and stream on Crunchyroll.

Now Streaming: GIBIATE, A Samurai and a Ninja Fight Monsters

The anime series, now on Crunchyroll and VRV, is filled with brave warriors and fearsome beasts.

Review: JAPAN SINKS 2020, Goodbye, Land of the Rising Sun

Many, many people die in the masterful anime series from Science Saru (Yuasa Masaaki and Ho Pyeon-Gang), now streaming on Netflix.

Now Streaming: DECA-DENCE, Action and Surprises Galore

The new action-adventure anime show is simulcasting on Funimation and Hulu.

Now Streaming: THE GOD OF HIGH SCHOOL, Kicking People in the Face

A new clip reveals why the anime series on Crunchyroll features a President who resembles Tony Stark, aka Iron Man.

Review: BNA, Be the Best Beastman You Can Be

Directed by Yoshinari Yoh, the new anime series from Trigger is now streaming on Netflix.

First ONYX EQUINOX Trailer: Aztec Boy Journeys to Save Humanity

Whoa! The more I think I know something about anime, the more I realize how little I know. Case in point: the first, rip-roaring trailer for Onyxy Equinox premiered today, catching me off guard with its fresh backgrounds and stirring...

JAPAN SINKS: 2020 Trailer: And There Goes the World

Who needs one more disaster-themed piece of entertainment? A better question: who needs a disaster anime series from director Yuasa Masaaki? Japan Sinks: 2020 is an upcoming series that is drawn from a novel by Komatsu Sakyo, first published in...

New THE GOD OF HIGH SCHOOL Trailer: Keep Fighting, Kids

Should we really be encouraging kids to fight each other? To be fair, the upcoming anime series The God of High School is not encouraging random, violent beatdowns among adolescents, but participation in an official martial arts tournament. We see...


First published in 1996, Rumiko Takahashi's manga series Inuyasha follows a modern-day schoolgirl who is transported back in time to the Middle Ages (the Sengoku period), where she teams up with a half-dog/demon and enjoys many thrilling adventures. The manga...

Now Streaming: DRIFTING DRAGONS, Sailing the Sky in Search of Adventures

The anime series adaptation from Polygon Pictures, now streaming on Netflix, floats on a strong current of likable characters and swirling action.


We've made it to Friday! In times past, Friday has signaled the end of the working week for many of us, a day when we finish up our business before relaxing over the weekend, perhaps devoting our waking attention to...

Now Streaming: GHOST IN THE SHELL: SAC_2045, Love It or Hate It, It's Here

The sci-fi action series, now on Netflix, requires no previous experience with its universe and is ideal for binge-watching.

In THE GOD OF HIGH SCHOOL Trailer, Education Is A Fighting Word

And you thought your high-school experience was rough. The protagonist in The God of High School, Jin Mori, loves to fight, which means he is in a decent position to survive his teen years in the upcoming anime series. Office...

Now Streaming: WOODPECKER DETECTIVE'S OFFICE, Solving Mysteries With the Flair of a Poet

A poet becomes an investigator out of necessity in the lighthearted series, now streaming on Crunchyroll and VRV.

Now Streaming: PRINCESS CONNECT! RE:DIVE, What the Hey, The Landscapes Look Lovely

The Spring 2020 anime season continues with an entry that may intrigue.

Now Streaming: DIGIMON ADVENTURE Bewilders and Baffles While Also Possibly Enchanting

Are you ready for a re-booted anime series about monsters in the digital world? If so, kids, Crunchyroll is the streaming place to be.