Imagine 2014: What The Audiences Like Best

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(Amsterdam audiences can famously not be argued with, so let's just see what they liked best!)

This year's Imagine Film Festival Amsterdam had an extraordinary fine line-up of genre movies, resulting in an audience appreciation which was considerably higher than in other years. Films compete at the festival for the SyFy Silver Scream Award, based on audience ratings, and I remember previous editions of the festival where films were slaughtered and booed, and the rating cards weren't so much torn, as totally ripped in half over the lowest possible score. Not so this year, where almost every film got a pretty decent rating from Joe Public. One screening even broke records, but more about that later.

The Imagine Festival is always pretty open about its audience ratings, and you can see the whole list on their website. Note that there are many films on there that we at ScreenAnarchy liked a lot, but still ended up in the bottom half of the festival. This doesn't mean these films were apparently not so good, instead it is a testament of just how many crowdpleasers there were this year in the program. Kudos to the festival programmers of course, and it also says something about the amount of good genre films, out currently in the festival circuit.

Here is a closer look at the top 15 highest rated films in the list, and ending up on it proved to be no mean feat this year.

After several historical locations with grotesque, crumbling or grotty charm, the Imagine Film Festival Amsterdam settled last year in the brand new, almost too-clean Eye building. Thankfully this hasn't changed the festival into a hipster party, as it takes more to scare off the hardcore visitors than wide open spaces and increased accessibility. The atmosphere is still there, you're just not constantly wondering anymore how quickly you'd be trampled to death if someone yells "Fire!"

Voting is done through cards everyone receives at the entrance of each screening, and you vote by tearing the card a little at the rating of your choice. A score of one means hopeless, two is bad, three is mediocre, four is good, and a score of five means excellent. All ratings are counted, and the averages stretched to fit a scale of ten.

Ratings are often brutal at Imagine Festival, its audience known for being outspoken and unforgiving. That means a high rating here is nothing to be sneezed at, so flip through the next slides to see the top 15 highest rated films of this year's Imagine Film Festival.

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