Imagine 2019: What The Audiences Liked Best

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It's been two months since Amsterdam hosted its Imagine Film Festival, one of the finest Dutch genre events of the year. And I notice that while I always mention the audiences' reception of films in my reviews, I never wrote about which films turned out to be the fest's favorites. Which is a shame, as it's always worth it to know how a film played to a paying (and famously cantankerous) group of people.

Well, good news never spoils they say, so here is this year's Top 10 in the audience awards of the Imagine Film Festival 2019.

Amsterdam's audiences this year chose an interesting lot. Films which ended in the top-5 of other festivals dropped in the bottom half, while films I've heard described as absolute stinkers made it into the list.

As usual, visitors were given ballot cards ahead of each screening, and afterwards they could choose between "very good", "good", "so-so", "bad" and "very bad". Those results are given a number value ("very good" being a ten) and averages are computed. Note that you can find the entire list, including ALL ballot results, here, but in this article I will point out the top 10 in reverse order. So... what's on ten? .

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