Imagine 2023: What The Audiences Liked Best

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Last month saw the largest Dutch genre film festival being held: Imagine in Amsterdam. A lot of fun was had by a lot of people, and prizes were being awarded. But as always, professional juries may not have the same tastes as the paying public... so, what did the audiences like best?

Thankfully, there was an audience award as well: the Silver Scream. And it's not just that you get to see which film won it, but you get to see the audience ratings for loads of films. Let's see what happened this year!

At every screening, audience members get a card and are asked to rate the film upon exiting the venue. Ratings range from "hopeless" to "very good" and the festival computes a number to those votes. And this is one election where your vote does count! The numbers 9, 8 and 7 in this list had scores SO close to each other, that one or two audience members could already have made the difference. The same goes for the numbers 6 and 5...

So what DID the Imagine audiences vote to the top?
Here is a gallery of the top-10 in reverse order. Click on the edge of the pictures to scroll through them (or click on the thumbnails above this picture)..

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