Check These Insane Studio Ghibli Releases From Madman

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(OK, that title was meant as a pun of sorts, as these are some of the sanest editions I've ever seen...)

Is there any film studio in the world who can match Studio Ghibli's stellar track record? Maybe not, and considering that Studio Ghibli doesn't currently have any features slated, the studio itself may no longer be able to compete with its former greatness. Studio Ghibli's output for the last three decades has been fantastic, and rightfully legendary.

Distributor Madman in Australia is now going to be releasing some Limited Editions of several Studio Ghibli films, and their approach is simple yet un-equalled: basically, they are bundling the currently available Special Edition Blu-ray-DVD combos with the artbooks, adding a trinket or two and some spiffy new packaging.

This idea is brilliant in its simplicity: as an owner of these artbooks (they are currently available, sold separately), I can vouch for their excellence. These are coffee-table books with designs, sketches, unused art, finished art, and each of these runs for several hundred pages, positively bristling with information.

The only catch for most will be, of course, that they will probably own either the Blu-rays or the books already (like me). But if you don't, or are pondering to upgrade from DVD, this is probably the best way to do it!

You can find more information over at Madman's website (this sentence is the link). Currently planned to be released like this are Kiki's Delivery Service, Howl's Moving Castle and The Wind Rises. You can see pictures of Madman's approach in the gallery below, just click on the edges to see the others.
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