Pretty Packaging: THE RAID And THE RAID 2, German Ultimate Editions

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(Wowzers, them Germans sure do like these films!)

This week, German distributor Koch Media has released The Raid 2: Berandal on Blu-ray. That in itself may not be a world-shattering fact, as the film is available pretty much everywhere by now. What IS rather special though is that the Germans chose to also release an Ultimate Edition, same as they did with the original The Raid: Redemption almost two years ago.

Both of these Ultimate Editions are worthy of the title. The releases are multi-disc monstrosities, the films shown in totally uncensored bone-crunching glory, their boxes filled to the brim with physical goodies as well as plentiful on-disc extras.

So it's time to put both of these in the limelight a bit! Check out the gallery below, and you can flick through the images by clicking the edge of them, or sometimes get a bigger version by clicking at the center of them.

Full Disclosure: Our very own Todd Brown was attached to both of these films as an executive producer. However, he had no hand in creating these two German editions, nor did he have anything to do with the writing or editing of this article.

And here they are, side by side. Both boxes are hard cardboard, covered in black textile with glittery stuff embossed in it. Very, very cool.

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