Morelia 2013: Jodorowsky To Present THE DANCE OF REALITY

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Morelia 2013: Jodorowsky To Present THE DANCE OF REALITY
After announcing its official selection, the Morelia International Film Festival (FICM) 2013 has really exciting news for the Mexican fans of Alejandro Jodorowsky. 

The 84-year-old Jodorowsky returned to filmmaking after 23 years with The Dance of Reality (aka La Danza de la Realidad), which was first screened at Cannes 2013. And now the Mexican premiere of The Dance of Reality, with Jodorowsky in person, will be celebrated at Morelia 2013! You can read here Brian Clark's ScreenAnarchy review of The Dance of Reality; here's an extract: 

"When we first meet the young-boy version of Alejandro Jodorowsky in his new "imaginary autobiography" The Dance of Reality (La Danza de la Realidad), he is wearing a long blond wig and watching in terror as his dad brawls with two effeminate clowns under a colorful big top. So yes, anyone who worried that the Chilean master of surrealism might be dealing with "reality" in the objective sense of the word this time needn't have. 

Instead, Jodorowsky delivers a sprawling account of his formative years growing up in Chile that is weird, funny, brutal and ultimately, quite touching. It's The 400 Blows filtered through Voltaire and Fellini, with Jodorowsky's singularly bizarre sensibility keeping it anchored in a world removed any we've entered before (save for the director's other works)." 

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Jodorowsky himself confirmed his visit on Twitter, using the hashtag #JodorowskyenelFICM, and saying he will be the guest of honor of Morelia 2013 in October. There will be a retrospective during the festival, composed of four films by Jodorowsky: 

Fando and Lis (1968) 
El Topo (1970) 
The Holy Mountain (1973) 
Santa Sangre (1989) 

Also, the short film The Voice Thief, directed by Jodorowsky's son Adan Jodorowsky (aka Adanowsky), will be screened in Morelia. This film by Adanowsky is based on a story written by his father, and stars his brother Axel Cristobal Jodorowsky and Asia Argento. You can watch the trailer for The Dance of Reality and the teaser for The Voice Thief below!

The Voice Thief - Teaser from KNIGHTWORKS on Vimeo.

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