Camera Japan Netherlands 2023: What The Audiences Liked Best

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Last weekend saw the second leg of the Camera Japan Festival, which takes place in Amsterdam (following the first leg a week earlier in Rotterdam). Films were seen, food was eaten, origami got folded, and Japanese natural wines were drunk.

As always, with all its side events, Camera Japan puts the word fest in festival. But the heart of it all is of course the films. And with the festival officially ended, we can look at which films were liked best by the audiences, now that the scores are in.

I always like seeing these lists. Were these the best films? Who knows, critics and audiences sure disagree often, and it's hard finding an objective scale to measure them against each other. Some will say that films which confront (or even piss off) the audiences are the better films, and divisive titles will not be on this list.

Also, it's easy to bend the numbers a bit with some spectacle, like visiting stars, a director's speech, a funny Q&A afterwards... But in general, if you get good scores from a paying audience, it means you've created a crowdpleaser. And that's worth something too!

With that in mind, let's go to the list! So what DID Rotterdam and Amsterdam audiences vote to the top?

Here is a gallery of the top-5 in reverse order. Click on the edge of the pictures to scroll through them.

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