Morbido 2021: Mexican Genre Fest's Lineup And Poster Revea... OH MY GOD THAT'S HIS HEART!

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Morbido 2021: Mexican Genre Fest's Lineup And Poster Revea... OH MY GOD THAT'S HIS HEART!
Not gonna lie, not being able to go to Morbido two years in row is really hitting us in the feels. We're going to try to make up for it this week by going to our favorite, local taquiras for some tacos. Then we will pick up some pan de muerto and hot chocolate from one of the bakeries. That's totally going to make up for not being there, again, right? 
This year the festival is doing something new, going bi-national. Last week we reported that the festival's relationship with Sanfic in Santiao, Chile continues to grow and flourish. Apart from participation in the Sanfic-Morbido Lab Morbido would also be hosting seven screenings in a mini-fesitval environment. 
This week the fourteenth edition of Morbido will be another hybrid event, taking place online through Cinépolis Klic(r) for Mexico and on Morbido TV for all of Latin America. The in person screenings will take place at the usual haunts: Cinepolis Diana, Cinemania and the drive-in, Autocinema Coyote. 
Before we get into the films let's talk about this poster. Created by Mexican comic-book artist Rafael Gallur it reflects this year's theme of sacrfice. What I would have done to have seen this play out in the opening ceremony. For now though, holy shit, look at this amazing poster. Just another frame-worthy addition to the Morbido wall of fame. 
poster2021 860.jpg
Then there is the awesome lineup. 
We see that Daniel De La Vega's On the third day made the cut. So did the horror anthology Apps from our friends in Chile. I had thoughts about Morbido alumni Jimena Monteoliva's Welcome to hell after its premiere at Sitges but you should still check it out for yourself. Local filmmaker Alex Kahuam will be able to attend a screening of his film Forgiveness
Other alumni will have films at the festival also. Alex Noyer returns with his horror flick Sound of Violence. His short film that inspired the feature played at the festival before the boom boom times. Paco Plaza's new film La Abuela is also playing this year. 
Other festival faves like The Spine of Night, Mad God, The Sadness and Woodlands Dark & Days Bewitched: A History of Folk Horror are also playing at the festival this year. 
We'd love to be back togther with our familia de Morbido, or course, but we're glad they're still able to put on an event for the home crowd and continue to grow with the new bi-naitonal event next month at Sanfic. 
Mórbido Film Fest 2021 to take place from the 28th to 31st of October in Mexico City
This year, Morbido Fest will take on the form of a hybrid model, trough Cinépolis Klic(r) for all of Mexico and will be transmitted via Morbido TV for  all of Latin America.
The Fourteenth edition of Morbido Film Fest has arrived, the event will take place from the 28th to 31st of October in Mexico City, and from the 1st to 5th of November in Chile, beginning in Santiago de Chile and closing in Valparaiso; by doing so, Morbido will release for the first time in its history, a binational edition as part of an alliance with SANFIC INDUSTRY.
Festival Director Pablo Guisa comments: "These are times of change and reinvention, for this reason we shall make Morbido's first binational edition composed of live events in Mexico and Chile and all of Latin America through Morbido TV's satellite signal.
"The theme of this year's festival will be SACRIFICE, because sacrifices have been required to create it, we sacrificed live events and we are dedicating all of this to the ancient gods so that 2022 can be an abundant and healthy year."
It's for for this reason that this year's festival reminds us of the age-old ritual of sacrifice as tribute to ancient Mexican gods of old; the poster design was created by Mexican comic-book living legend Rafael Gallur.
Morbido Film Fest 2021 will have its venues in Mexico City at Cinepolis Diana, Cinemania and Autocinema Coyote (Coyote Drive-In). And its venues in Chile will screen at Cultural Center Matucana 100 in Santiago and Insomnia Screen Room at Valparaiso City.
The Morbido Film Fest 2021 official selection is formed by 42 short-films and 18 feature length films of which 2 of them have their premieres in Mexico City, 3 of them are national premieres and 13 of them are Latin-American Premieres. The cultural offering the festival brings this year represents the very best of genre world cinema and most of them will be shown for the first time in Mexico.
The Mexican film selection contains 3 new productions: The Black Minutes (Los Minutos Negros) by Mario Muñoz and the Latin American Premieres of Forgiveness by Alex Kahuam and The Exorcism of God by Alejandro Hidalgo.
Forgiveness Director Alex Kahuam will be attending the film's Sunday 31st screening at Cinepolis Diana and cast members will be in attendance as well, such as Alejandra Toussaint, Alejandra Zaid, Jessica Ortiz, Horacio Castelo and Laura de Ita. Alejandro Hidalgo will be presenting his film at the screening of The Exorcism of God in the same venue.
"This year's Morbido Fest cultural offer will reach thousands of people across the entire continent Thanks to the hybrid model we have developed, which includes satellite transmissions by Morbido TV" - Said Pablo Guisa.
Morbido Film Fest would like to thank its allies Cinépolis, Clinepolis Klic, Mórbido TV, Mantícora Distribución, Chemistry, as well as the support of the office of cultural affairs of Mexico City, through the fund for promotion and development of Mexican Cinema PROCINE.
We hereby present the complete information of all of our film programming for 2021:
Latin America feature Length Film Selection
Al 3er Día (On The Third Day)/ Daniel de la Vega / Argentina / 2021 National Premiere
APPS / Sandra Arriagada, Camilo León, Lucio A. Rojas, José Miguel
Zúñiga & Samot Márquez / Chile, Argentina / 2021 National Premiere
Bienvenidos al Infierno (Welcome to Hell) / Jimena Monteoliva / Argentina / 2021 Latin American Premiere
Exorcism of God / Alejandro Hidalgo / Mexico-USA / 2021 Latin American Premiere
Forgiveness / Alex Kahuam / Mexico / 2021 Latin American premiere
Los Minutos Negros (The Black Minutes) / Mario Muñoz / Mexico / 2021
Selección de Largometrajes Extranjeros
La Abuela (The Grandmother) / Paco Plaza / Spain / 2021
La Pasajera (The Passenger) / Raúl Cerezo, Fernando González Gómez / Spain / 2021 Latin American Premiere
Mad God / Phil Tippet / USA / 2021 Latin American Premiere
Mi Adorado Monster (My Lovely Monster) / Víctor Matellano / Spain / 2021 Latin American Premiere
Sound of Violence / Alex Noyer / USA / 2021 Latin American Premiere
Sky Sharks / Marc Fehse / Germany / 2020 Mexican Premiere
The Amusement Park / George A. Romero / EUA / 1973 Latin American Premiere
The Sadness / Rob Jabazz / Taiwan / 2021 Latin American Premiere
The Scary of Sixty First / Dasha Nekrasova / USA / 2021 Latin American Premiere
The Spine of Night / Philip Gelatt & Morgan Galen King / USA / 2021 Latin American Premiere
Woodlands Dark & Days Bewitched: A History of Folk Horror / Kier-La Janisse / USA/ 2021 Latin American Premiere
Zalava / Arsalan Amiri / Irán / 2021 Latin American Premiere
Anniversary Section 
Scream / Wes Craven / USA / 1996
In the 2021 short-film official selection over 42 shorts will be presented from 17 countries within five thematic blocks which will offer a provocative experience demonstrating the realm of sensations that short films can manifest.
This Short-Film blocks will be available at Morbido TV as well as its app from 28th of October through the 5th of November.
It's time for you to meet these stories and to allow Morbido Film fest to share the passionate vision of their filmmakers.
01. The Unspoken Antagonist
Forget the self-help liquor. Stop battling yourself. These stories will help change the perception of your self-esteem.
Cutter / Dan Repp, Lindsay Young / USA
La inquilina / Lucas Paulino, Ángel Torres / Spain
Smile / Joanna Tsanis / Canadá
El agua te arrepentirá / Marco Bentancor / Uruguay
The Gatherer / Pedro Tamames / Spain Unheimlich / Fabio Colonna / Mexico Leave Work / Hyolim Lee / South Korea Part Forever / Alan Chung-An Ou / Taiwan
02. Offspring and Progenitors
They say that everything is written in our DNA. Eight tales to reconsider the lessons of our ancestors.
A Tale Best Forgotten / Tomas Stark / Sweden
El Mito / Héctor Falcón Villa / Mexico
Such Small Hands / María Martínez Bayona / United Kingdom El Algoritmo del Alma / Israel Gómez Reséndiz / Mexico Deep Learning Death / Thorsten Fleisch / Germany
A Puff Before Dying / Michael Reich, Mike Pinkney /USA
Everything Go Round / Ryan Oksenberg / USA
Poor Glenna / Jean-Paul DiSciscio / USA
03. The Expansive Morphology of Being
An imaginary collection of surprising creatures, peculiar manifestations of otherness, that will seduce you with their painful charms.
When The Moon Was Gibbous / Erika Grace Strada /Denmark
They're Here / Sid Zanforlin / Canada
The Thing That Ate The Birds / Sophie Mair, Dan Gitsham / United Kingdom
Snowdevil / Patricio Valladares / Chile
Self Actualization of the Werewolves / Conall Pendergast /Canada
Monster Encounters / James Smith / Germany
Exhumando Londres Después de Medianoche / Gustavo Leonel Mendoza / Argentina
Wereback / Estrada Brothers / USA Brackish / Christa Boarini / USA Night Bus / Joe Hsieh / Taiwan
04. Caustic and Sticky
Episodes full of narrative triggers that will rock your perceptions, courtesy of the intoxicating properties of the graphic and the radical.
Algo en el Jardín / Marcos Sánchez / Chile
Guts / Chris McInroy / USA
Madd4_U /Alexandra Velasco, André Leshé / Mexico
Bestia / Hugo Covarrubias / Chile Teratoma / Jano Pita / Spain Lachesis / Gregory Foltynowicz / USA Strip / Craig Ouellette / USA
Night of the Living Dicks / Ilja Rautsi / Finland
05. Ask Time to Return
Atemporal enigmas full of existential angst and longing to alleviate absurdity and lubricate tedium.
Sweet Mary, Where Did You Go? / Michael Anthony Kratochvil /Australia
#NoFilter / Nathan Crooker / USA
Soy un Vampiro / Sofía Garza Barba / Mexico
Han Vuelto / Ismael Capistrán / Mexico
Are We Receiving Biological Signals from Outer Space / Tim Grabham / United Kingdom
She / Eugenio Villamar / USA
Salpicón / Marcos Muñoz / Mexico
Survivers / Carlos Gómez-Trigo / Spain
Morbido/ SANFIC Selection:
Matucana 100
Bienvenidos al infierno (Welcome to hell)
Los minutos negros (The Black Minutes)
Al 3er día (On the third day)
Mad God
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