Friday One Sheet: THE SPINE OF NIGHT

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Friday One Sheet: THE SPINE OF NIGHT

The neo-psychedelic, pink and blue poster for The Spine of Night hits kind of a Twilight Zone on Acid vibe, with a hint of Krull.  Morgan Galen King and Philip Gelat's rotoscoped ultra-violent fantasy film is coming to the end of its festival run, where it recently screened at the Sitges International Film Festival, and about to head to Shudder, where it will likely find the perfect audience for its particular brand of bombast and mayhem.

This new key art for the film, follows a trend of weird genre films embracing a neon colour palette. Here fading from space purple to tropical aquamarine. While the poster does not hint at the copious amounts of blood and gore in the film, it still gives of a 'Heavy Metal' airbrushed kind of feel, which is on point.

And really, you can never go wrong with a half-buried skull in the middle.


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