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Calgary Underground 2018 Line-Up is Diverse and Eclectic: Lynne Ramsay! Freaks and Geeks! Blood and Donuts! Saturday Morning Cartoon Party!

The Calgary Underground Film Festival is coming up on April 16th, and their full slate of films for their fifteenth edition is an eclectic mixture sure to satisfy many tastes and moods. The opening night film is Jim Hosking's An...

Calgary Underground 2015 Review: NIGHT OWLS, Kitchen Sink Drama Both Tender & Brutal

In many ways, a lot of American Indie cinema is becoming as formulaic and predictable as its big budget cousins. Be it a Baumbach jam, a Swanberg swing or a doozie from the Duplass', there are clear expectations that...

Calgary Underground Film Festival Unveils 2015 Lineup

With its Oil barons and gleaming skyscrapers, Calgary, Alberta might be a lot like Canada's Houston, but between April 13th to 19th it'll be a heck of a lot more like Austin or Park City as their 12th annual Underground...