Celluloid Screams 2022: Strong Spanish-Language Presence And an Immersive Anniversary Screening of GHOSTWATCH Highlight Festival Lineup

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Celluloid Screams 2022: Strong Spanish-Language Presence And an Immersive Anniversary Screening of GHOSTWATCH Highlight Festival Lineup
Our friends at Celluloid Screams announced their programme for this year's festival. 
This year's programme is bookended by two Spanish-language films. The Elderly, a film I rather enjoyed this Summer, will open the festival while the much anticipated horror flick, Evil Eye, from our friend Isaac Ezban is slated to close out the festival. Other Spanish-language films include The Passenger, the first film from the duo behind The Elderly, Raúl Cerezo and Fernando González Gómez, and Huesera, the Tribeca award winner from Michelle Garza Cervera. 
Other festival faves include The Harbinger, Something in the Dirt, Watcher and Holy Shit! There are a couple rep screenings worth noting - Bubba Ho-tep and Evil Dead 2 - but what really has our attention is the GHOSTWATCH: A 30th Anniversary Immersive Experience event.
It was a notorious television special broadcast in the UK that had a similar effect on viewers that the War of the Worlds radio show had on its listeners near six decades before that - panic. This event celebrating the 30th anniversary of the broadcast promises to be a more terrfying experience with "loud and sudden sounds, lighting, smoke, and jump scares throughout". Cool.
The complete lineup and ticket information is in the announcement below. 
An immersive screening of TV classic GHOSTWATCH and the International Premiere of MATRIARCH starring Kate Dickie and Jemima Rooper are among the highlights at Celluloid Screams 2022, along with UK Premieres of THE ELDERLY and Mexican witch tale EVIL EYE, plus a host of other terrifying treats.                                         
Celluloid Screams Horror Film Festival has been delighting film fans since 2009, delivering shocks and scares with the best in new and classic horror cinema from around the globe. Recently voted one of the best horror festivals in the world by Dread Central for the second year running, the 14th edition of Celluloid Screams runs from 20-23 October 2022 at the Showroom Cinema, Sheffield and will present a terrifying programme of films and special events.
“We are thrilled to be back in 2022 with a full-blooded edition of Celluloid Screams.” says festival founder and co-director Rob Nevitt.
“Once again, our programming team has scoured the earth to find the true gems of the horror genre for your viewing pleasure. With a whole host of premieres and previews, plus a handful of classics thrown in for good measure – not to mention an immersive screening experience that’s the most ambitious event we’ve ever staged - Celluloid Screams 2022 is set to be one of our most memorable festivals to date and not to be missed.”
Here’s the full line-up of what’s in store for Celluloid Screams 2022…
SPECIAL EVENT: GHOSTWATCH: A 30th Anniversary Immersive Experience
Dir. Lesley Manning | United Kingdom | 1992 | 90 mins
Ghostwatch superfans Celluloid Screams and immersive cinema pioneers Live Cinema UK present a one night only 30th anniversary live cinema experience, resurrecting the original spirit of the broadcast for a hauntingly-good immersive celebration of the paranormal, Parky, and Pipes. With a Q&A with director Lesley Manning and writer Stephen Volk, peek behind the curtains, and re-enter the glory hole…
Content warning: this is a live immersive event. Please be prepared for loud and sudden sounds, lighting, smoke, and jump scares throughout.
Produced by Live Cinema UK and Celluloid Screams - Sheffield Horror Film Festival. 
Note: This special event takes place at Peddler Warehouse, 92 Burton Rd, Neepsend, Sheffield S3 8BX on Friday 21 October. 
All other festival screenings take place at Showroom Cinema.
Dir. Raúl Cerezo, Fernando González Gómez | Spain | 2022 | 95 mins
After the sudden suicide of his wife, octogenarian Manuel goes to live with his son Mario and begins to exhibit strange and violent tendencies that suggest the onset of dementia. In the midst of an oppressive heatwave, it soon becomes clear that something very disturbing is happening to the city’s elderly population…
Dir. Isaac Ezban | Mexico | 2022 | 99 mins
Nala, a 13-year-old girl from the city, travels with her family to her grandmother's home in the countryside, to try to find a cure for her little sister's mysterious illness - But she'll soon find her granny is not exactly what she seems.
BUBBA HO-TEP (20th Anniversary screening)
Dir. Don Coscarelli | USA | 2002 | 95 mins
In one of his greatest screen roles, Bruce Campbell takes care of business as the king of rock ‘n’ roll Elvis Presley, joining forces with a man who claims to be former US president John F. Kennedy to take on an Egyptian mummy intent on feasting on the souls of the elderly residents of a Texas rest home.
Dir. TBC | TBC | TBC | TBC
A Celluloid Screams tradition since our first edition in 2009, our secret film is kept under wraps and only revealed as it is about to begin.
EVIL DEAD 2 (35th Anniversary screening)
Dir. Sam Raimi | USA | 1987 | 95 mins
After a landslide victory in the Celluloid Screams Tournament of Terror online vote this summer, Sam Raimi’s gore-drenched classic returns to the big screen for its 35th Anniversary.
Dir. Andy Mitton | USA | 2022 | 87 mins
Monique ventures out of quarantine to visit her old friend Mavis, who has been plagued by nightmares that she cannot wake up from. It becomes apparent that a demonic presence is behind these terrifying dreams, and worse yet, Monique will soon find herself trapped within a nightmare of her own.
Dir. Lukas Rinker | Germany | 2022 | 90 mins
Architect Frank wakes up, bloodied and disoriented, inside a porta-loo. Unsure of how he got there, he pieces together the evidence, and soon realises that his life is in imminent danger. With one hour on the clock, Frank must race against time to escape his pungent prison.
Dir. Michelle Garza Cervera | Mexico/Peru | 2022 | 93 mins
Valeria is pregnant with her first child, but her journey into motherhood is quickly becoming a nightmare as she begins to suffer from terrifying visions. In her desperation, Valeria seeks to have her spirit cleansed, but her salvation may lie in the life she left behind.
Dir. Eric Pennycoff | USA | 2022 | 82 mins
A devout priest welcomes a struggling couple into his home at Christmas time. What begins as a simple act of kindness quickly becomes the ultimate test of faith as the sanctity and sanity of his life are thrown into a deadly tailspin, leaving him to choose between forgiveness and madness.   
Dir. Ben Steiner | USA | 2022 | 95 mins
After mysteriously surviving a fatal overdose, a woman returns to her childhood village to confront her personal demons but instead must confront a real one.
Dir. Karim Ouelhaj | Belgium | 2022 | 100 mins
Martha and Félix, the children of a notorious Belgian serial killer, live a strange existence together in their crumbling Gothic manor. However, after experiencing a violent assault at work, Martha finds herself immersed in the terrifying world inhabited by her brother, who has continued their father’s violent legacy.
Dir. Raúl Cerezo, Fernando González Gómez | Spain | 2021 | 95 mins
Four strangers travelling across Spain in a ride share have their trip interrupted when the driver accidentally hits a woman hiking in the middle of the night. After loading her into the van and setting off in search of the nearest hospital, they soon discover that something is very wrong with the new passenger.
Dir. Justin Benson, Aaron Moorhead | USA | 2022 | 116 mins
When neighbours John and Levi witness supernatural events in their apartment building, they realize documenting the paranormal could bring them fame and fortune. But as their project progresses, they start to uncover the unforeseen dangers of both the mysterious phenomena and their newfound friendship.
V/H/S 99
Dir. Johannes Roberts, Maggie Levin, Flying Lotus, Tyler MacIntyre, Vanessa Winter & Joseph Winter | USA | 2022 | 99 mins
Witness a hellish vision of 1999, as social isolation, analog technology and disturbing home videos fuse into a nightmare of found footage savagery.
Dir. Chloe Okuno | USA | 2022 | 91 mins
A young American woman moves with her husband to Bucharest, and while trying to adapt to her new life, she notices a stranger watching her from the apartment building across the street. With a serial killer on the loose in the area, she begins to suspect her life may be in danger.
Dir. Dominic Brunt | United Kingdom | 2022 | 95 mins
Shooting a horror film at a remote country estate should have been a walk in the park, but when the full moon rises, a low-budget film crew come face-to-face with the manor house’s resident werewolf in this horror comedy from director Dominic Brunt.
Festival passes are on sale on SATURDAY 10th SEPTEMBER at 12pm via http://www.showroomworkstation.org.uk/ and in person at the Showroom Cinema box office
Individual tickets for GHOSTWATCH: A 30TH ANNIVERSARY IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCE are on sale on SATURDAY 10th SEPTEMBER at 12pm via http://www.showroomworkstation.org.uk/ and in person at the Showroom Cinema box office
Individual tickets for all other films are on sale on SATURDAY 1st OCTOBER at 12pm via http://www.showroomworkstation.org.uk/ and in person at the Showroom Cinema box office
For full details of the film programme (including our 2022 short film programme) and schedule please visit: www.celluloidscreams.com
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