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Last year I started my overview of 2019 with lamenting about how few films I had seen, as I noticed a steady downward trend. But in 2020? I caught up. Months of lock-downs for my whole family left us with a whole lot of evenings where we just decided to pop in a movie. For new films, this was my worst year in decades. Still, I easily saw half as many films this year compared to 2019. A record even.

Writing for Screen Anarchy is not my first profession; my daytime job is a very different one, and it pays the rent and my movie addictions. As such, the weird year it was had impact on my day-job, and sabotaged most of my writing-time. So even though I saw a record number of films, I think it was also the year which had me write the smallest number of articles on this site. I hope to catch up on that this year... as writing about films is still a passion of mine.

But without further ado, here is my gallery of musings about 2020. Click on the edge of the pictures to scroll through them, and I hope you have fun reading bits of it!

The Elephant in the Room

Because it's hard to talk about 2020 without mentioning the ongoing pandemic, let's start with it. Labelled "corona-virus disease 2019", the plague changed everyone's year. Even if you didn't get ill from it, or had someone close to you die from it, the effects were devastating to our way of life. Social contacts changed. Jobs changed or were lost all-together. Economies worldwide are in tatters, and private relationships are strained. Never in the history of mankind did we have so much technology to help us keep in contact, yet we still all got the taste of cabin fever.

Meanwhile, the film industry changed, irrevocably. If 2021 brings us anything, let it be hope for light at the end of the tunnel, and please, with millions sick worldwide already, don't let that light be a train rushing towards us with a new, deadlier mutation on board.

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