Exclusive Poster Art For Joko Anwar's IMPETIGORE

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Exclusive Poster Art For Joko Anwar's IMPETIGORE

Yes, it is a Joko Anwar sort of day here at ScreenAnarchy. In addition to the gorgeous artwork passed our way for Anwar's upcoming Modus Anomali, we've also received the first artwork for Anwar's other upcoming project Impetigore. While Modus Anomali falls more into a thriller vein, Impetigore is very much hard edged horror.

After surviving a murder attempt on her by a man who claimed to have come from her home village, a woman decides to go home to the remote village to find out why. Not knowing that the whole villagers have been trying to find her for years to kill her to cure a horrible plague they think as a curse.
Again, watch for information on both of Anwar's new projects as they move ahead.

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Ard VijnJuly 2, 2011 1:28 PM

When I spoke with Joko Anwar at the 2009 IFFR, he mentioned he was working on something that would become the goriest film ever made. This was shortly after having seen "The Forbidden Door" so I did not doubt him.

Could this be that project? That is one hell of a graphic tattoo-removal!

Joshua ChaplinskyJuly 2, 2011 2:36 PM

Wow. Two new projects. Nice.