Friday One Sheet: THE LONG WALK

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Friday One Sheet: THE LONG WALK

This new poster for Mattie Do's The Long Walk, released ahead of its upcoming cinema bow, does several interesting things.

First, it visualizes the central image of a road, via perspective, as a wide ocean. All that sepia-tinged negative space is perfect for pull quotes. (I will shamelessly admit, if you pull one of mine and put it on your key art, well, that poster will very likely end up a subject of this weekly column.)

Second, two characters walk in the background, giving the appearance of a faded, old photo. The interesting thing is how the third character, a boy, is so deep in the foreground, nestled tight inside the title card. It almost feels like he is a part of the logo. That in itself makes Midnight Marauder's design compelling. There is a visual tension in how that element is placed. Is the boy with them? Lost? Running away? Waiting for them to catch up? He looks to the side, not at us. What is out of the frame?

The film itself is about ghosts, and time, and dealing with uncanny thresholds.

So is the key art.


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