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Last year I started my overview of 2018 with lamenting about how few films I had seen. The sad truth is: in 2019 I saw even significantly less. I strive for at least 150 films each year, yet in 2019 my tally ends with a scant 120. Ten a month? Do I even LIKE movies anymore?!

To make matters worse, people keep telling me what a great year for cinema 2019 was, "maybe even the best of the decade". Grrr...

But sometimes things happen in your non-film life which require attention. For me, 2019 was a tumultuous year, in health, in family matters, in paying jobs... which means that binge-watching a television series at home was more likely to happen than, say, a trip to a film festival. I caught up to such classics as Peaky Blinders and Penny Dreadful, and yes, that took its toll on the film front.

Does that mean I do not have a dozen of musings about 2019? Truth be told, I was tempted to leave it at ten, but nevertheless I suddenly found myself with fourteen items. So heh, apparently I DO still like movies. A bit of pruning later, I was back at ye olde dozen, and here they are... Click on the edge of the pictures to scroll through them. And may 2020 bring us all luck and awesomeness!

Early in the year, Alita: Battle Angel was a very nice surprise indeed, and arguably the most fun my inner 12-year-old has had in a cinema this year.

Sure, it's a shallow adaptation of its source material, and at times awkward and predictable. But it is also very entertaining, and refreshingly spectacular, both in its many fights and in its gorgeously rendered city-skapes. Those who refused to see it because of the "big eyes" issue sure missed out.

As several people around me said: they'd better be quick with bringing on that sequel.

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