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Notes on Streaming: FOREST OF PIANO, Playing Through Pain

A young boy from a rough background discovers the magic of music as a means of dealing with his miseries.

Notes on Streaming: KAKEGURUI, Compulsive Gambling in Japan

Do I feel lucky? Well, do you, punk?

DARK/WEB Series Goes to Amazon, Premieres July 19

Dark/Web, the 8-episode sci-fi/horror anthology series we've covered here before will stream exclusively on Amazon Prime as of July 19. The series debuted last February at Entertainment Weekly's and SCAD's prestigious television festival, aTV Fest, and will screen to a...

Notes on Streaming: Korean RAMPANT Brings More Zombies

Watch gorgeous period costumes get soaked in blood!

7 SEEDS Trailer Sows Post-Apocalyptic Troubles

Teens tangle with the unknown in new anime series from Gonzo and Netflix.

Notes on Streaming: REVISIONS From Japan, THE DEFECTED From Hong Kong

Plus: Action-comedy 'The Man Who Feels No Pain' arrives from India.

Notes on Streaming: A HOME WITH A VIEW Embraces Hong Kong, THE WANDERING EARTH Arrives From China

Plus: South Korea's 'Abyss' follows resurrected dead people investigating a serial-killer mystery.

TROUPERS Trailer: Documentary Tackles Aging in Hollywood

Troupers, a documentary about growing old in Hollywood, proves it's never too late to follow your dreams. The hit documentary that originally aired on PBS will see a wider release Friday, May 3rd, 2019 from Global Digital Releasing. From filmmakers...

Notes on Streaming: THE RUTHLESS Takes Criminal Aim, RAMY Takes a Spiritual Journey

Plus: 'Blue My Mind' shakes up Shudder.


Plus: 'Cheap Thrills,' 'Free Solo' and 'Shoplifters' arrive.

THE OA: Part II Trailer: Netflix's Ambitious Sci-fi Series is Back with a Twist

After three long years of waiting, fans of The OA will finally get to see what happened to Brit Marling following the dramatic and somewhat controversial ending of the series' first season. If you are new to the series, I...

Notes on Streaming: MANDY Gets Reckless, THE WORLD IS YOURS Stays Cool

Busting out of the gate at Sundance this past January, Panos Cosmatos' Mandy, starring Nicolas Cage, drew huge attention, especially, I suspect, from those who had disregarded Beyond the Black Rainbow, which was gorgeous and haunting in both spirit and...

Notes on Streaming: Good News, No News and Things That Make Me Wonder

Good news for Criterion, no news for FilmStruck, and studios producing films directly for streaming services makes me wonder.

Notes on Streaming: HOMECOMING Compels, HOUSE OF CARDS Wraps, THEY'LL LOVE ME WHEN I'M DEAD Captivates

The new film by David Mackenzie, Outlaw King, is my pick of this weekend's streaming crop. Chris Pine, Florence Pugh and Aaron Taylor Johnson star; the historical battles and heated drama look impressive (watch trailer below). Mackenzie (Hell or High...

Exclusive FUTURE SEX Trailer: New Blackpills Original Takes on Mankind's Favourite Ritual

Blackpills is fast becoming a must-watch space for unique original programming. From Luc Besson's assassin series Playground, to the faux 70's Grindhouse series A Girl is a Gun, the service already had my attention; but now that we've glimpsed into the future...

Paco Plaza's VERONICA Is Netflix's Latest Surprise Debut: Watch the [REC] Director's Latest Now

Last week I wrote a column praising [REC], the seminal Spanish horror film, and one that I believe kickstarted the entire found footage sub-genre as we know it today. Well, now [REC] is back in the news, this time as...

Hey North America! Don't Miss Your Chance To See SHE REMEMBERS, HE FORGETS For Free!

Hong Kong director Adam Wong’s 2013 film The Way We Dance was a miracle at the local box office, and he followed that up with the critical and commercial hit She Remembers, He Forgets in 2015.    She Remembers, He...

Have Your Say: What Is the Future of Movie Watching?

Last week, when speaking with indieWIRE, Dunkirk director Christopher Nolan shared his disdain for the way Netflix presents their original feature content, namely their lack of any theatrical window for films such as Bong Joon-Ho's Okja -- a big screen...

More Exclusives Hit Shudder in February

Horror streaming service Shudder continues to grow their collection with classic shockers and a number of fantastic exclusives. From the trippy French mini-series Beyond the Walls (which I loved) to Rob Zombie's killer clown extravoganza, 31, their offerings since coming to Canada...

SPECTRAL Trailer: Netflix's Supernatural War Movie Hits this Week

I had big hopes for Spectral when it was announced that Legendary would be producing it. A big budget supernatural war movie blending the raw aesthetic of Black Hawk Down with the notion of a ghostly invasion sounded like a great...