Friday One Sheet: NOCTURNE

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Friday One Sheet: NOCTURNE

Yellow is the new pink. After the bold and original poster for Brandon Cronenberg's Possessor dropped, I commented on the re-appropriation of yellow from the 'Sundance Indie Dramedy' to art-house horror film space.

Here is the poster for Zu Qurike's feature debut, Nocturne, which will be popping up on Amazon Prime shortly/ Design house, B O N D, has literally made the transition of the last couple years excessive use of the colour pink in key art design, explicit, and moving right to left from pink  into full yellow. 

It is an arresting image, both because the lead character is upside-down (Question: Did the photographer take the shot upside-down, or just rotate the image, and Photoshop in that necklace afterwards?) and the curious, excessive running of mascara that cries out 'horror picture' without feeling too overblown about it.

There is no credit block, as the streaming services appear to not like them, but there is a bunch of text at the bottom with the usual tagline, director's credit and release date. The three movies mentioned in the context of the producers feel more like the 'if you liked' algorithm aspects of the streaming service, but I must admit, it works like gangbusters. Of course, the streaming service itself, gets top billing at the uppermost region of the poster.


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