Morbido Fest 2014 Dispatch 2: [REC] 4, THE GREEN INFERNO, THE STRANGER And More Stir The Senses

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What a fantastic day at the Morbido Film Fest! I got to spend time walking around the zocalo (town square), just a minute from the hotel where I'm staying here in Puebla, Mexico, visiting a bookstore and milling along with the crowds that make Saturdays in a big city so exhausting and yet thrilling for visitors. But once the screenings started, my senses were stirred in entirely different ways.

Directed by Richard Stanley

When it was released in 1990, Richard Stanley's directorial debut marked him as an up-and-coming talent. It's a properly weird, slow-cooking tale of the future, and about as far away from Star Wars and The Terminator as you can get.

Twitch's Todd Brown reviewed the film when it was released on Blu-ray by Severin Films, and he wrote in part:

"As any fan will tell you, the real star of this sort of film is not the human characters but the creature, in this case the robot, which is a nice piece of practical film making, an actual built-in-the-real-world metallic menace, a fact that unavoidably limits what Stanley can do with his villain but one that is a refreshing reminder of the tactile sense films lost when the industry started focusing so heavily on digital effects."

You can read Todd's entire review here.

All I can add to Todd's review is that it was delightful to see this film on the big screen. I barely remember it when I watched it on videotape years ago, but this is definitely weird and wonderful, the work of a mad genius.

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