First Footage from the Set of [REC]4: Apocalypse Shows a Very Big Boat

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First Footage from the Set of [REC]4: Apocalypse Shows a Very Big Boat
The final installment of the brilliant and incredibly successful [REC] series, after some shooting in Barcelona, has now moved production to the Canary Islands under the direction of Jaume Balagueró. (Balagueró directed the first two in the series with Paco Plaza; the third installment was directed only by Plaza.) Little is known of the story, except that it takes place after the events of [REC]2, will feature the character of news reporter Angela Vidal, and is set mainly on a very large boat. 

Spanish television station RTVE has posted video footage from the set, featuring some of the shooting and a brief interview with Balagueró and Manuela Velasco, who plays Vidal. It is in Spanish without subtitles, but Balagueró discusses the complexities of filming on the boat, and his attempts to create the claustraphobic atmosphere of such a space. 

Considering that the film series began as almost a lark as a small film project between friends more than six years ago, it's amazing to see how far it's come, and how the series has altered the course of the found footage mode. The film is due to be released next year.
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