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70s Rewind: BLUME IN LOVE, George Segal Seeks Peace, Love, Understanding

Also: how a certain sequence in Paul Mazursky's mainstream romance ripples unpleasantly through time.

70s Rewind: THE PANIC IN NEEDLE PARK And The Damage Done

Al Pacino and Kitty Winn star in director Jerry Schatzberg's sobering drama of addiction.

70s Rewind: REPORT TO THE COMMISSIONER, Blister, Peel, Repeat

Michael Moriarty, Yaphet Kotto, Susan Blakely, Hector Elizondo and Tony King star in director Milton Katselas' gritty adaptation of a blistering NYC police novel.

70s Rewind: THE WILBY CONSPIRACY, Poitier and Caine Go on the Run

Sidney Poitier and Michael Caine go on the run in South Africa in an unlikely political drama, directed by Ralph Nelson.

70s Rewind: THE BLACK WINDMILL, Minor Genre Thrills

Michael Caine stars in Don Siegel's British suspense drama.

70s Rewind: OKLAHOMA CRUDE, Faye Dunaway Shines in Oily Western

Twilight Time's new Blu-ray includes a helpful audio commentary and an isolated track for Henry Mancini's music.

70s Rewind: THE HOT ROCK, Robert Redford, When He Was Still an Actor

Robert Redford and George Segal star in Peter Yates' adaptation of Donald E. Westlake's lightly comic crime craper, scripted by William Goldman.

70s Rewind: CAPRICORN ONE, The Wrong Stuff

Filmmaker Peter Hyams triumphs by celebrating the true astronaut spirit, while denouncing fake news.

70s Rewind: FAT CITY, Broads, Booze and Boxing, Bleakly

To be honest, I didn't feel that good before I finally started watching John Huston's adaptation of Leonard Gardner's novel the other night, but afterward, it was only the sheer exhaustion of a long day's work that allowed me to...

70s Rewind: BITE THE BULLET, Gene Hackman As a True Western Hero

Gene Hackman is a treasure of American cinema. His role in Bite the Bullet is a good example of a less-heralded performance that nonetheless sheds light on his brilliance. Born in 1930, Hackman served in the U.S. Marines shortly after...

70s Rewind: THE HOSPITAL, Passion, Pain and Dark Comedy

What a dream team! An Academy Award-winning star, an Academy Award-winning writer, the director of an uber-popular romance, and a Bond Girl, all in one movie! Recently released by Twilight Time on a lovely new Blu-ray, The Hospital now plays...

70s Rewind: EMPEROR OF THE NORTH, How to Ride the Rails

Those eyes; those teeth! When Ernest Borgnine's face fills the screen in Robert Aldrich's Emperor of the North, it's a terrifying sight. Shack, the character Borgnine embodies, is a conductor on a freight train in the Pacific Northwest in the...

70s Rewind: In COFFY, Pam Grier Goes Nuclear

Don't mess with nurses. In Atomic Blonde -- read our review here -- Charlize Theron proves herself to be quite deadly as an MI5 undercover agent during the Cold War. In Coffy, released in June 1973, Pam Grier proved herself...

70s Rewind: In THE OMEGA MAN, Charlton Heston Tries to Save the Planet

Nearly 50 years ago, Charlton Heston represented the modern human race in the original Planet of the Apes. His character was unquestionably the alpha male among his own kind, who were enslaved and unable to speak for themselves, but the...

70s Rewind: Top 15 Car Chase Movies

To celebrate the theatrical release of Edgar Wright's Baby Driver, a great flick that opens wide in Canada and the U.S. on Wednesday (see my review here), it's time to revisit my favorite movies with car chases from the 1970s,...

70s Rewind: THE BEGUILED, Clint Eastwood in a Weird, Southern Gothic Experiment

Sofia Coppola's new version of The Beguiled will debut at the Cannes Film Festival next week, ahead of its theatrical release in the U.S. on June 23, which makes this is an opportune time to consider Don Siegel's 1971 version...

70s Rewind: LOGAN'S RUN, Forever Young

In the summer of 1976, I became a man. I saw Logan's Run. Several years before, I was a founding member of the Science Fiction Book Club. Initially we met to talk about Isaac Asimov, Ray Bradbury and Arthur C....

70s Rewind: ZARDOZ, Much More Than Sean Connery Running Around in a Loincloth

James Bond running around in a loincloth. That may be the singular image that comes to mind when Zardoz is mentioned. If another image pops, it's likely "giant statue of a head flying through the air." Out of context, the...

70s Rewind: THE OTHER, Sun-dappled Horror in Hiding

A few weeks before five men were arrested for breaking and entering into Democratic National Committee headquarters in the Watergate complex on June 17, 1972. the film version of Tom Tryon's popular novel The Other was released in U.S. theaters....

70s Rewind: COMES A HORSEMAN, James Caan and Jane Fonda in a Western

Who would follow up a tense, real-life political drama with a relaxed Western set in the 1940s? Alan J. Pakula, that's who. Pakula directed All the President's Men, which was released in April 1976, in the thick of the Watergate...