THE HARBINGER: Coming to UK Digital Platforms January 23rd

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THE HARBINGER: Coming to UK Digital Platforms January 23rd
A note for readers in the UK, Signature Entertainment and FrightFest Presents are releasing Andy MItton's harrowing pandemic era horror The Harbinger on Digital Platforms on the 23rd of January. 
Monique ventures out of quarantine to visit an old friend who's plagued by nightmares. She finds herself drawn into a hellish dreamscape where she must face her greatest fears - or risk never having existed at all.
Our own Josh caught The Harbinger when it freaked out audiences at Fantasia in the Summer. Here are a couple excerpts from his review.
The Harbinger explores these issues and the fear of being forgotten in a world where fear was all we had for a while. It’s a smart, contained story that will certainly anchor itself in time with its vivid paranoia and character conflicts regarding masks, “personal freedom” and the like, but it deals with issues that will outlast the pandemic. 
Oh, and it’s scary! The idea of a dream stalking demon isn’t new, but the means and methods here are. Shaped like a plague doctor with the extended nose and black cloak, the lack of a face means that anyone or anything thing could be the tormentor, further obscuring a path to survival, a path which becomes more dangerous with each night the passes.
I was on the jury for Grimmfest this past Fall and we awarded The Harbinger the award for Best Scare. I can attest to its effectiveness in that regard.
A trailer follows the official announcement. Keep one eye open for the The Harbinger, coming to UK digital platforms in the UK on January 23rd. 
Signature Entertainment and FrightFest Presents brings you the latest film from Andy Mitton, the award-winning writer/director of THE WITCH IN THE WINDOW, who returns with his unique brand of compassionate supernatural horror. Bursting with occult imagination and chilling imagery, Mitton’s menacing movie is THE OMEN for today’s audience.
When her oldest friend is plagued by horrific nightmares from the beyond, Monique (Gabby Beans, House of Cards) is forced to travel to NYC. On the first night of the visit, Monique learns the dreams are contagious – and so is the HARBINGER, the plague mask-wearing demon who not only feeds on its victims’ souls, but warps reality itself to remove any trace of their existence. The Harbinger stars Emily Davis (The Plagiarists) and Raymond Anthony Thomas (Shutter Island). 
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