HOLY SHIT! Acquired by Cinedigm For North America, Will Stream on Screambox

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HOLY SHIT! Acquired by Cinedigm For North America, Will Stream on Screambox
Variety had the exclusive yesterday that Cinedigm Corp has acquired the rights to Lukas Rinker’s black comedy Holy Shit! Cinedigm plans to release Holy Shit! on their streaming platform Screambox in early 2023.
...architect Frank wakes up trapped inside a portable toilet in the middle of a construction site. To survive the impending demolition blast and rescue his pregnant girlfriend from Mayor Horsts’ sleazy grasp, Frank needs to puzzle himself out of the blue plastic coffin and solve a horrible crime.
Holy Shit! enjoyed a good festial run, premiering at Hardline at home in Germany then on to others like Night Visions, Neuchâtel, Grimmfest and Imagine. We caught the film when it played at Fantaspoa this year. Here are a couple excerpts from my review
It’s just entertaining as hell as we discover the “will he, won’t he survive” and “what could possibly happen next?” situations that Rinker has dreamt up. It’s all very outrageous and absurd. 
From its opening moments Rinker’s Holy Shit! has his hooks set into us. The trap has been set and now we need to know from one preposterous moment to the next how Frank will manage to escape. It all comes together in doses of absurd comedy, legit horror and toilet humor, both literal and figurative.
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