Morbido 2022: LA EXORCISTA Kicks Off This Year's Festival

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Morbido 2022: LA EXORCISTA Kicks Off This Year's Festival
With or without us Morbido soldiers on. For the third year in a row we find ourselves very much missing our friends and family at Morbido. It is for the best as safety is one of the festival's priorities. Barring catastrophic circumstances we've been promised that we will be back at the festival in person next year. 
This year's festival continues with a hybrid edition with screenings happening from tonight, October 26th through to November 2nd. Passing on the usual spectacular opening ceremony Adrián García Bogliano’s La exorcista, or, The Serpent and Sister Ophelia, will open the festivities with a screening at The City’s Theatre Esperanza Iris. Opening ceremonies have been held here in the past so it's at least a familiar spot for the locals who will be able to attend. 
Another familiar locale for the festival, Cinepolis Diana, continues to be the home base for the festival. Coming of age horror comedy MexZombies will play there along with the award winning horror thriller Huesera. Morbido alumni Rodrigo Gudiño and Alexandre O. Philippe will have their films, The Breach and Lynch/Oz, play there this year. Satanic Hispanics is also playing at the festival with festival royalty Gigi Saul Guerrero taking a break from production in Mexico City to attend the screening. Other personal favorites from this year will included Megalomaniac and Viejos (The Elderly). 
Seven titles will be available for screening on Cinépolis Klic®: La macabra biblioteca del Dr. Lucchetti, El valle del Concavenator, Hidden in the Woods 2, Somos invisibles, Cult of VHS, Rondo and Bob and Hundreds of Beavers
All films playing at this year's festival are included in the announcement below.
MORBIDO FILM FEST celebrates its XV edition from October 25th to November 2nd
The Serpent and Sister Ophelia” by Adrian García Bogliano, kickstarts activities at The City’s Theatre Esperanza Iris.
This year’s selection is comprised by 79 short films and 30 feature length films
And Morbido’s very first video-game event “Let’s Spook”. 
CDMX, October 2022. Morbido Film Fest is ready to begin activities using a hybrid model. Its 15th edition will be composed with screenings from October 26 to November 2nd, while its digital screeners will be available from November 1st to the 6th of November on Cinepolis Klic®.  
This year, Morbido Film Fest 2022 presents a selection comprised of 79 Short Films and 30 feature films, of which 3 of them will have their world premiere at the festival and 15 of them will have their latin American premiere. The selection that the festival presents this year, represents the very best of genre world cinema, most of it screening for the very first time in Mexico. 
The Mexican section opens with the continental premiere of Adrián García Bogliano’s most recent production “The Serpent and Sister Ophelia”, starring María Evoli, Ramón Medina, Pilar Santacruz and Julio Bracho, as well as performances by Mexican cinema legends such as Norma Lazareno, Tina Romero, Juan Carlos Colombo and Diana Bracho who lends her voice to The Serpent. 
The musical score was composed by English musician Simon Boswell, who has worked with filmmakers such as Dario Argento, Alejandro Jodorowsky and Alex De La Iglesia, among many others. “The Serpent and Sister Ophelia” is a BTF Media production, produced by Pablo Guisa Koestinger and it will be released on cinemas across Mexico beginning on November 2nd. 
The rest of the Mexican selection includes “Huesera”, by Michelle Garza Cervera; “MexZombies” by Chava Cartas; “Somos Invisibles” by Sinhué F. Benavides and “Anima” by Alexandra G Alegre. As part of a retrospective of Adrián García Bogliano’s filmography screenings for Scherzo Diabólico and “Here Comes The Devil” will be held as well. A homage for the recently deceased Alex Jodorowsky, “Santa Sangre” will be screened, the film was directed by Alejandro Jodorowky. 
This Year, Morbido presents a new section called “Morbidocs”, in which great new documentaries will premiere, focusing on the subject of genre classics. This new category contains documentaries such as “Living With Chucky”, “Lynch/Oz”, “The Once and Future Smash”, “Rec: Terror Sin pausa”, “Cult of VHS”, “El Valle Del Concavenator” and “Rondo and Bob”. 
The Rest of The Titles include: “The Breach”, “Satanic Hispanics”, “Megalomaniac”, “Hundreds of Beavers”, “La piedad”, “Family Dinner” (Presented thanks to the Austrian Embassy through the cultural forum of Austria) “Demigod”, “Cerdita”, “Mantícora”, “Viejos”, “Venus”, “Terrifier 2” and “End Zone 2”. 
For its third consecutive year, Morbido Fest will be available on the Cinepolis Klic®Platform. Where audiences will be able to access seven titles: “La macabra biblioteca del Dr. Lucchetti”, “El valle del Concavenator”, “Hidden in the Woods 2”, “Somos invisibles”, “Cult of VHS”, “Rondo and Bob” and “Hundreds of Beavers”. 
In order to access Morbido’s digital content, one must register free of charge through the Cinépolis Klic® platform at where all the digital programming can be found. 
As yearly tradition dictates, living comic book legend and Mexican artist extraordinaire Rafael Gallur has crafted this year’s festival poster art  based on the Mexican Day of The Dead with homages to Enrique Rocha, René Cardona III and Axel Jodorowsky among others. 
The Morbido Film fest 2022 venues in Mexico City are: The City’s Theatre Esperanza Iris (thanks to the support of the Bureau of Cultural Affairs of Mexico City) Cinepolis Diana, (Thanks due to the collective efforts of Arthouse Cinépolis®), Cinemanía, The National Cinematheque as well as Cultural Center Villaurrutia, Cultural Center La Pirámide and the FAROS Network thanks to PROCINECDMX. 
“Let’s spook" Video-game Event. 
Since 2021, Ventana Sur, the most important audiovisual content market in LATAM, organized by the National Institute of Film and Visual Arts (INCAA) as well as The Marché du Film - Cannes Film Festival; it is within this market that the section called “Maquinitas” has been implemented for the video-game market in LATAM. 
Therefore, Maquinitas, Ventana Sur and Morbido have joined forces to push forward the video-game industry in LATAM and launched “LET’S SPOOK”, a search for horror themed video games in development with the purpose of finding new talent. The winners of this contest will be presenting their games before an audience on October 29 at the Faro Cosmos and they will be provided with the required resources for networking that will allow their projects to stand-out before industry professionals. 
Morbido Film fest would like to thank The Bureau of Cultural Affairs of the City, The Fund For Promotion and Development for Mexican Cinema of Mexico City, PROCINECDMX, The Cultural Fund Of The Austrian Embassy, Cineplis and Arthouse Cinépolis®, Cinépolis Klic®, Cinemanía, National Cinematheque, Morbido TV, Manticora and BTF. 
Up Next; A list with information for all films in the 2022 selection: 
Latin-American Feature Length Selection 
La Exorcista / Adrián García Bogliano / México / 2022 Premier continental
Teatro de la Ciudad - Esperanza Iris 
MexZombies / Chava Cartas / México / 2022 Cinépolis Diana 
Huesera / Michelle Garza Cervera / México / 2022 Cinépolis Diana 
Somos invisibles / Sinhué F. Benavides / México / 2022 Premier mundial
Cinemanía y Cinépolis Klic® 
Ánima / Alejandro G. Alegre / México / 2022 Premier mundial
Ahí va el diablo / Adrián García Bogliano / México / 2012 Pulquecinema en Pulquería Insurgentes 
Scherzo diabólico / Adrián García Bogliano / México / 2015
Red de FAROS, Centro Cultural Villaurrutia y Centro Cultural La Pirámide 
Santa Sangre / Alejandro Jodorowsky / México, Italia/ 1989
Red de FAROS, Centro Cultural Villaurrutia y Centro Cultural La Pirámide 
Foreign Feature Film Selection 
The Breach / Rodrigo Gudiño / Canada / 2022 latin-american Premier
Cinépolis Diana 
Satanic Hispanics / Alejandro Brugués, Mike Mendez, Demián Rugna, Gigi Saul Guerrero, Eduardo Sánchez / Estados Unidos / 2022
Premier Latinoamericana
Cinépolis Diana 
Megalomaniac / Karim Ouelhaj / Bélgica / 2022 Premier Latinoamericana
Cinépolis Diana 
Hundreds of Beavers / Mike Cheslik / Estados Unidos / 2022 Premier Mundial
Cinépolis Diana 
La piedad / Eduardo Casanova / España, Argentina / 2022 Premier Latinoamericana
Cinépolis Diana 
Family Dinner / Peter Hengel / Austria / 2022 Premier Latinoamericana
Cinépolis Diana 
Demigod / Chris Huang / Taiwán / 2022 Premier Latinoamericana
Cinépolis Diana 
Cerdita / Carlota Pereda / España / 2021 Premier nacional
Cinépolis Diana 
Mantícora / Carlos Vermut / España / 2022 Premier Latinoamericana
Cinépolis Diana 
Viejos / Raúl Cerezo, Fernándo González Gómez / España / 2022 Premier Latinoamericana
Cinépolis Diana 
Venus / Jaume Balagueró / España / 2022 Cinépolis Diana 
Living With Chucky / Kyra Gardner / Estados Unidos / 2022 Premier Latinoamericana
Cinépolis Diana 
Lynch/Oz / Alejandro O. Philippe / Estados Unidos / 2022 Premier Latinoamericana
Cinépolis Diana 
Terrifier 2 / Demien Leone / Estados Unidos / 2022 Premier Latinoamericana
Cinépolis Diana 
End Zone 2 / August Kane / Estados Unidos / 1970 Cinemanía 
The Once and Future Smash / Sophia Cacciola, Michael J. Epstein / Estados Unidos / 2022
Premier Latinoamericana
REC: terror sin pausa / Diego López-Fernández / España / 2022 Premier Latinoamericana
REC / Jaume Balagueró, Paco Plaza / España / 2007 Cinemanía 
La macabra biblioteca del Dr. Lucchetti / Paulo Biscaia Filho/ Brasil / 2022 Premier nacional
Cinépolis Klic® 
El valle del Concavenator / Victor Matellano / España / 2022 Premier Latinoamericana
Cinépolis Klic® 
Hidden in The Woods 2 / Patricio Valladares / Chile / 2022 Premier nacional
Cinépolis Klic® 
Cult of VHS / Rob Precido / Estados Unidos / 2022 Premier Latinoamericana
Cinépolis Klic® 
Rondo and Bob / Joe O’Connell / Estados Unidos / 2020 Cinépolis Klic® 
“Surviving Humans” By Surprised Monkey Studio - Argentina 
“Mostroscopy” By Oribe Ware Games - México
“Beyond the Nightmares” By Tres Pixeles - México 
“Dark Tales From Mexico” By Bitall Force - México 
“Candle Knight” By Dracma Studios - México 
“Black Noise: Hunts You” By Nervo Labs - México 
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