Morbido 2017: Full Lineup Announced, Guests in Attendance

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Morbido 2017: Full Lineup Announced, Guests in Attendance
The tenth anniversary of the Mobido Film Festival runs from Oct 26th to Nov 5th in the heart of Mexico City. Today the festival is announcing their lineup of devilish delights. 
Some members of the Morbido international familia return to the festival with their latest films; Alexandre O Phillipe (78/52), Can Evrenol (Housewife) and Ted Geoghegan (Mohawk) will be hanging out in the CDMX. Other popular titles from the international circuit include The Endless, 68 Kill, Japanese zombie flick I Am a Hero, and Aussie thriller Hounds of Love
There are a few Canadian titles in the mix this year; Chad Archibald's The Heretics, Lowell Dean's Another Wolfcop, Peter Ricq's Dead Shack, and Leo Scherman's Trench 11. On a technicality we are also claiming Gigi Guerrero and her new project, the series La Quinceañera. Though her project is listed as U.S.A. we know who this young Mexi/Can lady really represents. 
This year's iconic celebration will be for the great Roger Corman and his contributions to cult cinema over the decades. Roger will be at the festival with his wife Julie to celebrate his career with retro screenings of The Masque of the Red DeathThe House of UsherThe Pit & the Pendulum and The Haunted Palace
An area of discovery for us at Screen Anarchy will be the Latin American titles of course. AJ Zombies is made from a very popular Peruvian web series bankrolled by Studio Canal. I may have already seen Argentinian paranormal flick Aterrados, Mexican sci-fi thriller Cyngus and Chilean PA flick Noche. The one flick in this year's lineup of LatAm titles that promises to ruin a small part of my soul will be the Chilean extreme horror flick Trauma, from Lucio Rojas. It will also be nice to finally meet Nicolas Onetti when he comes to town with his own dose of LatAm extreme horror What The Waters Left Behind from Argentina. 
It is also worth noting that while Morbido did not announce the short film lineup yet we do know that our own Izzy Lee and Shelagh Rowan-Legg have their short films in this festival. Both of our ladies will be in attendance so hopefully in between the accolades and the fanfare they will chime in on the festivities while down there. 
All the films, all the guests and a slew of trailer are listed below. 
We celebrate 3,650 days of existence. Join the celebration. We are Legion.
From the entrails of our Spanish speaking countries, the royal academy of the torn tongue has a lot to tell you.
 AJ Zombies / Daniel Martín Rodriguez / Perú / 2017
 Aterrados / Démian Rugna / Argentina / 2017
 Clementina / Jimena Monteoliva / Argentina / 2017
 Culto al Terror / Gustavo Leonel Mendoza  / Argentina / 2017
 Cygnus / Hugo Felix Mercado / México / 2017
 El Silbón, Orígenes / Gisberg Bermúdez Molero / Venezuela / 2017
 La Región Salvaje / Amat Escalante / México / 2016
 México Bárbaro 2 / Varios / México / 2017
 Noche / Inti Carrizo-Ortíz / Chile / 2017
 Relicto: Un Relato Mesopotámico / Laura Sánchez Acosta / Argentina 2017
 Trauma / Lucio Rojas / Chile / 2017
 Vuelven / Issa López 2017/ México
 What the Waters Left Behind / Hermanos Onetti  / Argentina / 2017
Fearless movies for these chaotic times.
Dead Shack / Peter Ricq / Canada / 2017
I am a Hero / Shinsuke Sato / Japan / 2016
Kuso / Steve Ellison / USA / 2017
Trauma / Lucio Rojas / Chile / 2017
7 initiation rites channel on film
68 Kill / Trent Haaga / USA / 2017
Dhogs / Andrés Goteira / Spain/ 2017
Matar a Dios / Caye Casas, Albert Pintó / Spain / 2017
Hagazussa / Lukas Feigelfeld / Germany / 2017
The Evil Within / Andrew Rork Getty / USA / 2017
Fear does not recognize any national boundaries. 
78/52 / Alexandre Phillipe /USA / 2017
Another Wolfcop /Lowell Dean / Canadá / 2017
Cold Skin / Xavier Gens / France / 2017
Hidden Reserves / Valentin Hitz / Austria / 2017
Housewife / Can Evrenol / Turkey / 2017
Hounds of Love / Ben Young / Australia / 2016
Jeepers Creepers 3 / Victor Salva / USA / 2017
Jigsaw / The Spierig Brothers / USA / 2017
Laissez Bronzer les Cadavres / H. Cattet & B. Forzani / Belgium / 2017
La Posesión de Veronica / Paco Plaza / Spain / 2017
La Quinceañera / Gigi Guerrero / USA / 2017 SERIE
Mohawk / Ted Goeghegan / USA / 2017
Mon Mon Mon Monsters / Giddens Ko / Taiwan / 2017
Nightworld / Patricio Valladares / Bulgaria / 2017
Puppet Master : Axis Termination / Charles Band / USA / 2017
Replace / Norbert Keil / Germany /2017
Sequence Break / Graham Skipper / USA / 2017
The Black Gloves / Lawrie Brewster / UK / 2017
The Endless / Benson & Moorehead / USA / 2017
The Heretics / Chad Archibald / Canada / 2017
The Lodgers / Brian O’Malley / USA / 2017
Trench 11 / Leo Scherman / Canada / 2017
HOMAGE and RETROSPECTIVE SCREENINGS                                                                                                                                                          
DOCTORADE HORRORIS CAUSA DEGREE to ROGER CORMAN - A pagan celebration Morbido style, recognizing the alpha masters of the genre.
The Masque of the Red Death  / Roger Corman /USA / 1964 
The House of Usher  / Roger Corman / USA / 1960
The Pit & the Pendulum / Roger Corman / USA / 1961
The Haunted Palace / Roger Corman / USA / 1965
40th Anniversary and Retro Screenings
Suspiria Restauración 4k / Dario Argento/ 1977 / 40th Anniversary 
From Beyond / Stuart Gordon / EUA / 1996  / Homage to Barbara Crampton
Roger and Julie Corman
Barbara Crampton (Replace)
Alexandre Phillipe (78/52)
Xavier Gens (Cold Skin)
Can Evrenol (Housewife)
Gigi Saul Guerrero (La Quniceañera)
Valentin Hitz (Hidden Reserves)
Graham Skipper (Sequence Break)
Ted Goeghegan (Mohawk)
Caye Casas & Albert Pinto (Matar a Dios)
Demian Rugna & Fernando Diaz (Aterrados)
Daniel Martin Rodriguez (AJ Zombies)
Jimena Monteoliva  & Cecilia Cartasegna (Clementina)
Laura Sanchez Acosta (Relicto: un cuento mesopotámico)
Lucio Rojas, Catalina Martin, Macarena Carrere, Ximena del Solar, Dominga Bofill (Trauma)
Nicolas Onetti, Victoria Maurette (What the Waters Left Behind)
Hugo Felix Mercado (Cygnus)
Gisberg Bernúdez ( EL Silbon Orígenes)
Leo Sherman (Trench 11)
Lex ortega, Diego Cohen, Carlos Meléndez, Fernando Urdapilleta, Sergio Tello, Michelle Garza, Abraham Sanchez (Mexico Barbaro 2)
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Morbido 2017

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