Blood Window Pinamar 2018: TIGERS ARE NOT AFRAID, TRAUMA and TERRIFIED Launch Inaugural Festival

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Blood Window Pinamar 2018: TIGERS ARE NOT AFRAID, TRAUMA and TERRIFIED Launch Inaugural Festival
Blood Window, arguably one of the biggest influencers in the LatAm genre community, is holding its first ever film festival at the end of this month in the coastal city of Pinamar, Argentina.
Though they may be starting small, over a three day weekend, their program clearly packs a wallop as it includes many of the great LatAm titles from the festival circuit like Trauma, Terrified, What the Waters Left Behind and Tigers Are Not Afraid
Aiming to be more than just a film festival Blood Window Pinamar also provides numerous experiences like a zombie walk, cosplay exhibitions and live shows. There will also be a tribute program for the Sitges festival, a sample of photos, historical posters and festival memorabilia. 
Seeing as our love for terrific festival posters knows no bounds how about this artwork from Flavio Greco Paglia? Awesome and horrific stuff. 
Looks like we have to get ourselves to Argentina sooner than later. 
The National Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual Arts INCAA, together with the Municipality of Pinamar, will hold the first edition of the Fantastic and Terror Film Festival Blood Window Pinamar, from March 29 to 31.
In three days, the festival will program a selection of the new Ibero-American and World fantastic films, with films from Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Mexico, Spain, the United States and Australia. There will be special guests, representatives of each of the productions and screenings with panels, in which the novelties of the national genre film will be presented.
The zombie invasion will take place along Bunge Avenue, a walk in which participants will tour the streets characterized by a team of specialists in makeup and special effects.
In tribute to the fifty years of the International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia SITGES there will be, among other things, a sample of photos and historical posters in which there will be a journey through the history of horror films of all times.
This festival, like that of Sitges, aims at young and familiar audiences and is centered on experience: there will be cosplay exhibitions, artistic interventions in the public space, live shows and thematic fairs.
The horror and fantastic genre grows all over the world and also in our country, underpinned precisely by Blood Window, the platform created by INCAA that drives Ibero-American productions in the main festivals and film markets of the world.
Functions in the INCAA Space Teatro de la Torre - Av. Constitución 687
- Ten films from Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Mexico, the United States, Spain and Australia
Terrified (Aterrados), by Demian Rugna / Argentina / 2018
Downrange, by Ryûhei Kitamura / United States / 2017
The Inhabitant, by Guillermo Amoedo / Mexico / 2018
Errementari, by Paul Urkijo / Spain / 2018
Hounds of Love, by Ben Young / Australia / 2017
Los Olvidados (What the Waters Left Behind), by Luciano and Nicolas Onetti / Argentina / 2018
Mal Nosso, by Samuel Galli / Brazil / 2017
Killing God (Matar a Dios), by Caye Casas, Albert Pintó / Spain / 2017
Trauma, of Lucio. A. Rojas / Chile / 2017
Vuelven (Tigers Are Not Afraid), by Issa Lopez / Mexico / 2018
Presentations at the INCAA Space Teatro de la Torre - Av. Constitución 687
You Shall Not Sleep (No dormirás), by Gustavo Hernández
El Diablo Blanco (The White Devil), by Ignacio Rogers
Re-Animator, Midnight screening with Brian Yunza in attendance!
At the Hotel del Bosque - Av Bunge 1550
Shows in charge of the first fantasy and horror festival in the world, presented by its representatives, the deputy director, Mike Hostench (Sitges); the programmer, Diego López and the assistant director of the Festival Foundation of Sitges, Mónica García Massagué.
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