Neuchâtel 2022 Daily: I AM WHAT I AM From China, BEAUTIFUL BEINGS From Iceland

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If Saturday is alright for fighting, as Elton John once claimed, the Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival suggests watching movies, instead.

The festival's final day of screenings features all kinds of recommended titles, including Something in the Dirt, Maika, Freaks Out, Year of the Shark, Family Dinner, Everything Everywhere All At Once, Huesera, and Pussycake, all of which we have reviewed.

Or, you may wish to savor the undoubtedly fabulous Asian Shorts program, or, since you are in Switzerland right now, the incredible Swiss Shorts program. If you have feature-length focus today, check out one or both of the two features in our gallery below.

I Am What I Am
Screens tonight in the open air at 21:45. Visit the official festival page to learn more.

From China, director Sun Haipeng brings the festival to a close with a "glorious fight-for-yourself journey," to quote the festival's official verbiage. What exactly does that involve?

Per the official synopsis: "To stand up to the bullies tormenting them, three young kids from the countryside take up lion dancing, but the learning curve is much steeper than initially thought. By outdoing themselves, they will reach an epiphany.

"Both extremely realistic and powerfully cathartic, I Am What I Am pits its endearing characters against the challenges of a spectacular tradition, and pushes them to transcend their quest for identity with an intensity rarely experienced at the movies."

Watch the charming trailer below.

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