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Review: OVER THE MOON, Taking Flight With the Greatest of Ease

A young girl builds a rocket to the moon in a wildly entertaining family comedy (with songs), written by Audrey Wells and directed by Glen Keane. It lands October 23 on Netflix.

New York 2020 Review: Jia Zhangke's SWIMMING OUT TILL THE SEA TURNS BLUE Presents a History of Literature

Director Jia Zhangke's documentary tells the story of changing times, migration and coming home. And his love for literature.

IRON MASK Trailer: Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jackie Chan, Finally

We first heard about the sequel to Oleg Stepchenko's Russian ghost story Viy many years ago -- actually, it was early 2016 when our own Todd Brown wrote about the director's plans, noting the casting of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jackie...

LEAP Scores Big in China: Watch Trailer With Coach Gong Li

How much do you love volleyball? That is a question asked in the Leap (Chinese title Duo Guan) trailer, and it was answered over the weekend in China, where Variety reports that it topped the box office, exceeding the opening...

Action Action Action in S.W.A.T. FUERZA LETAL Trailer

Who cares if the trailer for a film from China is dubbed into Spanish with no English subtitles when it's this packed with action? Not me. Of course, that doesn't mean S.W.A.T. Fuerza Letal (original title: Te Jing Dui) itself...

VANGUARD Trailer: Jackie Chan, Stanley Tong, Fast and Furious Gold

Optimistically scheduled to open in cinemas on 30 September in Asia, Vanguard sees director Stanley Tong teaming again with Jackie Chan for an action-adventure that looks like it happily walks the line between ridiculous and outrageously entertaining. Per the official...

Now Streaming: AsianCrush Movies on YouTube

Watch teen drama 'So Young 2: Never Gone,' starring Liu Yifei ('Mulan'), now.

Now Streaming: DOUBLE WORLD, When This World Is Not Enough

Directed by Teddy Chan, the Chinese fantasy-historical action-adventure stars Henry Lau, Mark Cheng, Jiang Luxia and Peter Ho, and is now streaming on Netflix.

OVER THE MOON Trailer Promises a Bright, Young, Brilliant Girl

The first look at upcoming animated film Over the Moon shows that flights of fancy into space are not necessarily reserved for White people. Directed by Glen Keane, whose career in animation dates back to the 1970s and who won...

BETTER DAYS Wins 8 Hong Kong Film Awards

Exposing "the dark world of bullying and societal pressures of achievement facing today's youth," Derek Kwok-Cheung Tsang's Better Days won eight Hong Kong Film Awards, per Variety. The romantic crime drama snagged prizes that included best film, best director, best...

Review: THE BRAVEST, Chinese Firefighters Arrayed Against a Ferocious Foe

Tony Chan directs the Mainland Chinese production, inspired by a real-life disaster.

Review: THE WILD GOOSE LAKE, Stylish Noir and Controlled Chaos

The followup to Black Coal, Thin Ice, Diao Yinan's blistering noir that put him on the international cinema map, The Wild Goose Lake is another stylish noir/policier. If Black Coal Thin Ice was a cold noir with its wintry setting,...

Review: GO BACK TO CHINA, Clearly Personal, Heartfelt, and Finely Crafted

Poor Sasha Li can’t catch a break. That may be an odd thing to say about a young woman who’s being kept financially afloat by a million dollar trust fund given to her by her father, which she’s already blown half of by her early 20’s. But...

Friday One Sheet: (Minimalist) MULAN

I personally find the 'live action reboot' strip-mining of Disney's back-catalog to be one of the more culturally abhorrent things in the 21st century. That being said, Ignition Creative's key art campaign for the forthcoming Mulan has been rather delightful. This...

GO BACK TO CHINA Trailer: Are You Excited?

It's only a movie, but what a good time to watch "a winning comedy-drama of cultural differences and complicated family dynamics"! As described by our own Christopher Bourne in his review, writer/director Emily Ting's sophomore feature Go Back to China...

Review: WHITE SNAKE Slithers Splendidly Between Myth and Legend

Amp Wong and Ji Zhao directed the Chinese animated adventure.

Now in Theaters: BETTER DAYS Ahead, Maybe, Even For Murder Suspects

Jackson Yee and Zhou Dongyu star in the dramatic love story / thriller. Derek Kwok-Cheung Tsang directed.

Watch Dazzling THE WILD GOOSE LAKE International Trailer Now

Yeah, this looks great. As our own Dustin Chang opened his recent review from the New York Film Festival: "The followup to Black Coal, Thin Ice, Diao Yinan's blistering noir that put him on the international cinema map, The Wild...


Here are 3 genre movies opening in limited release this weekend in North America.

Now in IMAX: China Summits Everest in THE CLIMBERS

Ahead of its release in theaters across the U.S. on Friday, October 4, Daniel Lee's The Climbers opens today in IMAX engagements.  On another very hot day locally, this sounds incredibly cool: Wu Jing and Zhang Ziyi star, with Jackie...