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Review: STREETWISE, Neon Colored, Rain Soaked Chinese Neo Noir

Na Jiazuo directed the Chinese-language neo-noir, starring Li Jiuxiao, Huang Miyi, Sha Baoliang, and Yao Lu.

Friday One Sheet: DEEP SEA 深海

Summer Cottages. Summer Dreams. Tian Xiaopeng's animated film has already played in its domestic Chinese market. It is currently touring on the global festival circuit, from Berlin to Tribeca to Neuchâtel, and soon, Fantasia.  The international and festival poster is an...

Cannes 2023 Review: YOUTH (SPRING), Chronicle of China's Working Class Youth

Chinese director Wang Bing makes his Cannes Competition debut with a stunning, expansive work about China's youth working in the country's garment industry.

WHITE BUILDING Review: Beautiful Elegy to a Not So Distant Past

Piseth Chhun stars in Kavich Neang's feature directorial debut, set in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

CPH:DOX 2023 Review: THE LAST YEAR OF DARKNESS, Inside Chinese Underground Club Culture

Director Ben Mullinkosson explores the Chinese underground club scene through a single nightclub and its patrons.

SAKRA Review: Takes a Licking, Keeps on Kicking

Donnie Yen stars in and directs a sprawling story of revenge and justice.

First Look 2023 Preview: Survey of New World Cinema

Once again, First Look Festival at the Museum of the Moving Image is upon us, showcasing new, adventurous films from around the world. Encompassing features, shorts, narratives and non-narratives, this year's wide ranging selections include Tori and Lokita, a new film...

Review: NEW GODS: YANG JIAN, Pretty, Pretty Pictures

Directed by Zhao Ji, the animated adventure from China looks very good.


Today we have a handsome set of pastoral pastiche from the land of Chinese blockbusters. Derek Yee's In Search of Lost Time may have nothing to do with Proust, but it has plenty to do with one of many social crises...

New York Asian 2022: FAST & FEEL LOVE Kicks Off 20th Anniversary Edition

Without getting too sentimental, I remember reading about the very first New York Asian Film Festival on a "message board," the early internet incarnation of a worldwide news site. Now celebrating its 20th anniversary edition, the New York Asian Film...

Neuchâtel 2022 Daily: I AM WHAT I AM From China, BEAUTIFUL BEINGS From Iceland

If Saturday is alright for fighting, as Elton John once claimed, the Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival suggests watching movies, instead. The festival's final day of screenings features all kinds of recommended titles, including Something in the Dirt, Maika, Freaks...

Hot Docs 2022: ETERNAL SPRING Trailer, Survival and a Battle

Jason Loftus' animated documentary Eternal Spring just won multiple awards at the recently-concluded Hot Docs 2022, where it made its North American premiere. "Combining present-day footage with 3D animation inspired by Daxiong's art, Eternal Spring," according to the official verbiage,...

Review: BLACKLIGHT, Grandpa Fixer

Liam Neeson and Aidan Quinn star in an action-thriller, directed by Mark Williams.

Review: THE 355, Super-Spy Team-Up Wastes Top-Tier Talent

Jessica Chastain leads fierce females in an international espionage thriller, directed by Simon Kinberg.

ARE YOU LONESOME TONIGHT? Trailer Asks the Right, Troubling Question

Heading for release in Asia on January 20, a new trailer for Are You Lonesome Tonight? (original title: Re dai wang shi) paints a properly bleak and moody atmosphere for a Chinese film described as a crime thriller. Directed by...

STRIDING INTO THE WIND Trailer: Auteur Aspirations

I'm all about mood and atmosphere this morning, and Swirling Into the Wind strikes me as just right for a cool December day. Accompanied by a gently twanging stringed instrument, the trailer, as good as it is, tells me nothing...

Opening This Week: THE NOVICE Intensity, FORTRESS Fun, SCHEMES IN ANTIQUES Soars

Also: 'Last Words,' 'Nightmare Alley' and 'Spider-Man: No Way Home.'

Friday One Sheet: SCHEMES IN ANTIQUES 古董局中局

Orange & Teal comes to China by way of this key art for Schemes in Antiques. A focus on the highly strategic and deceptively simple game of Go, and a repeating unit ("Go-Ception"? "Go-Fractal"?) is at the heart of artist...

Blu-ray Review: ONCE UPON A TIME IN CHINA: THE COMPLETE FILMS, Essential Entertainment

Tsui Hark's magnificent reinvention of Wong Fei-hung, starting with Donnie Yen, gets a deluxe treatment as The Criterion Collection scores a knockout with its box set.

SHOCK WAVE 2 Trailer: Delightfully Bonkers Cop Action

Earlier this year, our own James Marsh described Herman Yau's Shock Wave 2 as a "delightfully bonkers cop actioner...not to be missed." The film will be premiering on November 2 to North American audiences, via various On Demand platforms, and...